2nd Parliament of Upper Canada

The 2nd Parliament of Upper Canada was opened 1 June 1797. Elections in Upper Canada had been held in August 1796. The first session was held at Navy Hall in Newark. The Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada John Graves Simcoe believed York was a superior location for the capital as it would less vulnerable to attack by the Americans. York became the capital of Upper Canada on 1 February 1796. The remaining three sessions were held at the Parliament Buildings of Upper Canada in York, Upper Canada. This parliament was dissolved 7 July 1800.

This House of Assembly of the 2nd Parliament of Upper Canada had four sessions 3 June 1797 to 4 July 1800:[1]

Sessions[1] Start End
1st 3 June 1797 July 1797
2nd 5 June 1798 5 July 1798
3rd 12 June 1799 29 June 1799
4th 2 June 1800 4 July 1800
Riding Member
Dundas Thomas Fraser
Durham, York & 1st Lincoln Richard Beasley
1st Glengarry Richard Norton Wilkinson
2nd Glengarry John McDonell
Grenville Edward Jessup, Jr.
Kent Thomas Smith
Kent Thomas McKee
Leeds & Frontenac Solomon Jones
Lennox, Hastings & Northumberland Timothy Thompson
2nd Lincoln Samuel Street
3rd Lincoln David William Smith - Speaker 1796-1800
4th Lincoln & Norfolk Benjamin Hardison
Ontario & Addington Christopher Robinson died 2 November 1798 in office.
William Fairfield (from June 1799)
Prince Edward & Adolphus Township David McGregor Rogers
Stormont Robert Isaac Dey Gray
Suffolk & Essex John Cornwall
Preceded by
1st Parliament of Upper Canada
Parliaments in Upper Canada
in Newark and York

Succeeded by
3rd Parliament of Upper Canada

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