2nd Military Region (Vietnam People's Army)

The 2nd Military Region of the Vietnam People's Army, is directly under the Ministry of Defence of Vietnam, tasked to organise, build, manage and commander armed forces defending the North West of Vietnam. The north-West region of Vietnam, borders with the Yunnan of China. In 1979, Chinese army with 3 infantry corps, 10 infantry divisions, launched a huge invasion in this military zone, and occupied Lào Cai Province and Phong Thổ.


× Headquarters of Staff

  • Logistics Department
  • Technic Department
  • Department of Politics


Successive Commander and LeadershipEdit


Political CommissionerEdit


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Coordinates: 21°19′57″N 105°18′13″E / 21.3324419°N 105.3035595°E / 21.3324419; 105.3035595