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The Second Canadian Ministry was the cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie. It governed Canada from 7 November 1873 to 8 October 1878, including the last two months of the 2nd Canadian Parliament as well as all of the 3rd. The government was formed by the Liberal Party of Canada.

2nd Canadian Ministry
2e conseil des ministres du Canada
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2nd ministry of Canada
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Date formed7 November 1873
Date dissolved8 October 1878
People and organisations
Governor GeneralMarquess of Dufferin
Prime MinisterAlexander Mackenzie
Member partyLiberal Party of Canada
Opposition partyLiberal-Conservative Party
Opposition leaderJohn A. Macdonald
Legislature term(s)
Predecessor1st Canadian Ministry
Successor3rd Canadian Ministry


Photograph taken in 1874 of Alexander Mackenzie, the prime minister who led the 2nd Canadian Ministry.


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Ministries of Canada
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1st Canadian Ministry
2nd Canadian Ministry
Succeeded by
3rd Canadian Ministry