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2K China Shanghai Studio[2] (Chinese: 2K中国, formerly known as 2K Shanghai) was a Chinese computer and video game developer established in 2006 by Take-Two Interactive. The Chinese official name of the studio was 仟游软件科技(上海)有限公司,[3] while its Hangzhou and Chengdu studios were called 仟之游软件科技(杭州)有限公司 and 仟之游软件科技(成都)有限公司 respectively.[2] 2K China, including Shanghai and Hangzhou Sutido, was shut down in November 2015.

2K China
Industry Interactive entertainment
Fate Dissolved
Founded 2006
Defunct November 2015
Headquarters Shanghai, China
Products Video games
Number of employees
150 (2015, 120 in Shanghai, 30 in Hangzhou)[1]
Parent Take-Two Interactive
Subsidiaries 2K China Chengdu, 2K China Hangzhou

Its projects included the localization of video games for the Chinese market, porting video games to other platforms, and assisting other studios in the co-development of video games. The first project was Civilization IV 's localization for the Chinese market.[4] Julien Bares as General Manager.[3]

2K China had two subsidiary studios. In 2007, 2K China Hangzhou Studio was founded in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, dedicated to console and handheld games' development. Then in June 2011, the second studio - 2K China Chengdu Studio - was founded in Tianfu Software Park (天府软件园), Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (成都高新技术产业开发区) in Sichuan. It was responsible for game testing and quality assurance.[2] The Chengdu studio, named QA East, is part of 2K testing department.[1]

In November 2015, the parent company Take-Two Interactive closed 2K China because of profitability concerns, and cancelled the studio's last game, Borderlands Online. It has also confirmed that its Singapore office, the Shanghai-based NBA 2K Online team and Chengdu studio were not affected by the closure.[5]

List of video gamesEdit

2K China developed or co-developed the following video games.[6]

Year Title Platform(s)
And DS iOS PS2 PSP Wii Win WP
2008 Top Spin 3 No Yes No No No Yes No No
2008 Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution No No Yes No No No No Yes
2009 Major League Baseball 2K9 No No No No Yes Yes No No
2009 Don King Boxing No Yes No No No No No No
2009 NBA 2K10 No No No No Yes No No No
2010 Major League Baseball 2K10 No No No Yes Yes Yes No No
2010 The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom No No No No No No Yes No
2010 Carnival Games No No Yes No No No No No
2010 Sid Meier's Pirates! No No No No No Yes No No
2010 NBA 2K11 No No No No Yes No No No
2011 Carnival Games Volume II No No Yes No No No No No
2011 Major League Baseball 2K11 No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No
2011 Top Spin 4 No No No No No Yes No No
2011 NBA 2K12 No No No No Yes No No No
2012 Major League Baseball 2K12 No No No No No Yes No No
2012 Borderlands Legends No No Yes No No No No No
2013 The Bureau: XCOM Declassified No No No No No No Yes No
2013 NBA 2K14 Yes No Yes No No No No No
2014 BioShock No No Yes No No No No No
2014 NHL 2K Yes No Yes No No No No No
2014 Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 No No Yes No No No No No
2015 Borderlands Online (cancelled) No No No No No No Yes No


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