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Q2, formerly Kanaal 2 and 2BE, is a Belgian television channel owned by the commercial broadcasting company DPG Media.

You Make us Q
Launched31 January 1995; 24 years ago (1995-01-31)
Owned byDPG Media
Picture format625 Lines PAL (analogue), 576i SDTV (digital), 1080i HDTV
Audience share6.89% (2008, [1])
Formerly called
  • Ka2
  • Kanaal2
  • 2BE
TV Vlaanderen Digitaal (BE)Channel 5
SES 19,2°E12670V, 22.0, 5/6
Telenet Digital TV (Flanders)Channel 5 (HD)
Telenet Digital TV (Brussels)Channel 104 (HD)
TelenetChannel number varies
Voo (Brussels) DigitalChannel 73
Belgacom TV (Flanders)Channel 6 or 33 (HD)
Belgacom TV (Brussels)Channel 33 (HD) or 55
Belgacom TV (Wallonia)Channel 33 (HD) or 225


The channel was originally known as Kanaal 2. However, it has undergone several rebrandings over the years. At launch in 1995, the channel was branded as Ka2 (Dutch pronunciation of K2), then Kanaal 2. In 2001, it was branded KANAALTWEE.

On 12 February 2008 the channel changed its name to 2BE,[2] retaining the 2 but referring to the Belgian ISO Country Code BE.

In September 2016, the channel changed its name to Q2. This was an extension of the Qmusic radio station brand owned by Medialaan and the channel's program fits.[3]



Programs broadcast by 2BEEdit

Since its parent company also owns VTM and JIM (as well as radio channels), it's not uncommon for programs (especially reruns) to be passed on from one channel to another.

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