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28 Engineer Regiment (United Kingdom)

28 Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers is an engineer regiment of the British Army.

28 Engineer Regiment
Active1951 - 1957
1970 - 2014
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
RoleCounter-CBRN regiment
Part ofRoyal Engineers
Garrison/HQRock Barracks, Suffolk and RAF Honington



28 Engineer Regiment can trace its history back to 1951 when it was formed in Benghazi, Libya and it saw service in Korea with the 1st Commonwealth Division in the Korean War. In April in 1955, it moved to Devizes in Wiltshire and joined the 1st Infantry Division. From June 1956 to March 1957, the regiment moved to Christmas Island and disbanded after it returned to the United Kingdom shortly after.[1][2]

In 1970, the regiment was re-formed as 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment, coming under of Commander, Royal Engineers, I (BR) Corps, British Army of the Rhine in West Germany.[1][3][2] In 1993, the regiment was re-organized under the Options for Change force reductions with its amphibious commitment was reduced to a single squadron, and it was re-roled as a general support regiment, tasked with supporting the 1st (United Kingdom) Armoured Division. From June to November 1995, the regiment was deployed to Bosnia and 1999 to Macedonia and later that year formed as part of Kosovo Force. In 2003, the regiment was deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Telic. From October 2006 - April 2007 the regiment deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Herrick V with 3 Commando Brigade.[4][2]

Before the initial Army 2020 changes the regiment was re-roled as a close support engineer regiment, attached to the 11th Light Brigade.[5] In 2014 the unit was disbanded as a result of the Army 2020 reforms.[4][2]


The Regiment reformed under Army 2020 Refine as a counter-chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (C-CBRN) regiment, based at Rock Barracks in Woodbridge, Suffolk.[6] It will work with Falcon Squadron RTR and 27 Squadron RAF Regiment's CBRN specialists based at RAF Honington.[7][8][9]


Just before its disbandment as a result of the initial Army 2020 reforms the regiment had the following structure:


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