2894 (novel)

2894, or The Fossil Man (A Midwinter Night's Dream) is an 1894 utopian novel written by Walter Browne.[1] It is one entrant in the major wave of utopian and dystopian literature that characterized the final decades of the nineteenth century.[2][3]

2894, or The Fossil Man (A Midwinter Night's Dream) book cover.jpg
AuthorWalter Browne
CountryUnited States
GenreUtopian fiction Speculative fiction
PublisherG. W. Dillingham
Publication date
Media typePrint

The book deals with a reversal of the traditional gender roles, and describes a society of "dominant women and submissive men."[4] It is one of a group of speculative fiction works in its generation that took a position, pro or con, on feminism and gender roles.[5]

2894 is one of the rarest works in the English language.[6]


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