27th Venice International Film Festival

The 27th annual Venice International Film Festival was held from 28 August to 10 September 1966.[1]

27th Venice International Film Festival
LocationVenice, Italy
Festival date28 August – 10 September 1966
Venice Film Festival chronology


Films in competitionEdit

English title Original title Director(s) Production country
(lit.) "Balthazar, at Random" Au Hasard Balthazar Robert Bresson France
The Wild Angels Roger Corman United States
The Battle of Algiers La battaglia di Algeri Gillo Pontecorvo Italy, Algeria
The Search La Busca Angelino Fons Spain
Yesterday Girl Abschied von gestern Alexander Kluge West Germany
Chappaqua Conrad Rooks USA
The Game Is Over La Curée Roger Vadim France
Fahrenheit 451 François Truffaut USA
Night Games Nattlek Mai Zetterling Sweden
The First Teacher Pervyy uchitel Andrey Konchalovskiy Soviet Union
Almost a Man / Half a Man Un uomo a metà Vittorio De Seta Italy



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