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27th Division (United Kingdom)

The 27th Division was an infantry division of the British Army raised during the Great War, formed in late 1914 by combining various Regular Army units that had been acting as garrisons about the British Empire. The division spent most of 1915 on the Western Front in France before moving to Salonika where it remained with the British Salonika Army for the duration of the war. In 1916 its commander Hurdis Ravenshaw was captured by an Austrian submarine whilst sailing to England. In 1918 in Salonika the division took part in the Battle of Doiran. It carried out occupation duties in the Caucasus in the post-war before being withdrawn from the region in 1919.[2]

27th Division
27th Division sign WW1.svg
Formation sign of the 27th Division, a strip of yellow cloth on the shoulder strap.[1]
Active October 1914 – 1919
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Type Infantry
Engagements World War I


Order of battleEdit

The division was composed of the following units:[3]

80th Brigade 

The infantry battalions did not all serve at once, but all were assigned to the brigade during the war.


81st Brigade 

The following battalions also served with the brigade for periods in 1915:

  • 1/9th (Highlanders) Battalion, Royal Scots
  • 1/9th (The Dumbartonshire) Battalion, the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
82nd Brigade 
19th Brigade (31 May 1915 to 19 August 1915) 

The brigade joined the division in May 1915 from the 6th Division before joining the 2nd Division in August.

Artillery (on formation)

When the division embarked for France in December 1914, the Divisional Ammunition Column was manned by IV Home Counties (Howitzer) Brigade of the Territorial Force (TF)



During its existence, 27th Division had the following commanders:[5]

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