Members of the 24th Dáil

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This is a list of members who were elected to the 24th Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Oireachtas (legislature) of Ireland. These TDs (Members of Parliament) were elected at the November 1982 general election on 24 November 1982 and met on 14 December 1982. The 24th Dáil was dissolved by President Patrick Hillery, at the request of the Taoiseach Garret FitzGerald on 20 January 1987. The 24th Dáil lasted 1,546 days.

24th Dáil Éireann
23rd Dáil 25th Dáil
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Legislative bodyDáil Éireann
Meeting placeLeinster House
Term14 December 1982 – 20 January 1987
ElectionNovember 1982 general election
GovernmentGovernment of the 24th Dáil
Ceann ComhairleTom Fitzpatrick
TaoiseachGarret FitzGerald
TánaistePeter Barry
Dick Spring
until 20 January 1987
Chief WhipFergus O'Brien
Seán Barrett
until 13 February 1986
Leader of the OppositionCharles Haughey
1st14 December 1982 – 8 July 1983
2nd5 July 1984 – 30 June 1988
3rd10 October 1984 – 11 July 1985
4th23 October 1985 – 4 July 1986
5th22 October 1986 – 19 December 1986

Composition of the 24th DáilEdit

Party Nov. 1982 Feb. 1987
Fianna Fáil 75 71
Fine Gael 70 69
Labour Party 16 16
Progressive Democrats 0 5
Workers' Party 2 2
Independent 2 2
Ceann Comhairle 1 1

Government coalition parties denoted with bullets ()

Graphical representationEdit

This is a graphical comparison of party strengths in the 24th Dáil from December 1982.


  • Note that this was not the official seating plan.

TDs by constituencyEdit

The list of the 166 TDs elected, is given in alphabetical order by constituency.

Members of the 24th Dáil
Constituency Name Party
Carlow–Kilkenny Liam Aylward Fianna Fáil
Kieran Crotty Fine Gael
Dick Dowling Fine Gael
M. J. Nolan Fianna Fáil
Séamus Pattison Labour Party
Cavan–Monaghan John Conlan Fine Gael
Tom Fitzpatrick Fine Gael
Jimmy Leonard Fianna Fáil
Rory O'Hanlon Fianna Fáil
John Wilson Fianna Fáil
Clare Sylvester Barrett Fianna Fáil
Donal Carey Fine Gael
Brendan Daly Fianna Fáil
Madeleine Taylor-Quinn Fine Gael
Cork East Michael Ahern Fianna Fáil
Myra Barry Fine Gael
Patrick Hegarty Fine Gael
Ned O'Keeffe Fianna Fáil
Cork North-Central Bernard Allen Fine Gael
Liam Burke Fine Gael
Denis Lyons Fianna Fáil
Toddy O'Sullivan Labour Party
Dan Wallace Fianna Fáil
Cork North-West Donal Creed Fine Gael
Frank Crowley Fine Gael
Donal Moynihan Fianna Fáil
Cork South-Central Peter Barry Fine Gael
Hugh Coveney Fine Gael
Eileen Desmond Labour Party
Gene Fitzgerald Fianna Fáil
Pearse Wyse Fianna Fáil
Cork South-West Jim O'Keeffe Fine Gael
P. J. Sheehan Fine Gael
Joe Walsh Fianna Fáil
Donegal North-East Neil Blaney Independent Fianna Fáil
Hugh Conaghan Fianna Fáil
Paddy Harte Fine Gael
Donegal South-West Clement Coughlan Fianna Fáil
Pat "the Cope" Gallagher Fianna Fáil
Dinny McGinley Fine Gael
Dublin Central Bertie Ahern Fianna Fáil
George Colley Fianna Fáil
Alice Glenn Fine Gael
Tony Gregory Independent
Michael Keating Fine Gael
Dublin North John Boland Fine Gael
Ray Burke Fianna Fáil
Nora Owen Fine Gael
Dublin North-Central Vincent Brady Fianna Fáil
Richard Bruton Fine Gael
George Birmingham Fine Gael
Charles Haughey Fianna Fáil
Dublin North-East Michael Joe Cosgrave Fine Gael
Liam Fitzgerald Fianna Fáil
Maurice Manning Fine Gael
Michael Woods Fianna Fáil
Dublin North-West Michael Barrett Fianna Fáil
Proinsias De Rossa Workers' Party
Mary Flaherty Fine Gael
Jim Tunney Fianna Fáil
Dublin South Niall Andrews Fianna Fáil
Séamus Brennan Fianna Fáil
Nuala Fennell Fine Gael
John Kelly Fine Gael
Alan Shatter Fine Gael
Dublin South-Central Ben Briscoe Fianna Fáil
Frank Cluskey Labour Party
Gay Mitchell Fine Gael
Fergus O'Brien Fine Gael
John O'Connell Ceann Comhairle
Dublin South-East Gerard Brady Fianna Fáil
Joe Doyle Fine Gael
Garret FitzGerald Fine Gael
Ruairi Quinn Labour Party
Dublin South-West Mary Harney Fianna Fáil
Michael O'Leary Fine Gael
Mervyn Taylor Labour Party
Seán Walsh Fianna Fáil
Dublin West Eileen Lemass Fianna Fáil
Brian Lenihan Fianna Fáil
Tomás Mac Giolla Workers' Party
Jim Mitchell Fine Gael
Liam Skelly Fine Gael
Dún Laoghaire David Andrews Fianna Fáil
Monica Barnes Fine Gael
Seán Barrett Fine Gael
Barry Desmond Labour Party
Liam T. Cosgrave Fine Gael
Galway East Paul Connaughton Snr Fine Gael
Michael P. Kitt Fianna Fáil
Noel Treacy Fianna Fáil
Galway West Fintan Coogan Jnr Fine Gael
John Donnellan Fine Gael
Frank Fahey Fianna Fáil
Máire Geoghegan-Quinn Fianna Fáil
Bobby Molloy Fianna Fáil
Kerry North Denis Foley Fianna Fáil
Tom McEllistrim Fianna Fáil
Dick Spring Labour Party
Kerry South Michael Begley Fine Gael
Michael Moynihan Labour Party
John O'Leary Fianna Fáil
Kildare Joseph Bermingham Labour Party
Alan Dukes Fine Gael
Bernard Durkan Fine Gael
Charlie McCreevy Fianna Fáil
Paddy Power Fianna Fáil
Laois–Offaly Ger Connolly Fianna Fáil
Bernard Cowen Fianna Fáil
Tom Enright Fine Gael
Oliver J. Flanagan Fine Gael
Liam Hyland Fianna Fáil
Limerick East Michael Noonan Fine Gael
Willie O'Dea Fianna Fáil
Tom O'Donnell Fine Gael
Desmond O'Malley Fianna Fáil
Frank Prendergast Labour Party
Limerick West Gerry Collins Fianna Fáil
Michael J. Noonan Fianna Fáil
William O'Brien Fine Gael
Longford–Westmeath Patrick Cooney Fine Gael
Gerry L'Estrange Fine Gael
Mary O'Rourke Fianna Fáil
Albert Reynolds Fianna Fáil
Louth Michael Bell Labour Party
Pádraig Faulkner Fianna Fáil
Séamus Kirk Fianna Fáil
Brendan McGahon Fine Gael
Mayo East Seán Calleary Fianna Fáil
P. J. Morley Fianna Fáil
Paddy O'Toole Fine Gael
Mayo West Pádraig Flynn Fianna Fáil
Denis Gallagher Fianna Fáil
Enda Kenny Fine Gael
Meath John Bruton Fine Gael
John Farrelly Fine Gael
Jim Fitzsimons Fianna Fáil
Colm Hilliard Fianna Fáil
Frank McLoughlin Labour Party
Roscommon Seán Doherty Fianna Fáil
Terry Leyden Fianna Fáil
Liam Naughten Fine Gael
Sligo–Leitrim Matt Brennan Fianna Fáil
Joe McCartin Fine Gael
Ray MacSharry Fianna Fáil
Ted Nealon Fine Gael
Tipperary North David Molony Fine Gael
Michael O'Kennedy Fianna Fáil
John Ryan Labour Party
Tipperary South Seán Byrne Fianna Fáil
Brendan Griffin Fine Gael
Seán McCarthy Fianna Fáil
Seán Treacy Labour Party
Waterford Edward Collins Fine Gael
Austin Deasy Fine Gael
Jackie Fahey Fianna Fáil
Donal Ormonde Fianna Fáil
Wexford John Browne Fianna Fáil
Hugh Byrne Fianna Fáil
Michael D'Arcy Fine Gael
Avril Doyle Fine Gael
Ivan Yates Fine Gael
Wicklow Paudge Brennan Fianna Fáil
Gemma Hussey Fine Gael
Liam Kavanagh Labour Party
Godfrey Timmins Fine Gael


Date Constituency Gain Loss Note
13 May 1983 Donegal South-West Fianna Fáil Fianna Fáil Cathal Coughlan (FF) holds the seat vacated by the death of his brother Clement Coughlan (FF)
23 November 1983 Dublin Central Fianna Fáil Fianna Fáil Tom Leonard (FF) holds the seat vacated by the death of George Colley (FF)
14 June 1984 Laois–Offaly Fianna Fáil Fianna Fáil Brian Cowen (FF) holds the seat vacated by the death of his father Bernard Cowen (FF)
21 December 1985 Limerick East Progressive Democrats Fianna Fáil Desmond O'Malley (FF) leaves Fianna Fáil and founds the Progressive Democrats
21 December 1985 Dublin South-West Progressive Democrats Fianna Fáil Mary Harney (FF) leaves Fianna Fáil and joins the Progressive Democrats
December 1985 Galway West Progressive Democrats Fianna Fáil Bobby Molloy (FF) leaves Fianna Fáil and joins the Progressive Democrats
December 1985 Cork South-Central Progressive Democrats Fianna Fáil Pearse Wyse (FF) leaves Fianna Fáil and joins the Progressive Democrats
December 1985 Dublin Central Progressive Democrats Fine Gael Michael Keating (FG) leaves Fine Gael and joins the Progressive Democrats

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