24H Series

The 24H Series is a sports car racing and touring car racing series developed by Creventic and with approval from the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). It features GT3-spec cars, GT4-spec cars, sports cars, touring cars and 24H-Specials, like silhouette cars. The calendar consists only of 24-hour and 12-hour races. 2015 was the first season with drivers battling for championship points and titles. It also marked the first season with official FIA International Series’ status.[1]

24H Series
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CategoryGrand tourer
Touring cars
Endurance racing
Inaugural season2008[N 1]
Tyre suppliersToyo (2006-2009)
Dunlop (2010-2014)
Hankook (2015-)
Drivers' championUnited Kingdom Tom Onslow-Cole
Germany Thomas Jäger
Teams' championUnited Kingdom Ram Racing
Official websitewww.24hseries.com
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Dutch agency Creventic is the organiser and promoter of the series. Their goals are to organise races with "low costs, a convivial atmosphere with teams and drivers from all over the world and fair competition on the track." In co-operation with the Dutch National Racing Team (DNRT) – one of the biggest motorsport organisations of the Benelux – they organised the inaugural Dubai 24 Hour in 2006.[2]
2008 was the first year Creventic organised another race besides the 24H Dubai: the 12H Hungary, making it the first season with more than one race and the official first season of the 24H Series. 2015 marked the first season with official FIA International Series’ status, which meant that drivers and teams would be eligible to battle for championship titles and points.[1] Creventic is also the organiser of the Touring Car Endurance Series.

Winners (2006–2014)Edit

Winners of races organised by Creventic before official FIA status are:

Year 24H Dubai 12H Hungary 24H Barcelona 12H Bathurst 12H Italy-Mugello 12H Zandvoort
2014   No. 20 Stadler Motorsport   No. 4 SPS automotive-performance   No. 4 Scuderia Praha Not organised by Creventic   No. 7 AF Corse   No. 33 Car Collection Motorsport
  Adrian Amstutz
  Christian Engelhart
  Mark Ineichen
  Rolf Ineichen
  Marcel Matter
  Lance David Arnold
  Tim Müller
  Valentin Pierburg
  Jaromír Jiřík
  Peter Kox
  Matteo Malucelli
  Jiří Písařík
  Filipe Barreiros
  Ilya Melnikov
  Alexander Talkanitsa, Sr.
  Alexander Talkanitsa, Jr.
  Christian Bracke
  Peter Schmidt
  Mirco Schultis
  Renger van der Zande
2013   No. 1 Abu Dhabi by Black Falcon   No. 24 Blancpain Racing   No. 4 Hofor-Racing   No. 36 Erebus Motorsport Not held Not held
  Jeroen Bleekemolen
  Sean Edwards
  Khaled Al Qubaisi
  Bernd Schneider
  Marc A. Hayek
  Peter Kox
  Nico Pronk
  Roland Eggimann
  Christiaan Frankenhout
  Kenneth Heyer
  Michael Kroll
  Thomas Jäger
  Alexander Roloff
  Bernd Schneider
2012   No. 3 Abu Dhabi by Black Falcon Not held   No. 3 Lapidus Racing Not organised by Creventic
  Jeroen Bleekemolen
  Sean Edwards
  Thomas Jäger
  Khaled Al Qubaisi
  Adam Christodoulou
  Klaas Hummel
  Tim Mullen
  Phil Quaife
2011   No. 76 Need for Speed Schubert   No. 3 VDS Racing Adventures   No. 2 Schubert Motorsport
  Augusto Farfus
  Claudia Hürtgen
  Tommy Milner
  Edward Sandström
  Benjamin Bailly
  Julien Schroyen
  Raphaël van der Straten
  Michael Outzen
  Peter Posavac
  Edward Sandström
  Lars Stugemo
2010   No. 66 IMSA Performance Matmut   No. 2 Lechner Racing Not held
  Marco Holzer
  Raymond Narac
  Patrick Pilet
  Thomas Gruber
  Walter Lechner
  Philip König
  Nikolaus Mayr-Melnhof
2009   No. 42 Land Motorsport   No. 1 Schubert Motorsport
  Gabriel Abergel
  Andrzej Dzikevic
  Niclas Kentenich
  Carsten Tilke
  Michael Outzen
  Stian Sørlie
  Jörg Viebahn
2008   No. 39 VIP Pet Foods   No. 52 Schubert Motorsport
  Craig Baird
  Klark Quinn
  Tony Quinn
  Jonathon Webb
  Claudia Hürtgen
  Stian Sørlie
  Jörg Viebahn
2007   No. 40 Duller Motorsport Not held
  Jamie Campbell-Walter
  Philipp Peter
  Dieter Quester
  Dirk Werner
2006   No. 31 Duller Motorsport
  Philipp Peter
  Dieter Quester
  Hans-Joachim Stuck
  Toto Wolff

Official FIA seasonsEdit


Drivers (2015–2016)Edit

Classes 2015 2016
A6   Thomas Jäger
  Tom Onslow-Cole
  Christiaan Frankenhout
  Kenneth Heyer
  Chantal Kroll
  Michael Kroll
SPX Not awarded   Martin Hald Gøtsche
  Nanna Hald Gøtsche
  Klaus Werner
997   Gabriel Abergel
  Patrice Lafargue
  Paul Lafargue
Not awarded
991 Not awarded   Stephen Borness
  Kim André Hauschild
SP2   James Kaye
  Peter Leemhuis
  Jean-François Demorge
  Pascal Gibon
SP3   John Gilbert
  Devon Modell
  Bob Herber
TCR Not awarded   Nabil Moutran
  Ramzi Moutran
  Sami Moutran
  Phil Quaife
A5   Chantal Kroll
  Martin Kroll
  Bernd Küpper
Not awarded
D2   Nick Barrow
  Tom Barrow
  Jamie Morrow
Not awarded
A3[N 2]   Nabil Moutran
  Ramzi Moutran
  Sami Moutran
  Phil Quaife
  Guillaume Roman
  Stéphane Ventaja
CUP1   Gustav Engljähringer   Jimmy De Breucker
A2   Luigi Stanco
  Stefan Tanner
  Jan Engelbrecht
  Jacob Kristensen
  Jens Mølgaard
D1   László Csuti
  Witold Elekfy
  Norbert Nagy
Not awarded
Overall   Chantal Kroll   Guillaume Roman
  Stéphane Ventaja
Ladies' Cup   Chantal Kroll   Chantal Kroll
Rookies Not awarded   Max Edelhoff

Teams (2015–2017)Edit

Classes 2015 2016 2017
A6   Ram Racing   No. 10 Hofor-Racing   No. 10 Hofor-Racing
SPX Not awarded   No. 45 Artthea Sport   GDL Racing Middle East
997   Ruffier Racing Not awarded
991 Not awarded   No. 73 HRT Performance  PROsport Performance
SP2   MARC Cars Australia 1   No. 84 Speedlover   VDS Racing Adventures
SP3   Speedworks Motorsport 2   No. 103 JR Motorsport   Optimum Motorsport
TCR Not awarded   No. 1 Memac Ogilvy Duel Racing   Team Altran Peugeot
A5   Hofor-Kuepper Racing Not awarded
D2   Saxon Motorsport Not awarded
A3[N 2]   Memac Ogilvy Duel Racing   Team Altran Peugeot   Parkalgar Racing Team
CUP1   Bonk Motorsport   No. 235 DUWO Racing   DUWO Racing
A2   presenza.eu Racing Team Clio 1   No. 171 Team K-Rejser   Team Eva Solo/K-Rejser
D1   RCM Motorsport Not awarded
Overall   Memac Ogilvy Duel Racing Not awarded   No. 10 Hofor-Racing

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  1. ^ Although the series has been organising races since 2006, 2008 was the first season with more than one race and 2015 was the first season with drivers and teams battling for championship points and titles.
  2. ^ a b Class named A3T in 2015.


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