23rd New Brunswick Legislature

The 23rd New Brunswick Legislative Assembly represented New Brunswick between February 18, 1875, and May 14, 1878.

Samuel Leonard Tilley served as Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick.

William Wedderburn was chosen as speaker.

The Conservative Party led by George E. King formed the government.

In 1876, an informal accommodation was reached with Roman Catholics in the province with respect to religious instruction in schools. Where the arrangement was agreeable to the local school board, religious instruction could be carried out in buildings owned by the Church and rented to the province for use as public schools.[1]



Electoral District Name
Saint John County Henry A. Austin
George E. King
Joseph Coram[2]
William Elder (1875)
Edward Willis
York J.J. Fraser
Thomas F. Barker
Robert Robinson
Hiram Dow
Westmorland Edward J. Smith
Angus McQueen
J.A. Humphrey
Thomas Pickard
Kings John Herbert Crawford
John Flewelling
Robert E. McLeod
Queens Walter S. Butler
Francis Woods
Charlotte James Murchie
Benjamin Robert Stephenson
James McKay
Thomas Cottrell
Northumberland W.M. Kelly
William Swim
Lemuel J. Tweedie
Allan A. Davidson
Sunbury William E. Perley
John S. Covert
Kent Henry O'Leary
Urbain Johnson
Gloucester Kennedy F. Burns
T. Blanchard[3]
Patrick G. Ryan (1876)
Carleton John S. Leighton
Randolph K. Jones
Restigouche Archibald McKenzie
John Phillips
Albert Alexander Rogers
James Ryan
Victoria William B. Beveridge
Madawaska Lévite Thériault
Saint John City William Wedderburn
William H.A. Keans [4]
Robert Marshall (1876)


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