2022 Republika Srpska general election

General elections were held in Republika Srpska on 2 October 2022 as part of the Bosnian general elections.[1] Voters decided the President of Republika Srpska and the 83 members of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska.

2022 Republika Srpska general election

2 October 2022
Presidential election
← 2018
  Dodik (2022-06-18) (cropped).jpg Jelena Trivić.png
Candidate Milorad Dodik Jelena Trivić
Alliance PDP-SDS
Popular vote 300,180 273,245
Percentage 47.06% 42.84%

RS 2022 Presidential.png

President before election

Željka Cvijanović

Elected President

Milorad Dodik

National Assembly election

83 seats in the National Assembly
42 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats +/–
SNSD Milorad Dodik 34.63 29 +1
SDS Mirko Šarović 14.95 13 -3
PDP Branislav Borenović 10.30 8 -1
SP Petar Đokić 5.93 5 -2
State Movement Ramiz Salkić 5.73 5 +1
DEMOS Nedeljko Čubrilović 5.46 5 New
United Srpska Nenad Stevandić 5.11 4 +1
ZPR Nebojša Vukanović 4.93 4 New
DNS Nenad Nešić 4.46 4 -8
NPS Darko Banjac 3.27 3 New
SPS Goran Selak 3.11 3 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
RS 2022 NSRS.png
Prime Minister before
Radovan Višković

Incumbent president Željka Cvijanović was eligible to run for a second four-year term, but opted not to do so, instead deciding to run for Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Instead of Cvijanović, former president and incumbent Serb member of the Bosnian Presidency Milorad Dodik decided to run for president once again.[2]



Partial results with 2,239 out of the 2,239 (100.00%) polling stations counted are shown below. On 10 October, the Central Election Commission ordered a recount of all ballots cast after reports of fraud.[3][4][5]

Milorad DodikAlliance of Independent Social Democrats300,18047.09
Jelena TrivićParty of Democratic Progress273,24542.86
Ćamil DurakovićIndependent13,7602.16
Senad BratićSDA–State Movement13,6802.15
Jusuf ArifagićFor the state of BiH10,4671.64
Radislav JovičevićDemocratic People's Alliance5,6130.88
Dejan PejićLiberal Party2,1680.34
Neđo ĐurićSocialist Party of Srpska2,0920.33
Davor PranjićCroatian Democratic Union and allies[a]1,9660.31
Ivan BegićIndependent1,8540.29
Zoran KalinićOur Story Republika Srpska1,2520.20
Ilić MiroslavIndependent1,2470.20
Vladimir BijelićIndependent1,1850.19
Ivanović DaliborIndependent1,0940.17
Milivojević CvijetinIndependent8010.13
Slavko DragičevićIndependent7550.12
Goran MiloševićIndependent6910.11
Sekulić SlavkoIndependent6130.10
Ana DobrilovićIndependent5470.09
Milan AnđelićIndependent5080.08
Jelenko BubićIndependent5000.08
Dušan DragičevićIndependent4940.08
Amir RekoEcological Party of Republika Srpska4370.07
Ljubiša AladžićSerbian Progressive Party4040.06
Alen PopovićNew Age3720.06
Duško ĐurđevićIndependent3360.05
Miljan SmiljanićIndependent3110.05
Nikola SuvajacPeople's Party2580.04
Igor GaševićIndependent2500.04
Davor DespotIndependent2290.04
Gazmend DečajIndependent2090.03
Valid votes637,82392.21
Invalid votes38,9395.63
Blank votes14,9812.17
Total votes691,743100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,259,32254.93
Source: CEC (partial results with 100.00% of the polling stations counted)

National AssemblyEdit

Distribution of mandates for the National Assembly

For the National Assembly, 63 seats are allocated to each of the nine electoral units and a further 20 "compensation seats" are allocated to ensure proportionality.

Alliance of Independent Social Democrats221,55434.6327229+1
Serb Democratic Party95,64814.9513013+3
Party of Democratic Progress65,87210.30628−1
Socialist Party37,9195.93505−2
State Movement36,6515.73325New
Democratic Union34,8985.46325New
United Srpska32,7005.11314+1
For Justice and Order31,5584.93224New
Democratic People's Alliance28,5024.46044−8
People's Party of Srpska20,9053.27123New
Socialist Party of Srpska19,8943.11033New
For the state of BiH4,3210.68000New
Potkozara People's Movement2,8250.44000New
Party of Life8660.14000New
Croatian Democratic Union and allies[a]8520.130000
Our Story Republika Srpska7830.12000New
Democratic Centre of Republika Srpska7460.12000New
Bosnian Party4510.07000New
Alliance for Democratic Srpska4310.07000New
United Pensioner Party4000.06000New
Peasant party3090.05000New
Advanced Srpska Party3050.05000New
Union for New Politics2720.040000
Free Party of Srpska1770.03000New
Ecological Party of Republika Srpska1720.030000
Worker Party1700.03000New
Native Social Democrats1530.02000New
Patriotic Party970.02000New
The New Age970.02000New
Republican Party of Srpska880.01000New
Party of Democratic Activity770.01000New
Valid votes639,69394.48
Invalid votes22,2063.28
Blank votes15,1372.24
Total votes677,036100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,259,32253.76
Source: CEC

Allegations of voter fraudEdit

Following the release of the preliminary results, opposition parties filed accusations of electoral fraud direct against Milorad Dodik who they claimed coordinated stuffing ballot boxes with thousands of illegal votes to put the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats ahead in the polls and that Jelena Trivić was the true winner of the presidential election.[6][7] As a result of the allegations, the central electoral commission conducted a recount of the preliminary results for the Republika Srpska alongside the rest of the country's elections.[8] On 22 October, it confirmed the presidential and parliamentary results.[9] On 27 October, officials confirmed Dodik's victory. The commission noted that while there were irregularities, none were on a level that would have changed the outcome of the election.[10]

Aftermath and government formationEdit

On 23 November 2022, President Dodik stated that he had given the mandate to form a government to the incumbent Prime Minister Radovan Višković and expects him to be elected in the first week of December 2022 with the support of 53 members of parliament.[11] Eventually on 21 December 2022, the assembly elected a new government headed by Višković with the support of 51 among the 74 assembly members being present.[12] The ministries were distributed according to party strength, with 10 being allocated to the SSND, two to the SP and one portfolio each for DEMOS, the Greens, the People's Party of Srpska, and US.[13]

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