2021 Ravanusa explosion

On 11 December 2021, an explosion caused the collapse of four buildings in Ravanusa, Italy, killing nine people.

2021 Ravanusa explosion
Date11 December 2021
LocationRavanusa, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
CauseGas leak
Non-fatal injuries2

Explosion Edit

During the late evening, a blast caused by a gas leak destroyed four residential buildings, causing their collapse. Three more buildings were damaged. During the immediate aftermath, eleven people were decleared missing. The next morning, three people were found dead,[1] while two more were found injured. Four more were found dead under the rubbles two days after the collapse,[2] and the other two were found dead three days after the collapse.[3] Four of the victims were members of the same family. About 100 people were displaced due to the explosions. Residents said there had been a strong smell of gas for several days before the blast.[citation needed]

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