2021 Puli Alam bombing

On 30 April 2021, a car bombing in Puli Alam, Logar Province, Afghanistan killed at least 30 people.[1][2][3] No group claimed responsibility for the attack, and the perpetrators remain unknown.[4]

2021 Puli Alam bombing
Part of List of 2021 Afghanistan attacks
LocationPuli Alam, Logar Province, Afghanistan
Date30 April 2021
Attack type
WeaponsCar bombing


Jihadists, most of whom are Taliban members, have carried out hundreds of fatal attacks during their insurgency in Afghanistan, which began in 2001. They include a car bombing in Puli Alam, a city in eastern Afghanistan's Logar Province, which killed 17 people.

Violence in Afghanistan escalated during spring 2021, after President of the United States Joe Biden announced that the US will withdraw its armed forces by 11 September 2021, after 20 years of continuous presence in the South Asian country.[1][2][3] Previous US President Donald Trump had agreed with the Taliban that US forces would withdraw on 1 May 2021.[1][2][3]


At about 7 pm on 30 April 2021, a car bomb detonated near a guesthouse in Puli Alam.[1][2][3] At least 30 people were killed, about 90 others wounded and buildings severely damaged.[1][2][3] The victims include high school students and pro-government militia members who had been staying at the house.[1][2][3]


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