On 26 November 2021, a bus crashed on the Joquicingo-Malinalco highway in Central Mexico, killing at least 19 people.[1] A bus carrying Catholic pilgrims was travelling on a highway on route to a religious shrine when it crashed into a house.[2]

2021 Mexico bus crash
Date26 November 2021
LocationSan José el Guarda, Joquicingo, State of Mexico

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The bus was reportedly carrying Roman Catholic pilgrims, traveling from Michoacán to the Chalma temple, a religious site in Chalma.[3] The site is popular among Christians who pilgrimage there for 12 December, the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe.[4][5] The crash happened in the small town of San José el Guarda near the municipality of Joquicingo.[6] Six people who were severely injured were flown to a hospital in Toluca.[7][8] Witnesses said that the brakes of the bus failed, and the bus left the road crashing into a house.[8]

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Assistant state interior secretary Ricardo de la Cruz Musalem said that the injured had been airlifted to local hospitals and an investigation is underway.[6]

President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador interrupted a speech to confirm the tragedy.[9] Governor of the State of Mexico Alfredo del Mazo Maza said that he regretted the accident.[10] He spoke of helping those injured and providing care to the families of the deceased.[11]

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