2019 World Athletics Championships – Men's high jump

The men's high jump at the 2019 World Athletics Championships was held at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha from 1 to 4 October.[1]

Men's high jump
at the 2019 World Championships
VenueKhalifa International Stadium
Dates1 October (qualification)
4 October (final)
Competitors31 from 21 nations
Winning height2.37
gold medal 
silver medal 
bronze medal 
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2021 →
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When Qatari officials put together the bid to host these championships, Doha born Mutaz Essa Barshim was a 23 year old already with a World Junior Championship, Olympic bronze and World Championship silver to his name. Qatari officials could see the potential. This was the day they were waiting for, when a now 28 year old was jumping at home. Now there was a bonus, he was defending champion.

The finals pared down to 7 over 2.30m. At 2.33m, Mikhail Akimenko got over on his first attempt to maintain a clean round and Maksim Nedasekau also was over on his first attempt. Shudder, Barshim, who had a clean series going so far, missed along with five others (veteran Gianmarco Tamberi saved attempts after missing 2.30m once). On the second attempt, everyone missed again. Tamberi eliminated, that trend started the third round of attempts as Luis Zayas and Michael Mason missed and were eliminated. Then it was Barshim's last attempt. He got over it and sighs of relief could be heard all over Qatar. Next up, Brandon Starc missed, then Ilya Ivanyuk also made it to leave four over 2.33m, with Akimenko holding the advantage.

Moving up to 2.35m, Nedasekau missed, then Barshim, Akimenko and Ivanyuk all made it on their first attempts. Akimenko still had a clean series. With three earlier misses, vs two each for Barshim and Ivanyuk, Nedasekau could see he was off the podium and passed. At 2.37 m (7 ft 9 14 in), Nedasekau missed. Next up, on his first attempt, Barshim made it. Now the pressure was on everyone else and nobody else was able to clear the height. Qatar was in celebration. Their home town hero had won the World Championships at home.


Before the competition records were as follows:[2]

World record   Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45 m Salamanca, Spain 27 July 1993
Championship record   Bohdan Bondarenko (UKR) 2.41 m Moscow, Russia 15 August 2013
World Leading   Maksim Nedasekau (BLR) 2.35 m Minsk, Belarus 9 September 2019
African Record   Jacques Freitag (RSA) 2.38 m Oudtshoorn, South Africa 5 March 2005
Asian Record   Mutaz Essa Barshim (QAT) 2.43 m Brussels, Belgium 5 September 2014
North, Central American and Caribbean record   Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45 m Salamanca, Spain 27 July 1993
South American Record   Gilmar Mayo (COL) 2.33 m Pereira, Colombia 17 October 1994
European Record   Patrik Sjöberg (SWE) 2.42 m Stockholm, Sweden 30 June 1987
Oceanian record   Tim Forsyth (AUS) 2.36 m Melbourne, Australia 2 March 1997
  Brandon Starc (AUS) Eberstadt, Germany 26 August 2018

Qualification standardEdit

The standard to automatically qualify for entry was 2.30 m.[3] for a quota number of 32 athletes.

Only 24 high jumpers reached 2.30 m during the qualification period (2018-2019), indoors and outdoors. The final entries were made by completing to 31 athletes, including the defending world champion Mutaz Essa Barshim (wild card, only 2.27 m before the competition) and 1 Best country athlete, Lee Hup Wei.

The qualifiers with less than 2.30 m are:


The event schedule, in local time (UTC+3), was as follows:[4]

Date Time Round
1 October 16:50 Qualification
4 October 20:15 Final



Qualification: 2.31 m (Q) or at least 12 best performers (q).[5][6]

Rank Group Name Nationality 2.17 2.22 2.26 2.29 Mark Notes
1 B Mikhail Akimenko   Authorised Neutral Athletes (ANA) o o o o 2.29 q
A Mutaz Essa Barshim   Qatar (QAT) o o o o 2.29 q, SB
A Ilya Ivanyuk   Authorised Neutral Athletes (ANA) o o o o 2.29 q
4 A Brandon Starc   Australia (AUS) o o xo o 2.29 q
A Luis Zayas   Cuba (CUB) o o xo o 2.29 q
6 B Michael Mason   Canada (CAN) o o o xo 2.29 q
7 B Wang Yu   China (CHN) o o xo xo 2.29 q
8 B Jeron Robinson   United States (USA) o o xxo xo 2.29 q
9 B Lee Hup Wei   Malaysia (MAS) o o o xxo 2.29 q, PB
10 B Gianmarco Tamberi   Italy (ITA) o o xo xxo 2.29 q
11 A Luis Castro   Puerto Rico (PUR) o o xo xxx 2.26 q
A Maksim Nedasekau   Belarus (BLR) o o xo xxx 2.26 q
13 A Shelby McEwen   United States (USA) xxo o xo xxx 2.26
14 B Naoto Tobe   Japan (JPN) o o xxo xxx 2.26
B Andriy Protsenko   Ukraine (UKR) o o xxo xxx 2.26
16 A Tihomir Ivanov   Bulgaria (BUL) o xo xxo xxx 2.26
A Stefano Sottile   Italy (ITA) xo o xxo xxx 2.26
18 B Dzmitry Nabokau   Belarus (BLR) o xxo xxo xxx 2.26
19 B Douwe Amels   Netherlands (NED) o o xxx 2.22
A Donald Thomas   Bahamas (BAH) o o xxx 2.22
21 A Adrijus Glebauskas   Lithuania (LTU) o xo xxx 2.22
22 A Ryo Sato   Japan (JPN) xxo xo xxx 2.22
23 A Django Lovett   Canada (CAN) o xxo xxx 2.22
B Hamish Kerr   New Zealand (NZL) o xxo xr 2.22
25 B Takashi Eto   Japan (JPN) o xxx 2.17
B Joel Baden   Australia (AUS) o xxx 2.17
B Keenon Laine   United States (USA) o xxx 2.17
A Majd Eddine Ghazal   Syria (SYR) o xxx 2.17
29 B Mathew Sawe   Kenya (KEN) xo xxx 2.17
30 B Mateusz Przybylko   Germany (GER) xxo xxx 2.17
A Bohdan Bondarenko   Ukraine (UKR) xr NH


The final was started on 4 October at 20:15.[7]

Rank Name Nationality 2.19 2.24 2.27 2.30 2.33 2.35 2.37 Mark Notes
  Mutaz Essa Barshim   Qatar (QAT) o o o o xxo o o 2.37 WL
  Mikhail Akimenko   Authorised Neutral Athletes (ANA) o o o o o o xxx 2.35 PB
  Ilya Ivanyuk   Authorised Neutral Athletes (ANA) o o o o xxo o xxx 2.35 PB
4 Maksim Nedasekau   Belarus (BLR) o xo xo xo o x– xx 2.33
5 Luis Zayas   Cuba (CUB) o o o o xxx 2.30 PB
6 Brandon Starc   Australia (AUS) o xo xxo o xxx 2.30 SB
7 Michael Mason   Canada (CAN) o o o xxo xxx 2.30
8 Lee Hup Wei   Malaysia (MAS) o o xo xxx 2.27
8 Gianmarco Tamberi   Italy (ITA) o o xo x– xx 2.27
10 Wang Yu   China (CHN) o o xxx 2.24
11 Jeron Robinson   United States (USA) xo o xxx 2.24
12 Luis Castro   Puerto Rico (PUR) o xxx 2.19


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