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2019 Saha Airlines Boeing 707 crash

On 14 January 2019, a Boeing 707 operated by Saha Airlines on a cargo flight crashed at Fath Air Base, near Karaj, Alborz Province in Iran. Fifteen of the sixteen people on board were killed.

2019 Saha Airlines Boeing 707 crash
Photograph of a four-engined jet airliner in Saha Airlines livery
Wreckage of EP-CPP, at the crash site
Date14 January 2019 (2019-01-14)
SummaryRunway overrun; under investigation
SiteFath Air Base, Alborz Province, Iran
35°43′15″N 50°55′37″E / 35.72083°N 50.92694°E / 35.72083; 50.92694Coordinates: 35°43′15″N 50°55′37″E / 35.72083°N 50.92694°E / 35.72083; 50.92694
Aircraft typeBoeing 707-3J9C
OperatorSaha Airlines
Flight originManas International Airport, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
DestinationPayam International Airport, Karaj, Iran
Injuries1 (serious)



A Saha Boeing 707-3J9C, similar to the one involved in the accident

The aircraft involved was a Boeing 707-3J9C, c/n 21128, registration EP-CPP.[1] The aircraft was owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force and had been leased to Saha Airlines.[2] The aircraft was 42 years old at the time.[3] The aircraft had first flown on 19 November 1976 and was delivered that month to the Imperial Iranian Air Force as 5-8312. It had been transferred to Saha Airlines on 27 February 2000 and was re-registered EP-SHK. It was substantially damaged by an uncontained engine failure on 3 August 2009 whilst on a flight from Ahvaz International Airport to Mehrabad International Airport, Tehran. An emergency landing was made at Ahvaz; the aircraft was subsequently repaired. It was returned to the IRIAF in December 2015 and returned to Saha Airlines in May 2016, registered EP-CPP.[4]


Tail wreckage of EP-CPP

The aircraft was on an international cargo flight carrying meat from Manas International Airport, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, to Payam International Airport,[5] Karaj, Iran. It was reported that the aircraft made an emergency landing at 8:30 am local time at Fath Air Base,[6][7] 10.9 kilometres (5.9 nmi)[8] to the south-east of Payam, with some sources suggesting that the aircraft landed there in error.[3][9] A 707 generally requires a runway length of more than 2,500 metres (8,200 ft),[10] but the runway at Fath Air Base is only 1,300 metres (4,300 ft).[11] Poor weather conditions were also reported.[12]

The aircraft overran the runway, crashed through a wall and came to rest after colliding with a house in the neighborhood of Farrokhabad, Fardis County, Alborz Province. The houses involved were empty at the time of the crash,[12][13] and no one on the ground was injured.[12] Following the crash, a fire developed. Early reports gave the number of people on board as either sixteen or seventeen (one a woman[13]), all but one of whom died.[7][12] The sole survivor, the aircraft's flight engineer, was taken to Shariati Hospital in critical condition.[3]

In a possibly related incident from 16 November 2018, a Taban Airlines MD-88 carrying 155 people twice attempted to land on this runway, mistaking it for the longer 3,659-metre (12,005 ft) Payam runway, which is nearly inline. On first approach the plane reached an altitude of 1 metre (3.3 ft) before aborting the attempt, but eventually continued on for a safe landing at Payam after an aborted second attempt at Fath.[14]


An investigation was opened into the accident.[3] The cockpit voice recorder was recovered from the wreckage on 14 January.[12] The flight data recorder and the Control Display Unit were also recovered.[1]

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