2019 Panamanian general election

General elections were held in Panama on 5 May 2019.[4] Due to constitutional term limits, incumbent President Juan Carlos Varela was ineligible for a second consecutive term.[5] Businessman and politician Laurentino Cortizo of the centre-left Democratic Revolutionary Party won the election with around 33% of the vote, narrowly defeating Rómulo Roux of the centre-right Democratic Change, who won 31% of the vote.

2019 Panamanian general election

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Presidential election
  Laurentino Cortizo at the Enthronement of Naruhito (1).jpg Romulo Roux (cropped).jpg
Candidate Laurentino Cortizo Rómulo Roux
Party PRD CD
Running mate Jose Gabriel Carrizo Luis Casis
popular vote 655,302 609,003
Percentage 33.35% 31.00%

  Jose Isabel Blandon.jpg
Candidate Ricardo Lombana José Blandón
Party Independent Panameñista
Running mate Guillermo Márquez Nilda Quijano Peña
popular vote 368,962 212,931
Percentage 18.78% 10.84%

Panama 2019 Presidential Election Vote Share Map.png
Vote share by candidate[1]

President before election

Juan Carlos Varela

Elected President

Laurentino Cortizo

Legislative election

All 71 seats in the National Assembly
36 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats +/–
PRD Benicio Robinson 29.99 35 +9
CD Rómulo Roux 22.45 18 -6
Panameñista José Luis Varela 17.30 8 -8
MOLIRENA Francisco Alemán 5.11 5 +3
Independents 17.88 5 +4
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Results of the 2019 Panama Legislative election.png
Results by circuit[2][3]

Electoral systemEdit

Of the 71 members of the National Assembly, 26 were elected in single-member constituencies and 45 by proportional representation in multi-member constituencies. Each district with more than 40,000 inhabitants formed a constituency. Constituencies elected one MP for every 30,000 residents and an additional representative for every fraction over 10,000.[6]

In single-member constituencies, MPs were elected using the first-past-the-post system. In multi-member constituencies MPs were elected using party list proportional representation according to a double quotient; the first allocation of seats used a simple quotient, further seats were allotted using the quotient divided by two, with any remaining seats are awarded to the parties with the greatest remainder.[6]

The President was elected through plurality vote in one round.

Opinion pollsEdit

Pollster Date Cortizo (PRD) Roux (CD) Lombana (IND)
Gallup Panama[7] 17–21 March 2019 38% 21% 4%
GAD3 29–30 April 2019 36% 26% 20%
Doxa Panamá 23–28 April 2019 30% 32% 15%
Stratmark 22–28 April 2019 44% 27% 10%



CandidateParty or allianceVotes%
Laurentino CortizoJoining ForcesDemocratic Revolutionary Party609,63831.03
Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement45,6642.32
Rómulo RouxChange to Wake UpDemocratic Change564,29728.72
Alliance Party44,7062.28
Ricardo LombanaIndependent368,96218.78
José BlandónPanama We CanPanameñista Party174,1138.86
People's Party38,8181.98
Ana Matilde GómezIndependent93,6314.77
Saúl MéndezBroad Front for Democracy13,5400.69
Marco AmeglioIndependent11,4080.58
Valid votes1,964,77797.58
Invalid/blank votes48,6562.42
Total votes2,013,433100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,757,82373.01
Source: Election Tribunal

National AssemblyEdit

Democratic Revolutionary Party542,10529.9935+9
Democratic Change405,79822.4518–6
Panameñista Party312,63517.308–8
Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement92,3405.115+3
People's Party65,0283.600–1
Alliance Party43,6702.420–1
Broad Front for Democracy22,7111.2600
Valid votes1,807,44092.68
Invalid/blank votes142,6637.32
Total votes1,950,103100.00
Source: Tribunal Electoral


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