2019 Pan American Games opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the 2019 Pan American Games took place on Friday July 26, 2019 at the Estadio Nacional del Perú (Pan Am Ceremonies Venue) in Lima, Peru and ran from 20:00 to 23:05 PET.[1] The ceremony was entitled Amazing Peru and featured a stage designed as Pariacaca, the sacred mountain of Lima.[2][3] It was produced by Italian company Balich Worldwide Shows and directed by creative director Francisco Negrin.[4][5]

Estadio Nacional del Perú hosted the opening ceremony



The ceremony began with countdown numbers from 30 to zero. In the last 17 numbers, the mountain part of the stage generated colours of the logos of the previous Pan American Games. Afterwards, the volunteers ran to the centre of the stage, forming the logo of the event.


Afterwards, the President of Panam Sports Neven Ilic and the President of the Republic of Peru Martin Vizcarra were introduced to the crowd. Dancers performed a choreography corresponding to the poem “El Perú” by Marco Martos, expressed in all the 49 languages of Peru including Spanish. Afterwards, they joined together and sang the National Anthem in both spoken and sign language, while the national flag was raised by Peruvian Armed Forces personnel after being brought in earlier.

This was followed by an introductory performance with three segments, the first being "The Calling" which represents the call of god Pariacaca for 41 member nations of Pan Am Sports to participate in the sporting event. The second segment, "Dawn" represents the scenery of Lima at dawn. The performance was divided into two parts: Pacific and Amances. The Pacific part represents the Pacific ocean which borders Peru, while the Amances part represents amancaes flowers, the floral symbol of Lima and the namesake local festival. Rocío Larrañaga the surfer featured in the Pacific part of the Dawn segment. In the third segment, "Sports", Cajones gather on the stadium's stage and play music, during which the sports pictograms appeared on the stage on the mountain and Charlie Parra playing guitar. The performance concluded with performance of the official song of the games: "Jugamos Todos" by Guillermo Bussinger, Pelo D’Ambrosio, Sandra Muente and Shantall with the cajones forming the Games' mascot, Milco.

Parade of NationsEdit

During the Parade of Nations, each country's team marched into the stadium, preceded by a person dressed as Ekeko. The Caral stage reproduced the colours of the corresponding national flag, while the screen on the mountain displayed the natural scenery of each participating nations of the games. When each team arrived at the center, the whole mountain showed the natural scenery of each team’s country. As per tradition, Peru as the host nation entered last.

Main eventEdit

Soon afterwards was the creative segments, divided into five segments: Pago a la tierra (a ritual frequently practiced in the Peruvian Andes), Superfoods, Looms, The Cutting Edge and Streets. Superfoods depict the food crops found in the country, Looms depicts Loom as an equipment used to weave textiles using wool and cottons, the cutting edge depicts clothes that made out of Peru's fabrics and Streets depicts the modern everyday life of Peru. The Superfood featured Chef Micha Tsamura, while the Cutting Edge part of Weaving segment featured electric violinist Pauchi Sasaki.

The Panam Sports flag are carried by former Peruvian sportsmen including Gladys Euesbio, Roberto Abugattas, Raul Pacheco, Natalia Cuglievan, Luis Minamy, Carlos Zegarra and Monica Liyau and raised to the Panam Sport anthem by the armed forces.

"Dear friends of the 41 countries of the Americas and the world, Welcome to the biggest sports party on the continent. Peru, land of great cultures and an ancient history, welcomes you with open arms. It is an honour for me to inaugurate the eighteenth Pan American Games Lima 2019". - Martin Vizcarra, President of the Republic of Peru, declaring the Games open in Spanish.

After speeches by Carlos Neuhaus and Neven Ilic, the President of the Republic of Peru declares the Games open.

During the relay segment, the cauldron based on an Incan sun appeared on top of the mountain after a ray of light was shot on it. The torch was carried into the stadium by Peruvian sportsmen, Olympic athletics medallist Edith Moeding. He passed on the torch to two young athletes: judo's Ariana Balterzar Minan and tennis player Carlos Fernandez and Volleyball player Lucha Fuentes. Lucha handed the torch to last torch bearer and Seoul 1988 Summer Olympics women volleyball silver medalist team member–Cecilia Tait who lit the cauldron. The ceremony concluded with Puerto Rican international star Luis Fonsi performing seven songs including global hit song–Despacito (lit.'Slowly'). (Since 4 August 2017, Despacito's music video is the most-viewed YouTube video.)[6]

List of performersEdit

  • Guillermo Bussinger, Pelo D’Ambrosio, Sandra Muente and Shantall (performing "Jugamos Todos" (lit.: Let's All Play))[7]
  • Juan Diego Flórez (performing “La Flor de la Canela" through virtual duet with late singer Chabuca Granda)
  •   Luis Fonsi (performing "Imposible", "Calypso", "Échame La Culpa", "Date La Vuelta", "No Me Doy Por Vencido", "Party Animal" and "Despacito")[8]


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