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2019 Nauruan parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in Nauru on 24 August 2019.[1]

2019 Nauruan parliamentary election

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Electoral systemEdit

The 19 members of Parliament are elected from eight multi-member constituencies using the Dowdall system, a version of ranked voting; voters rank candidates, with the votes counted as a fraction of one divided by the ranking number (e.g. a candidate ranked second will be scored as ½); the candidates with the highest total are elected.[2]


Constituency Candidate Preference votes Total Notes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Aiwo Lance Agir
Rennier Gadabu
Dantes Tsitsi
Aaron Cook
Milton Dube
Evi Agir
Delvin Thoma
Preston Thoma
Invalid/blank votes


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