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General elections were held in Mozambique on 15 October 2019.[1][2][3]

2019 Mozambican general election

← 2014 15 October 2019 (2019-10-15)
  Filipe Nyusi, President, Republic of Mozambique - 2018 (40689535485) (cropped).jpg Ossufo Momade VOA (cropped).jpg
Nominee Filipe Nyusi Ossufo Momade

Daviz Simango.jpg
Mário Albino (cropped).jpg
Nominee Daviz Simango Mário Albino

President before election

Filipe Nyussi

Elected President


Electoral systemEdit

The President of Mozambique is elected using the two-round system.[4] The 250 members of the Assembly of the Republic are elected by proportional representation in eleven multi-member constituencies based on the country's provinces and on a first-past-the-post basis from two single-member constituencies representing Mozambican citizens in Africa and Europe. Seats in the multi-member constituencies are allocated using the D'Hondt method, with an electoral threshold of 5%.[5]


On 16 January 2019, the main opposition party RENAMO held a congress at which Ossufo Momade was elected as the party's new leader and presidential candidate.[6] Momade had been the party's interim president following the death of Afonso Dhlakama in May 2018 and was seen as a "unifying leader" that could bring the political and military sector of RENAMO closer.[7]

The ruling FRELIMO held its congress on 6 May, at which it confirmed its decision to support the re-election of President Filipe Nyussi for a second and final term.

On 9 May and following a three-day congress, the Democratic Movement of Mozambique confirmed that its presidential candidate would be Daviz Simango, mayor of Beira since 2003. Simango was a presidential candidate in the two previous general elections.[8]

On 31 July the Constitutional Council approved four candidates; Nyussi, Momade, Simango and Mário Albino. Two candidates were disqualified; Hélder Mendoça and Alice Mabota. Mabota would have been the first woman to run for president, but failed to collect enough signatures.[9]


Vote counting for the election, which was held peacefully,[10] began soon after polls closed.[1][2]


Candidate Party Votes %
Filipe Nyusi FRELIMO
Ossufo Momade RENAMO
Daviz Simango MDM
Mário Albino AMUSI
Invalid/blank votes
Total 100
Registered voters/turnout


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Other parties
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout

Provincial electionsEdit

Cabo Delgado Province
Gaza Province
Inhambane Province
Manica Province
Maputo Province
Maputo City Province
Nampula Province
Niassa Province
Sofala Province
Tete Province
Zambezia Province
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