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2019 Mauritanian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Mauritania on 22 June 2019, with a second round planned for 6 July if no candidate had received more than 50% of the vote.[1] The result was a first round victory for Ould Ghazouani who won with 52 percent of the vote.[2][3] However, opposition rejected the results,[4] calling it "another army coup."[5] On 1 July 2019, Mauritania's constitutional council confirmed Ghazouani as president and rejected a challenge by opposition.[6]

2019 Mauritanian presidential election

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1,544,132 registered voters
50%+ votes needed to win
Turnout62.66% (Increase6.2%)
  Ministers of the G5 Sahel after a council, Ouagadougou, 4 Feb 2019 (cropped).jpg Biram Dah Abeid.jpg Sidi Mohamed Ould Boubakar.jpg
Candidate Mohamed Ould Ghazouani Biram Dah Abeid Sidi Mohamed Ould Boubacar
Party UPR Independent Independent
Popular vote 483,312 172,656 166,058
Percentage 52.01% 18.58% 17.87%

President before election

Abdel Aziz

Elected President

Mohamed Ould Ghazouani

With incumbent president Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz not running, the elections were reported to be the first peaceful transfer of power since the country's independence from France in 1960.[7]



Candidate Party Votes %
Mohamed Ould Ghazouani Union for the Republic 483,312 52.01
Biram Dah Abeid Independent 172,656 18.58
Sidi Mohamed Ould Boubacar Independent 166,058 17.87
Kane Hamidou Baba Independent 80,916 8.71
Mohamed Ould Mouloud Rally of Democratic Forces 22,695 2.44
Mohamed Lemine al-Mourtaji al-Wafi Independent 3,676 0.40
Invalid/blank votes 38,284
Total 967,594 100
Registered voters/turnout 1,544,132 62.66
Source: CENI