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The 2019 Gaza economic protests,[3][4] dubbed as We Want to Live protests,[1] began on February, initiating with the popular call "We want to live" by a group of politically unaffiliated media activists.[3] The group has been nicknamed the 14th March movement.[4] The protests aim at high costs of living and tax hikes in the Gaza Strip.

2019 Gaza economic protests
Part of 2018–19 Arab protests and Fatah–Hamas conflict[1]
Date14 March 2019 (2019-03-14) – ongoing (190 days)
Caused by
  • Opposition to Hamas regime and corruption in the Gaza Strip
  • Reducing cost of living
  • Reducing taxation
Resulted in
  • Hamas security cracks down on the protesters
Parties to the civil conflict


Lead figures
  • Unknown
Injuries1+ wounded[1]

The protests were met with violence by the ruling Hamas, which dispatched security forces to disperse protesters.[3] Several human rights organisations and political factions have denounced attacks on protesters by Hamas security forces.[3] The protests were described as the most severe anti-regime protests in Gaza since the Hamas takeover in 2007.[4]

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