2019 Gaza economic protests

2019 Gaza economic protests
Part of 2018–2022 Arab protests and Fatah–Hamas conflict[1]
Date14 March 2019 (2019-03-14) – 18 March 2019 (2019-03-18) (four days)[2]
Caused by
  • Opposition to Hamas regime and corruption in the Gaza Strip
  • Reducing cost of living
  • Reducing taxation
Resulted in
  • Hamas security cracks down on the protesters
Parties to the civil conflict


Lead figures
Injuries1+ wounded[1]

The 2019 Gaza economic protests,[4][2] dubbed as We Want to Live protests,[1] began on February, initiating with the popular call "We want to live" by a group of politically unaffiliated media activists.[4] The group has been nicknamed the 14th March movement.[2] The protests aim at high costs of living and tax hikes in the Gaza Strip.

The protests were met with violence by the ruling Hamas, which dispatched security forces to disperse protesters.[4] Several human rights organisations and political factions have denounced attacks on protesters by Hamas security forces.[4] The protests were described as the most severe anti-regime protests in Gaza since the Hamas takeover in 2007.[2]

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