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The 2019 G20 Osaka summit was the fourteenth meeting of the G20, a forum of 19 countries and the EU that together represent most of the world economy. It was held on 28–29 June 2019 at the International Exhibition Center in Osaka.[2][3] It was the first G20 summit to be hosted by Japan.[4]

2019 G20 Osaka summit
Logo of 2019 G20 Osaka summit.svg
Family photo of the 2019 G20 Osaka summit.jpg
2019 G20 summit attendees
Host countryJapan
Date28–29 June 2019
Venue(s)Intex Osaka
ParticipantsG20 members
ChairShinzō Abe, Prime Minister
Follows2018 G20 Buenos Aires summit
Precedes2020 G20 Riyadh summit[1]


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The 2019 G20 Summit discussed eight themes to Ensure Global Sustainable Development.[7] The eight themes were "Global Economy", "Trade and Investment", "Innovation", "Environment and Energy", "Employment", "Women's empowerment", "Development" and "Health".[8]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China has issued a statement considering the Hong Kong Protests as China’s internal affairs on 24 June. The Chinese government wanted to delist the Hong Kong issue from the summit’s agenda for the year, to avoid possible political and security confrontations between all G20 leaders (from outside China) and China. China has threatened to attack G20 nations suspected for “wrongfully” accusing China.[9] However, Japanese Prime Minister Abe had raised the issue to President Xi just before the official summit, while some Hong Kong citizens protested in places around the summit venue. Pro-independence leader Chan Ho-tin demonstrated with people from Chinese ethnic minorities like Rebiya Kadeer for Hong Kong, as well as Xinjiang issues.[10]

Osaka City Of JapanEdit

The Japanese capital Tokyo might have been the obvious choice to hold such a high-level meeting, but more is at play than simply the political weight of a city. Osaka played host to the Seventh Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministerial Meeting. Osaka is a city that has been designed with the future in mind. Osaka was the best place for this summit because low population density in Osaka not only helps reduce pressure on hotels as they accommodate world leaders with more flexibility but certainly makes security management easier. While Osaka's past and present seem to have contributed to the decision of choosing it as the G20 host.[11]

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