2019 Ascension general election

General elections were held on Ascension Island on 26 September 2019 to elect the Island Council, following the dissolution of the previous Council on 1 September. Seven candidates ran for five available Councillor positions.[1]

Electoral systemEdit

The Island Council consists of either five or seven elected members, depending on the number of candidates. If there are eight or more candidates, seven members would be elected; if there were fewer than eight candidates, only five would be elected.[2] With only seven candidates running, five seats were available.

The five seats were elected for three years terms by first-past-the-post plurality-at-large voting.[3] Voters were able to cast up to five votes.[1]


Candidate Votes % Notes
Keturah Viola George 105 21.1 Re-elected
Alan Herbert Nicholls 83 16.7 Elected
Katharyn Sarah Chadwick 73 14.7 Elected
Andrew Robert Ellick 68 13.7 Elected
Andrew Cansfield Hobson 64 12.9 Elected
Kristopher Edward Hall 60 12.0
Iain Courtney Lamb 45 9.0
Total 498 100
Valid votes
Invalid/blank votes
Total 150 100
Registered voters/turnout 518 29.0
Source: Government of Ascension Island


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