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2018 Togolese parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Togo on 20 December 2018. They had been initially scheduled for July 2018,[1] but were postponed until ECOWAS called for polling to take place on 20 December.[2] The main opposition parties, which formed Aliance C14, boycotted the elections following the refusal of President Faure Gnassingbé to fully cancel proposed constitution reforms that would allow him to run for two more terms beyond his current ending term in 2020.


Electoral systemEdit

The 91 members of the National Assembly are elected by closed list proportional representation from 30 multi-member constituencies ranging in size from two to ten seats. Seats are allocated using the highest averages method.[3]


The elections saw 105 political parties submit lists, alongside 25 lists of independent candidates. A total of 850 candidates ran for the 91 available seats.[4]

Provisional resultsEdit

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Union for the Republic 59 –3
Union of Forces for Change 6 +3
Patriotic Movement for Democracy and Development 3 New
New Togolese Commitment 3
Pan-African Democratic Party 1
Movement of Centrist Republicans 1
Pan-African Patriotic Convergence 0 0
Union of Nationalists for Work 0 New
Africa Togo Ecology 0 New
Party for Democracy and Renewal 0 New
Emerging Leaders' Circle 0 New
Independents 18 +17
Invalid/blank votes 118,607
Total 1,869,717 100 91 0
Registered voters/turnout 3,155,837 59.25
Source: CENI