2018 NACAC Championships

The 2018 North American, Central American and Caribbean Championships was a regional track and field competition held at Varsity Stadium in Toronto, Canada, from August 10-12, 2018. It was the third edition of a senior track and field championship for the NACAC region, held three years after the 2015 NACAC Championships.[1][2][3][4][5] The winner of each event qualified (granted their country ultimately picks them) for the 2019 Pan American Games competition, which will be held in Lima, Peru.[6]

III NACAC Championships
DatesAugust 10-12, 2018
Host cityToronto, Canada Canada
VenueVarsity Stadium
Participation319 athletes from
29 nations


August 10
EST Time Event
10:05 a.m. Women's long jump Qualification
10:20 a.m. Women's 100m Qualification
10:34 a.m. Men's 100m Qualification
10:50 a.m. Women's 400m Semi-Finals
11:00 a.m. Men's and Women's 20km RW Final (Off-site)
11:17 a.m. Men's 400m Semi-Finals
11:40 a.m. Men's long jump qualification
11:50 a.m. Women's 100mH Qualification
12:07 p.m. Men's 110mH Qualification
12:30 p.m. Women's 200m Qualification
12:46 p.m. Men's 200m Qualification
6:00 p.m. Women's Hammer Final
6:30 p.m. Women's 400mH Semi-Finals
6:55 p.m. Men's 400mH Semi-Finals
7:00 p.m. Men's Triple jump Final
7:20 p.m. Women's 800m Semi-Finals
7:30 p.m. Men's Shot Final
7:35 p.m. Men's 800m Semi-Finals
7:45 p.m. Women's Discus Final
7:50 p.m. Women's 3000m Steeplechase Final
8:00 p.m. Women's High jump Final
8:10 p.m. Women's 100mH Semi-Finals
8:30 p.m. Men's 110mH Semi-Finals
8:50 p.m. Women's 200m Semi-Finals
9:10 p.m. Men's 200m Semi-Finals
9:30 p.m. Women's 5000m Final
9:55 p.m. Men's 10000m Final
August 11
3:30 p.m. Men's Hammer Final
3:30 p.m. Men's High jump Final
3:55 p.m. Women's 100m Semi-Finals
4:00 p.m. Women's Long jump Final
4:13 p.m. Men's 100m Semi-Finals
4:35 p.m. Women's 800m Final
4:45 p.m. Men's 800m Final
5:00 p.m. Women's Pole vault Final
5:00 p.m. Men's Javelin Final
5:00 p.m. Women's 100mH Final
5:10 p.m. Men's 110mH Final
5:20 p.m. Women's 400m Final
5:30 p.m. Men's 400m Final
5:40 p.m. Women's 100m Final
5:50 p.m. Men's 100m Final
6:00 p.m. Men's 5000m Final
6:25 p.m. Women's 10000m Final
August 12
1:00 p.m. Men's Discus Final
1:00 p.m. Men's Long jump Final
2:00 p.m. Men's Pole vault Final
2:00 p.m. Women's Shot Final
2:00 p.m. Women's 400mH Final
2:10 p.m. Men's 400mH Final
2:20 p.m. Women's 200m Final
2:30 p.m. Men's 200m Final
2:40 p.m. Men's 3000m Steeplechase Final
3:00 p.m. Women's Javelin Final
3:00 p.m. Women's Triple jump Final
3:10 p.m. Women's 1500m Final
3:25 p.m. Men's 1500m Final
3:40 p.m. Women's 4x400m Final
3:55 p.m. Men's 4x400m Final
4:10 p.m. Women's 4x100m Final
4:30 p.m. Men's 4x100m Final

Medal summaryEdit

For full event details see 2018 NACAC Championships – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(wind: +0.4 m/s)
Tyquendo Tracey
10.03 CR Kendal Williams
  United States
10.11 Cameron Burrell
  United States
200 metres
(wind: +1.7 m/s)
Kyle Greaux
  Trinidad and Tobago
20.11 CR Aaron Brown
20.20 Nigel Ellis
400 metres Demish Gaye
45.47 Nery Brenes
  Costa Rica
45.67 Fitzroy Dunkley
800 metres Brandon McBride
1:46.14 Marco Arop
1:46.82 Wesley Vázquez
  Puerto Rico
1500 metres Izaic Yorks
  United States
3:51.85 Patrick Casey
  United States
3:51.87 Charles Philibert-Thiboutot
5000 metres Hassan Mead
  United States
14:00.18 Riley Masters
  United States
14:01.04 Justyn Knight
10,000 metres Lopez Lomong
  United States
29:49.03 CR Elkanah Kibet
  United States
29:51.37 Reed Fischer
  United States
110 metres hurdles
(wind: +0.4 m/s)
Hansle Parchment
13.28 Aleec Harris
  United States
13.49 Shane Brathwaite
400 metres hurdles Kyron McMaster
  British Virgin Islands
48.18 CR Annsert Whyte
48.91 Khallifah Rosser
  United States
3000 metres steeplechase Andy Bayer
  United States
8:28.55 CR Travis Mahoney
  United States
8:29.29 Jordan Mann
  United States
4 × 100 metres relay   Canada
Bismark Boateng
Jerome Blake
Mobolade Ajomale
Aaron Brown
38.57   Barbados
Shane Brathwaite
Mario Burke
Burkheart Ellis Jr
Jaquone Hoyte
38.69   Trinidad and Tobago
Nathan Farinha
Jonathan Farinha
Jalen Purcell
Kyle Greaux
4 × 400 metres relay   United States
Nathan Strother
Obi Igbokwe
Michael Cherry
Kahmari Montgomery
3:00.60   Bahamas
O'Jay Ferguson
Teray Smith
Michael Mathieu
Alonzo Russell
3:03.80   Cuba
Leandro Zamora
Adrián Chacón
Rubén Caballero
Yoandys Lescay
20,000 metres walk Evan Dunfee
1:25:39 CR Nick Christie
  United States
1:30:11 John Cody Risch
  United States
High jump Jeron Robinson
  United States
2.28 m CR Michael Mason
2.28 m Donald Thomas
Django Lovett
2.28 m
Pole vault Scott Houston
  United States
5.45 m CR Shawnacy Barber
5.40 m
Not Awarded
Long jump Marquis Dendy
  United States
8.29 m CR Tajay Gayle
8.24 m Ramone Bailey
8.09 m
Triple jump Jordan Díaz
16.83 m Chris Benard
  United States
16.73 m KeAndre Bates
  United States
16.65 m
Shot put Darrell Hill
  United States
21.68 m CR Tim Nedow
21.02 m O'Dayne Richards
20.89 m
Discus throw Fedrick Dacres
68.47 m CR Traves Smikle
65.46 m Reggie Jagers
  United States
62.70 m
Hammer throw Roberto Sawyers
  Costa Rica
72.94 m CR Alex Young
  United States
72.75 m Adam Keenan
72.72 m
Javelin throw Anderson Peters
79.65 m CR Curtis Thompson
  United States
76.02 m Markim Felix
75.14 m
  • Only three competitors were in the men's pole vault, with the third placed athlete not registering a height. This meant a bronze medal was not awarded.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(wind: 0.0 m/s)
Jenna Prandini
  United States
10.96 CR Jonielle Smith
11.07 Crystal Emmanuel
200 metres
(wind: 0.0 m/s)
Shericka Jackson
22.64 Crystal Emmanuel
22.67 Phyllis Francis
  United States
400 metres Stephenie Ann McPherson
51.15 Aiyanna Stiverne
52.00 Brionna Thomas
  United States
800 metres Ajee Wilson
  United States
1:57.52 CR Natoya Goule
1:57.95 Rosemary Almanza
1500 metres Kate Grace
  United States
4:06.23 CR Shannon Osika
  United States
4:06.92 Gabriela Stafford
5000 metres Rachel Schneider
  United States
15:26.19 CR Lauren Paquette
  United States
15:39.40 Kate Van Buskirk
10,000 metres Marielle Hall
  United States
33:27.19 Rochelle Kanuho
  United States
33:28.33 Rachel Cliff
100 metres hurdles
(wind: 0.0 m/s)
Kendra Harrison
  United States
12.55 CR Danielle Williams
12.61 Andrea Vargas
  Costa Rica
400 metres hurdles Shamier Little
  United States
53.32 CR Janieve Russell
53.81 Georganne Moline
  United States
3000 metres steeplechase Mel Lawrence
  United States
9:45.36 CR Emily Oren
  United States
9:56.66 Megan Rolland
  United States
4 × 100 metres relay   United States
Kiara Parker
Shania Collins
Dezerea Bryant
Jenna Prandini
42.50   Jamaica
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Jura Levy
Jonielle Smith
Shericka Jackson
43.33   Canada
Shaina Harrison
Crystal Emmanuel
Phylicia George
Jellisa Westney
4 × 400 metres relay   United States
Briana Guillory
Jasmine Blocker
Kiana Horton
Courtney Okolo
3:26.08   Jamaica
Stephenie Ann McPherson
Tiffany James
Anastasia Le-Roy
Christine Day
3:27.25   Canada
Micha Powell
Aiyanna Stiverne
Travia Jones
Alicia Brown
20,000 metres walk Maria Michta-Coffey
  United States
1:36:34 CR Mirna Ortiz
1:38:36 Katie Burnett
  United States
High jump Levern Spencer
  Saint Lucia
1.91 m CR Elizabeth Patterson
  United States
1.88 m Loretta Blaut
  United States
1.82 m
Pole vault Katie Nageotte
  United States
4.75 m CR Yarisley Silva
4.70 m Sandi Morris
  United States
4.65 m
Long jump Sha'Keela Saunders
  United States
6.60 m Quanesha Burks
  United States
6.59 m Tissanna Hickling
6.38 m
Triple jump Shanieka Ricketts
14.25 m CR Tori Franklin
  United States
14.09 m Thea Lafond
13.74 m
Shot put Maggie Ewen
  United States
18.22 m Cleopatra Borel
  Trinidad and Tobago
17.83 m Jessica Ramsey
  United States
17.80 m
Discus throw Yaime Pérez
61.97 m CR Valarie Allman
  United States
59.67 m Maggie Ewen
  United States
59.00 m
Hammer throw DeAnna Price
  United States
74.60 m CR Jillian Weir
71.96 m Brooke Andersen
  United States
70.05 m
Javelin throw Ariana Ince
  United States
59.59 m Bethany Drake
  United States
54.07 m Coralys Ortiz
  Puerto Rico
53.11 m

Medal tableEdit

1  United States (USA)25191761
2  Jamaica (JAM)710522
3  Canada (CAN)*381021
4  Cuba (CUB)2114
5  Costa Rica (CRC)1113
  Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)1113
7  Grenada (GRN)1012
8  British Virgin Islands (IVB)1001
  Saint Lucia (LCA)1001
10  Barbados (BAR)0112
11  Guatemala (GUA)0101
12  Bahamas (BAH)0022
  Puerto Rico (PUR)0022
14  Dominica (DMA)0011
Totals (14 nations)424242126

Participating nationsEdit

According to an unofficial count, 319 athletes from 29 countries participated.

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