2018 Dakar Rally

The 2018 Dakar Rally was the 40th edition of the event and the tenth successive year that the event was in South America. The event started in Lima, Peru on 6 January and ran through Argentina and Bolivia, finishing in Córdoba, Argentina on 20 January after 14 stages of competition.[1]

2018 Dakar Rally
Part of the Dakar Rally
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Dakar 2018 - Mapa.png
2018 Dakar route
Host country Peru
Dates run6 – 20 January 2018
StartPeru Lima
FinishArgentina Córdoba
Stage surfaceGravel, dirt, sand
Cars winnerSpain Carlos Sainz
Spain Lucas Cruz
Team Peugeot Total
Bikes winnerAustria Matthias Walkner
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing
Quads winnerChile Ignacio Casale
Casale Racing
Trucks winnerRussia Eduard Nikolaev
Russia Evgeny Yakovlev
Russia Vladimir Rybakov
UTVs winnerBrazil Reinaldo Varela
Brazil Gustavo Gugelmin
South Racing-Can Am
Crews335 at start, 184 at finish

Number of entriesEdit

Stage Bikes Quads Cars Trucks UTVs Total
Start of rally 139 49 92 44 11 335
Rest day 110 41 62 23 10 246
End of rally 85 (61%) 32 (65%) 43 (47%) 18 (41%) 6 (54%) 184 (55%)


Distance according to the official website.

Bikes, quads and carsEdit

Stage Date Depart Arrive Bikes Quads Cars
Km Km Winner Winner Km Km Winner
1 6 Jan   Lima   Pisco 272 31   S. Sunderland (KTM)   I. Casale (Yamaha) 272 31   N. Al-Attiyah (Toyota)
2 7 Jan   Pisco   Pisco 278 267   J. Barreda (Honda)   I. Casale (Yamaha) 278 267   C. Despres (Peugeot)
3 8 Jan   Pisco   San Juan de Marcona 501 295   S. Sunderland (KTM)   I. Casale (Yamaha) 502 295   N. Al-Attiyah (Toyota)
4 9 Jan   San Juan de Marcona   San Juan de Marcona 444 330   A. van Beveren (Yamaha)   S. Karyakin (Yamaha) 444 330   S. Loeb (Peugeot)
5 10 Jan   San Juan de Marcona   Arequipa 770 264   J. Barreda (Honda)   N. Cavigliasso (Yamaha) 932 267   S. Peterhansel (Peugeot)
6 11 Jan   Arequipa   La Paz 758 313   A. Meo (KTM)   J. Gonzalez (Yamaha) 758 313   C. Sainz (Peugeot)
12 Jan   La Paz – rest day
7M 13 Jan   La Paz   Uyuni 726 425   J. Barreda (Honda)   A. Dutrie (Yamaha) 726 425   C. Sainz (Peugeot)
8 14 Jan   Uyuni   Tupiza 584 498   A. Meo (KTM)   S. Vitse (Yamaha) 584 498   S. Peterhansel (Peugeot)
9 15 Jan   Tupiza   Salta 754 242 Cancelled due to poor weather conditions. 754 242 Cancelled
10 16 Jan   Salta   Belén 795 372   M. Walkner (KTM)   I. Casale (Yamaha) 795 372   S. Peterhansel (Peugeot)
11 17 Jan   Belén   Fiambalá/Chilecito 484 280   T. Price (KTM)   N. Cavigliasso (Yamaha) 746 280   B. ten Brinke (Toyota)
12 18 Jan   Fiambalá/Chilecito   San Juan 722 375 Cancelled due to poor weather conditions. 791 522   N. Al-Attiyah (Toyota)
13 19 Jan   San Juan   Córdoba 904 423   T. Price (KTM)   J. González (Yamaha) 927 368   N. Al-Attiyah (Toyota)
14 20 Jan   Córdoba   Córdoba 284 119   K. Benavides (Honda)   I. Casale (Yamaha) 284 119   G. de Villiers (Toyota)

Trucks and UTVsEdit

Stage Date Depart Arrive Trucks UTVs
Km Km Winner Km Km Winner
1 6 Jan   Lima   Pisco 272 31   A. Loprais (Tatra) 272 31   A. Aliaga (Polaris)
2 7 Jan   Pisco   Pisco 278 267   E. Nikolaev (Kamaz) 278 267   R. Varela (Can-Am)
3 8 Jan   Pisco   San Juan de Marcona 502 295   F. Villagra (Iveco) 502 295   J.C. Uribe (Can-Am)
4 9 Jan   San Juan de Marcona   San Juan de Marcona 444 330   E. Nikolaev (Kamaz) 444 330   P. Garrouste (Polaris)
5 10 Jan   San Juan de Marcona   Arequipa 932 267   A. Mardeev (Kamaz) 932 267   R. Varela (Can-Am)
6 11 Jan   Arequipa   La Paz 758 313   F. Villagra (Iveco) 758 313   P. Garrouste (Polaris)
12 Jan   La Paz – rest day
7M 13 Jan   La Paz   Uyuni 669 368   T. van Genugten (Iveco) 726 425   R. Varela (Can-Am)
8 14 Jan   Uyuni   Tupiza 558 380   D. Sotnikov (Kamaz) 584 498   R. Varela (Can-Am)
9 15 Jan   Tupiza   Salta 754 242 Cancelled 754 242 Cancelled
10 16 Jan   Salta   Belén 795 372   T. van Genugten (Iveco) 795 372   P. Garrouste (Polaris)
11 17 Jan   Belén   Fiambalá/Chilecito 746 280   S. Viazovich (Maz) 746 280   P. Garrouste (Polaris)
12 18 Jan   Fiambalá/Chilecito   San Juan 791 522   T. van Genugten (Iveco) 791 522   R. Varela (Can-Am)
13 19 Jan   San Juan   Córdoba 927 368   E. Nikolaev (Kamaz) 927 368   P. Garrouste (Polaris)
14 20 Jan   Córdoba   Córdoba 284 119   T. van Genugten (Iveco) 284 119   L. Larrauri (Can-Am)


Stage 1 left from Lima on 6 January from the Army General Headquarters (the "Pentagonito") located in the district of San Borja, and extended 273 kilometers to the south, a few kilometers after Pisco taking the South Pan-American Highway. The competitive section consisted of a loop ran in the last 31 kilometers near Pisco.[2] Among the incidents of the stage, the most highlighted was the serious accident suffered by the Portuguese driver Joaquim Rodrigues when he fell from a dune and fractured a lumbar vertebra.[3]

The oldest driver, 76-year old Yoshimasa Sugawara of Japan retired in his 35th Dakar Rally participation on Stage 2.[4] The Toyota of driver Alicia Reina and co-driver Carlos Dante Pelayo, both of Argentina, was burned after catching fire during the Stage 3 in Pisco, Peru.[5] Two-time winner Nani Roma of Spain also retired at the end of Stage 3 when he had sustained head and neck injuries in a crash.[6]

Big troubles on Stage 4 was for two of the favorites, Nasser Al-Attiyah (Team Toyota) and Cyril Despres (Team Peugeot) that have been significantly delayed.[7] The bikes class leader and defending champion Sam Sunderland was airlifted to hospital by helicopter as he quit the race with a frightening back injury.[8] Also, former Chelsea and Tottenham manager André Villas-Boas was taken to hospital when his car crashed into a sand dune, forcing him to retire from the rally.[9]

Notable retirement on Stage 5 was Sébastien Loeb (Peugeot Team Total) due to an injury of his co-driver Daniel Elena.[10] In the quads category, defending champion Sergey Karyakin suffered a crash and broke his arm.[11] Initially, Stage 5 in the truck category was won by class leader Eduard Nikolaev, but later Ayrat Mardeev and Dmitry Sotnikov received a compensation time and took first and second stage positions respectively.[12][13]

After the rest day, one of bike class favorites Joan Barreda won the Stage 7 by almost three minutes to creep ever closer to the overall lead, but sustained a knee injury. Car class leader Stéphane Peterhansel had a big troubles on Stage 7, hitting a rock that destroyed the left rear corner of his Peugeot and forced him to stop for almost two hours.[14] Despite losing two positions in general standings, Peterhansel come back to fight with Carlos Sainz by winning Stage 8 in southern Bolivia.[15] Stage 9 has been cancelled due to poor weather conditions in Argentina.[16]

Bike class leader Adrien van Beveren could not finish on Stage 10 despite his efforts to keep going after he fell two miles from the finish. Austrian Matthias Walkner takes the advantage of the navigation error made by several rivals.[17] On Stage 11, Joan Barreda, exhausted and nursing a knee injury for the last four days, has withdrawn from the rally despite sitting in second place.[18] Russian Kamaz truck driver Eduard Nikolaev has dominated since the rally start in Peru, but he lost more than 40 minutes on a difficult Stage 11 to new race leader Federico Villagra.[19]

Heavy rain made conditions bad enough that the bike and quad classes were both cancelled for Stage 12. In the truck class, Kamaz's defending champion Eduard Nikolaev closely overhauled Federico Villagra's Iveco to lead the overall standings by just one second before the last two stages.[20] On Stage 3, Villagra attacked but suffered a mechanical troubles and despite battling on for as long as he could, had to abandon the rally, leaving the Russian in total control.[21] In the same time, 13-time champion Peterhansel crashed on Stage 13, damaging the Peugeot 3008 DKR Maxi and lost an hour and his second place in general classification.[22]

Finally, after last short Stage 14, Spanish Carlos Sainz has won the cars class for the second time, the bikes winner was Austrian Matthias Walkner, the quads winner was Chilean Ignacio Casale, the trucks winner was Russian Eduard Nikolaev and the UTVs winner was Brazilian Reinaldo Varela.[23]

Stage resultsEdit


Stage Stage winner Time Stage runner-up Time Stage third place Time Class leader
1   Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) 0:21:51   Bernhard ten Brinke (Toyota) 0:22:16   Nicolás Fuchs (Borgward) 0:22:25   Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota)
2   Cyril Despres (Peugeot) 2:56:51   Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot) 2:57:39   Sébastien Loeb (Peugeot) 2:59:59   Cyril Despres (Peugeot)
3   Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) 3:09:08   Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot) 3:13:13   Carlos Sainz (Peugeot) 3:15:15   Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot)
4   Sébastien Loeb (Peugeot) 3:57:53   Carlos Sainz (Peugeot) 3:59:28   Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot) 4:01:09
5   Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot) 2:51:19   Bernhard ten Brinke (Toyota) 2:56:11   Giniel de Villiers (Toyota) 3:04:06
6   Carlos Sainz (Peugeot) 2:53:30   Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot) 2:57:36   Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) 2:58:35
Rest day
7   Carlos Sainz (Peugeot) 4:49:26   Giniel de Villiers (Toyota) 5:01:31   Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) 5:03:45   Carlos Sainz (Peugeot)
8   Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot) 5:15:18   Cyril Despres (Peugeot) 5:16:07   Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) 5:17:30
9 Cancelled due to poor weather conditions
10   Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot) 4:43:46   Giniel de Villiers (Toyota) 4:52:32   Carlos Sainz (Peugeot) 4:56:53
11   Bernhard ten Brinke (Toyota) 4:10:54   Cyril Despres (Peugeot) 4:15:29   Carlos Sainz (Peugeot) 4:15:34
12   Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) 5:49:57   Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot) 5:52:00   Giniel de Villiers (Toyota) 5:54:30
13   Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) 5:02:22   Lucio Alvarez (Toyota) 5:13:38   Giniel de Villiers (Toyota) 5:15:28
14   Giniel de Villiers (Toyota) 1:26:29   Stéphane Peterhansel (Peugeot) 1:27:09   Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) 1:27:10


Stage Stage winner Time Stage runner-up Time Stage third place Time Class leader
1   Sam Sunderland (KTM) 0:20:55   Adrien van Beveren (Yamaha) 0:21:28   Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) 0:21:51   Sam Sunderland (KTM)
2   Joan Barreda (Honda) 2:56:44   Adrien van Beveren (Yamaha) 2:59:38   Matthias Walkner (KTM) 3:01:08   Joan Barreda (Honda)
3   Sam Sunderland (KTM) 3:20:43   Kevin Benavides (Honda) 3:23:46   Toby Price (KTM) 3:24:11   Sam Sunderland (KTM)
4   Adrien van Beveren (Yamaha) 4:08:23   Xavier de Soultrait (Yamaha) 4:13:24   Matthias Walkner (KTM) 4:15:33   Adrien van Beveren (Yamaha)
5   Joan Barreda (Honda) 3:19:42   Matthias Walkner (KTM) 3:30:08   Kevin Benavides (Honda) 3:32:02
6   Antoine Meo (KTM) 1:54:10   Kevin Benavides (Honda) 1:54:40   Toby Price (KTM) 1:54:40   Kevin Benavides (Honda)
Rest day
7   Joan Barreda (Honda) 5:11:10   Adrien van Beveren (Yamaha) 5:14:01   Kevin Benavides (Honda) 5:19:12   Adrien van Beveren (Yamaha)
8   Antoine Meo (KTM) 5:24:01   Ricky Brabec (Honda) 5:25:09   Toby Price (KTM) 5:26:46
9 Cancelled due to poor weather conditions
10   Matthias Walkner (KTM) 4:52:26   Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) 5:04:01   Gerard Farrés (KTM) 5:08:47   Matthias Walkner (KTM)
11   Toby Price (KTM) 4:01:33   Kevin Benavides (Honda) 4:03:11   Antoine Meo (KTM) 4:08:04
12 Cancelled due to poor weather conditions
13   Toby Price (KTM) 4:48:33   Kevin Benavides (Honda) 4:50:36   Antoine Meo (KTM) 4:51:17
14   Kevin Benavides (Honda) 1:26:41   Toby Price (KTM) 1:27:35   Antoine Meo (KTM) 1:29:30


Stage Stage winner Time Stage runner-up Time Stage third place Time Class leader
1   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha) 0:27:32   Sergey Karyakin (Yamaha) 0:28:32   Pablo Copetti (Yamaha) 0:30:31   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha)
2   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha) 3:37:45   Sergey Karyakin (Yamaha) 3:38:28   Gastón González (Yamaha) 3:41:39
3   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha) 3:58:08   Alexis Hernández (Yamaha) 4:09:03   Pablo Copetti (Yamaha) 4:13:00
4   Sergey Karyakin (Yamaha) 4:56:34   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha) 4:57:17   Alexis Hernández (Yamaha) 5:02:05
5   Nicolás Cavigliasso (Yamaha) 4:12:47   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha) 4:14:10   Alexis Hernández (Yamaha) 4:19:22
6   Jeremías González (Yamaha) 2:29:06   Pablo Copetti (Yamaha) 2:30:56   Nelson Sanabria (Yamaha) 2:31:24
Rest day
7   Axel Dutrie (Yamaha) 6:59:04   Marcelo Medeiros (Yamaha) 7:03:54   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha) 7:08:02   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha)
8   Simon Vitse (Yamaha) 6:52:32   Marcelo Medeiros (Yamaha) 6:55:59   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha) 6:57:52
9 Cancelled due to poor weather conditions
10   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha) 6:35:18   Nicolás Cavigliasso (Yamaha) 6:35:26   Jeremías González (Yamaha) 6:37:32
11   Nicolás Cavigliasso (Yamaha) 5:20:45   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha) 5:35:59   Dmitriy Shilov (Yamaha) 5:55:34
12 Cancelled due to poor weather conditions
13   Jeremías González (Yamaha) 5:55:16   Nelson Sanabria (Yamaha) 5:58:34   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha) 5:59:19
14   Ignacio Casale (Yamaha) 1:43:25   Nelson Sanabria (Yamaha) 1:44:46   Nicolás Cavigliasso (Yamaha) 1:45:01


Stage Stage winner Time Stage runner-up Time Stage third place Time Class leader
1   Aleš Loprais (Tatra) 0:25:15   Martin van den Brink (Renault Trucks) 0:25:37   Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz) 0:25:44   Aleš Loprais (Tatra)
2   Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz) 3:24:23   Federico Villagra (Iveco) 3:27:48   Aleš Loprais (Tatra) 3:30:30   Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz)
3   Federico Villagra (Iveco) 3:56:37   Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz) 3:57:12   Ayrat Mardeev (Kamaz) 4:00:46
4   Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz) 4:35:08   Federico Villagra (Iveco) 5:03:05   Martin Kolomý (Tatra) 5:13:57
5   Ayrat Mardeev (Kamaz) 3:32:39   Dmitry Sotnikov (Kamaz) 3:36:35   Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz) 3:37:12
6   Federico Villagra (Iveco) 3:22:23   Martin Kolomý (Tatra) 3:25:09   Ton van Genugten (Iveco) 3:25:21
Rest day
7   Ton van Genugten (Iveco) 4:10:40   Federico Villagra (Iveco) 4:12:41   Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz) 4:15:34   Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz)
8   Dmitry Sotnikov (Kamaz) 4:23:32   Federico Villagra (Iveco) 4:28:43   Ayrat Mardeev (Kamaz) 4:30:00
9 Cancelled due to poor weather conditions
10   Ton van Genugten (Iveco) 5:31:49   Siarhei Viazovich (Maz) 5:42:58   Federico Villagra (Iveco) 5:47:22
11   Siarhei Viazovich (Maz) 5:14:10   Federico Villagra (Iveco) 5:15:34   Dmitry Sotnikov (Kamaz) 5:43:01   Federico Villagra (Iveco)
12   Ton van Genugten (Iveco) 7:02:36   Martin Kolomý (Tatra) 7:06:47   Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz) 7:08:57   Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz)
13   Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz) 5:59:02   Ayrat Mardeev (Kamaz) 5:59:52   Martin Kolomý (Tatra) 6:05:08
14   Ton van Genugten (Iveco) 1:39:47   Martin Macik (Liaz) 1:39:58   Dmitry Sotnikov (Kamaz) 1:43:22


Stage Stage winner Time Stage runner-up Time Stage third place Time Class leader
1   Aníbal Aliaga (Polaris) 0:31:27   Jose Luis Peña (Polaris) 0:34:28   Claude Fournier (Polaris) 0:34:50   Anibal Aliaga (Polaris)
2   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am) 4:18:44   Juan Carlos Uribe (Can-Am) 4:27:43   Patrice Garrouste (Polaris) 4:40:41   Juan Carlos Uribe (Can-Am)
3   Juan Carlos Uribe (Can-Am) 4:30:36   Patrice Garrouste (Polaris) 4:47:49   Claude Fournier (Polaris) 5:12:48
4   Patrice Garrouste (Polaris) 5:43:45   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am) 6:09:18   Leo Larrauri (Can-Am) 6:58:23   Patrice Garrouste (Polaris)
5   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am) 3:42:42   Juan Carlos Uribe (Can-Am) 3:58:19   Jose Luis Peña (Polaris) 4:20:37   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am)
6   Patrice Garrouste (Polaris) 3:44:18   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am) 3:58:47   Juan Carlos Uribe (Can-Am) 4:15:46
Rest day
7   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am) 6:49:31   Patrice Garrouste (Polaris) 7:21:03   Juan Carlos Uribe (Can-Am) 7:45:00   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am)
8   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am) 7:30:18   Juan Carlos Uribe (Can-Am) 7:49:13   Leo Larrauri (Can-Am) 8:18:27
9 Cancelled due to poor weather conditions
10   Patrice Garrouste (Polaris) 6:37:07   Juan Carlos Uribe (Can-Am) 7:46:37   Jose Luis Peña (Polaris) 8:09:07
11   Patrice Garrouste (Polaris) 6:02:44   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am) 6:06:23   Leo Larrauri (Can-Am) 6:13:54
12   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am) 9:27:12   Claude Fournier (Polaris) 9:38:54   Jose Luis Peña (Polaris) 9:45:27
13   Patrice Garrouste (Polaris) 6:29:40   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am) 6:39:39   Claude Fournier (Polaris) 7:33:17
14   Leo Larrauri (Can-Am) 1:45:55   Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am) 1:53:59   Patrice Garrouste (Polaris) 1:58:08

Final standingsEdit


Pos No. Rider Brand Team Time
1 303   Carlos Sainz Peugeot Team Peugeot Total 49:16:18
2 301   Nasser Al-Attiyah Toyota Toyota Gazoo Racing SA +0:43:40
3 304   Giniel de Villiers Toyota Toyota Gazoo Racing SA +1:16:41
4 300   Stéphane Peterhansel Peugeot Team Peugeot Total +1:25:29
5 312   Jakub Przygoński Mini Orlen Team/X-Raid +2:45:24
6 319   Khalid Al Qassimi Peugeot PH-Sport +4:20:58
7 311   Martin Prokop Ford MP-Sports +7:20:49
8 334   Peter van Merksteijn Toyota Overdrive Toyota +7:41:28
9 331   Sebastián Halpern Toyota South Racing +9:08:10
10 318   Lucio Álvarez Toyota Overdrive Toyota +9:18:46


Pos No. Rider Brand Team Time
1 2   Matthias Walkner KTM Red Bull KTM Factory Team 43:06:01
2 47   Kevin Benavides Honda Monster Energy Honda Team +0:16:53
3 8   Toby Price KTM Red Bull KTM Factory Team +0:23:01
4 19   Antoine Méo KTM Red Bull KTM Factory Team +0:47:28
5 3   Gerard Farrés KTM Himoinsa Racing Team +1:01:04
6 40   Johnny Aubert Gas Gas Gas Gas Motorsport +1:53:53
7 61   Oriol Mena Hero Hero Motosports Team Rally +2:22:52
8 10   Pablo Quintanilla Husqvarna Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing +2:24:05
9 29   Daniel Oliveras KTM Himoinsa Racing Team +2:37:20
10 68   José Ignacio Cornejo Honda Monster Energy Honda Team +2:42:36


Pos No. Rider Brand Team Time
1 241   Ignacio Casale Yamaha Casale Racing 53:47:04
2 249   Nicolás Cavigliasso Yamaha Team Al Desert +1:38:52
3 246   Jeremías González Yamaha Consultores de Empresas +2:08:14
4 282   Marcelo Medeiros Yamaha Taguatur Racing Team +4:30:00
5 248   Alexis Hernández Yamaha Alexis Hernández Racing +4:38:53
6 266   Dmitriy Shilov Yamaha Astana Motorsports 2017 +6:44:57
7 251   Nelson Sanabria Yamaha Sanabria Dakar Team +8:02:56
8 254   Kees Koolen Barren Racer Maxxis Super B Dakarteam +8:24:58
9 245   Axel Dutrie Yamaha Drag'On Rally Team +8:30:22
10 280   Giuliano Giordana Yamaha Giordana Dakar Team +9:18:25


Pos No. Rider Brand Team Time
1 500   Eduard Nikolaev
  Evgeny Yakovlev
  Vladimir Rybakov
Kamaz Kamaz-Master 54:57:37
2 512   Siarhei Viazovich
  Pavel Haranin
  Andrei Zhyhulin
MAZ MAZ-Sportauto +3:57:17
3 507   Airat Mardeev
  Aydar Belyaev
  Dmitriy Svistunov
Kamaz Kamaz-Master +5:22:34
4 508   Artur Ardavichus
  Serge Bruynkens
  Michel Huisman
Iveco Astana Motorsport Team de Rooy Iveco +6:38:22
5 510   Martin Macík jr
  František Tomášek
  Michal Mrkva
Liaz Big Shock Racing +7:58:45
6 511   Teruhito Sugawara
  Mitsugu Takahashi
Hino Hino Team Sugawara +8:10:16
7 517   Gert Huzink
  Rob Buursen
  Martin Roesink
Renault Riwald Dakar Team +9:19:23
8 509   Ton van Genugten
  Bernard der Kinderen
  Peter Willemsen
Iveco Petronas Team de Rooy Iveco +9:24:54
9 516   Maurik van den Heuvel
  Wilko van Oort
  Martin van Rooij
Scania Dakarspeed +9:55:05
10 502   Dmitry Sotnikov
  Ruslan Akhmadeev
  Ilnur Mustafin
Kamaz Kamaz-Master +10:03:47


Pos No. Rider Brand Team Time
1 356   Reinaldo Varela Can-Am South Racing – Can-Am 72:44:06
2 361   Patrice Garrouste Polaris Xtremeplus Polaris Factory Team +0:57:37
3 387   Claude Fournier Polaris Xtremeplus Polaris Factory Team +10:09:25
4 396   Jose Luis Peña Polaris Xtremeplus Polaris Factory Team +10:13:20
5 351   Camélia Liparoti Yamaha C.A.T Racing +27:54:15
6 362   Leo Larrauri Can-Am South Racing – Can-Am +132:20:12

Entry listsEdit


Entry list — Bikes
Brand No. Driver
KTM 1 Sam Sunderland   United Kingdom
KTM 2 Matthias Walkner   Austria
KTM 3 Gerard Farrés Guell   Spain
Yamaha 4 Adrien van Beveren   France
Honda 5 Joan Barreda   Spain
Yamaha 7 Franco Caimi   Argentina
KTM 8 Toby Price   Australia
KTM 9 Štefan Svitko   Slovakia
Husqvarna 10 Pablo Quintanilla   Chile
KTM 11 Juan Carlos Salvatierra   Bolivia
Sherco 12 Juan Pedrero García   Spain
Honda 14 Michael Metge   France
KTM 15 Laia Sanz   Spain
KTM 16 Olivier Pain   France
KTM 17 Armand Monleón   Spain
Yamaha 18 Alessandro Botturi   Italy
KTM 19 Antoine Meo   France
Honda 20 Ricky Brabec   United States
Husqvarna 22 Ondřej Klymčiw   Czech Republic
Yamaha 23 Xavier De Soultrait   France
Sherco 24 Adrien Metge   France
KTM 25 Iván Cervantes   Spain
Hero Speed brain 26 Joaquim Rodrigues   Portugal
Honda 27 Diego Duplessis   Argentina
KTM 28 Emanuel Gyenes   Romania
KTM 29 Daniel Oliveras Carreras   Spain
Gas Gas 31 Cristian España Muñoz   Andorra
Husqvarna 32 Txomin Arana   Spain
Husqvarna 33 Daniel Nosiglia Jager   Bolivia
KTM 34 Marc Sola Terradellas   Spain
KTM 35 Loic Minaudier   France
Kawasaki 36 Patricio Cabrera   Chile
KTM 37 Milan Engel   Czech Republic
KTM 38 Fabricio Fuentes   Bolivia
KTM 39 Benjamin Melot   France
Gas Gas 40 Johnny Aubert   France
KTM 41 Alessandro Ruoso   Italy
Husqvarna 42 Maurizio Gerini   Italy
KTM 43 David Pabíška   Czech Republic
Yamaha 44 Rodney Faggotter   Australia
Husqvarna 45 David Thomas   South Africa
Yamaha 46 Mauricio Javier Gomez   Argentina
Honda 47 Kevin Benavides   Argentina
KTM 48 Jurgen van den Goorbergh   Netherlands
Hero Speed brain 49 CS Santosh   India
Husqvarna 50 Mirjam Pol   Netherlands
KTM 51 Hans-Jos Liefhebber   Netherlands
Husqvarna 52 Jacopo Cerruti   Italy
Sherco 53 Aravind Prabhakar   India
Husqvarna 54 Andrew Short   United States
Husqvarna 55 Walter Nosiglia Jager   Bolivia
KTM 56 Fausto Mota   Spain
KTM 57 Philippe Cavelius   France
KTM 58 Maciej Giemza   Poland
KTM 59 Willem Du Toit   South Africa
Gas Gas 60 Jonathan Barragán   Spain
Hero Speed Brain 61 Oriol Mena   Spain
KTM 62 Pablo Oscar Pascual   Argentina
KTM 63 Adrien Mare   France
Honda 64 Marl Samuels   United States
Yamaha 65 Guillaume Chollet   France
KTM 66 Charles Cuypers   France
Husqvarna 67 Markus Berthold   Austria
KTM 68 José Ignacio Cornejo Florimo   Peru
KTM 69 János Dési   Hungary
Kawasaki 70 Cristóbal Andres Guldman González   Chile
Honda 71 Alberto Santiago Ontiveros   Argentina
KTM 72 Arnold Brucy   France
KTM 73 Rosa Romero Font   Spain
KTM 74 Carlo Vellutino   Peru
KTM 75 Rudolf Lhotsky   Czech Republic
KTM 76 Mohammed Balooshi   United Arab Emirates
KTM 77 Luciano Benavides   Argentina
KTM 78 Pawel Stasiaczek   Poland
Husqvarna 79 Max Hunt   United Kingdom
KTM 80 Laurent Lazard   Uruguay
Yamaha 81 Shinnosuke Kazama   Japan
Husqvarna 82 Petr Vlček   Czech Republic
KTM 83 Jesús Puras   Spain
KTM 84 Patrice Carillon   France
Yamaha 85 Nicolas Billaud   France
Yamaha 86 Julian Jose Garcia Merino   Spain
KTM 87 Stephane Gourlia   France
KTM 88 Jan Veselý   Czech Republic
KTM 89 Gabor Saghmeiseter   Serbia
Husqvarna 90 Gabriela Novotná   Czech Republic
Husqvarna 91 Jan Brabec   Czech Republic
KTM 92 Jakub Piątek   Poland
KTM 93 Maciej Berdysz   Poland
KTM 94 José Israel Borrell Gonzalez   Spain
KTM 95 Juan Rojo   Argentina
KTM 96 Nicolas Brabeck-Letmathe   Austria
KTM 97 Scott Britnell   Australia
KTM 98 Balys Bardauskas   Lithuania
KTM 99 Wessel Bosman   Lesotho
KTM 100 Lyndon Poskitt   United Kingdom
Honda 101 Francisco Jose Gomez Pallas   Spain
KTM 102 Ignacio Sanchis   Spain
KTM 103 Shane Esposito   United States
KTM 104 Jürgen Drössiger   Germany
Husqvarna 105 Bill Conger   United States
KTM 106 Simon Marcic   Slovenia
KTM 107 Ferran Jubany   Spain
Husqvarna 108 Fausto Vignola   Italy
KTM 109 Danny Robert Nogales Copa   Bolivia
KTM 110 Alberto Bertoldi   Italy
KTM 111 Santiago Bernal   Colombia
KTM 112 Stephane Bouvier   France
KTM 113 Sebastian Alberto Urquia   Argentina
KTM 114 Leandro Bertona Altieri   Argentina
Husqvarna 115 Jack Lundin   Canada
KTM 116 Zao Hongyi   China
KTM 117 Zhang Ming   China
KTM 118 Luc van de Huijgevoort   Netherlands
KTM 119 Oswaldo Burga   Peru
Yamaha 120 Jeroen Ramon   Belgium
KTM 121 Edwin Straver   Netherlands
KTM 123 Sebastian Cavallero   Peru
Honda 124 Jeri Corno   Peru
KTM 125 Donovan van de Langenberg   South Africa
KTM 127 Fernando Hernandez   Argentina
KTM 128 Maikel Smits   Netherlands
KTM 129 Gerry van der Byl   South Africa
KTM 130 Jairo Segarra Almagro   Spain
Husqvarna 131 Jhon Trejos   Colombia
Suzuki 132 Roberto Vecco   Peru
Yamaha 133 Elric Lambert   France
KTM 134 Gabriele Minelli   Italy
Alfer 135 Oscar Romero Montoya   Spain
Yamaha 137 Olivier Hembert   France
KTM 138 Romain Leloup   France
KTM 139 Lajos Horvath   Hungary[24]
KTM 141 Livio Metelli   Italy
Yamaha 142 Takayuki Momma   Japan
KTM 143 Álvaro Cóppola   Uruguay
KTM 144 Arturo Chirinos   Peru
KTM 146 Bruno Raymond   France
KTM 155 Guillaume Martens   Netherlands
KTM 167 Bruno Scheurer   France


Entry list — Quads
Brand No. Driver
Yamaha 240 Sergey Karyakin   Russia
Yamaha 241 Ignacio Casale   Chile
Yamaha 242 Pablo Copetti   Argentina
Yamaha 243 Rafał Sonik   Poland
Yamaha 245 Axel Dutrie   France
Yamaha 246 Jeremías González Ferioli   Argentina
Yamaha 247 Josef Macháček   Czech Republic
Yamaha 248 Alexis Hernández   Peru
Yamaha 249 Nicolás Cavigilasso   Argentina
Yamaha 251 Nelson Augusto Sanabria Galeano   Paraguay
Barren Racer 254 Kees Koolen   Netherlands
Yamaha 255 Gustavo Gallego   Argentina
Honda 256 Walter Nosiglia   Bolivia
Can-Am 257 Kamil Wiśniewski   Poland
Honda 258 Daniel Domaszewski   Argentina
Yamaha 259 Sébastien Souday   France
Yamaha 260 Alexandre Giroud   France
Yamaha 261 Zdeněk Tuma   Czech Republic
Yamaha 262 Bruno da Costa   France
Yamaha 263 Carlos Alejandro Verza   Argentina
IBOS 264 Tomáš Kubiena   Czech Republic
Yamaha 265 Maxim Antimirov   Kazakhstan
Yamaha 266 Dmitriy Shilov   Kazakhstan
Can-Am 268 Jan Bastiaan Nijen Twilhaar   Netherlands
Yamaha 269 Simon Vitse   France
Yamaha 270 Frédéric Alard   France
Can-Am 271 Daniel Mazzucco   Argentina
Yamaha 272 Juan Carlos Carignani   Germany
Yamaha 273 Manuel Andújar   Argentina
Can-Am 274 Pablo Luis Bustamante   Argentina
Yamaha 275 Mariano Bennazar   Argentina
Can-Am 276 Alejandro Fantoni   Argentina
Yamaha 277 Olga Roučková   Czech Republic
Yamaha 278 Giovanni Enrico   Chile
Can-Am 279 Christian Massey   Costa Rica
Yamaha 280 Giuliano Horacio Giordana   Argentina
Yamaha 282 Marcelo Medeiros   Brazil
Can-Am 283 Rómulo Airaldi   Peru
Yamaha 284 Gastón González   Argentina
Yamaha 285 Carlos Joffre   Argentina
Yamaha 286 Christian Jose Málaga Carpio   Peru
Can-Am 287 Cristian Cajicá Pinto   Colombia
Can-Am 288 Marcos López   Argentina
Can-Am 289 Leonardo Martínez   Bolivia
Can-Am 290 Suany Martínez   Bolivia
Can-Am 291 Pablo Luis Novara   Argentina
Honda 292 Hernán Paredes   Bolivia
Can-Am 293 Nicolás Robledo Serna   Colombia
Can-Am 294 Martin Sarquiz   Argentina


Entry list — Cars
Brand No. Driver Co-driver
Peugeot 300 Stéphane Peterhansel   France Jean Paul Cottret   France
Toyota 301 Nasser Al-Attiyah   Qatar Matthieu Baumel   France
Mini All4 Racing 302 Nani Roma   Spain Alex Haro Bravo   Spain
Peugeot 303 Carlos Sainz   Spain Lucas Cruz   Spain
Toyota 304 Giniel de Villiers   South Africa Dirk von Zitzewitz   Germany
Mini All4 Racing 305 Mikko Hirvonen   Finland Andreas Schulz   Germany
Peugeot 306 Sébastien Loeb   France Daniel Elena   Monaco
Mini All4 Racing 307 Orlando Terranova   Argentina Bernardo Graue   Argentina
Peugeot 308 Cyril Despres   France David Castera   France
Toyota 309 Bernhard ten Brinke   Netherlands Michel Perin   France
Mini All4 Racing 310 Bryce Menzies   United States Peter Mortensen   United States
Ford 311 Martin Prokop   Czech Republic Jan Tománek   Czech Republic
Mini All4 Racing 312 Jakub Przygoński   Poland Tom Colsoul   Belgium
Borgward 313 Nicolás Fuchs   Peru Fernando Adrian Mussano   Argentina
Mini All4 Racing 314 Yazeed Al-Rajhi   Saudi Arabia Timo Gottschalk   Germany
Renault 315 Carlos Sousa   Portugal Pascal Maimon   France
Toyota 316 Ronan Chabot   France Gilles Pillot   France
Mini All4 Racing 317 Boris Garafulic   Chile Filipe Palmeiro   Portugal
Toyota 318 Lucio Álvarez   Argentina Robert Howie   South Africa
Peugeot 319 Khalid Al Qassimi   United Arab Emirates Xavier Panseri   France
Buggy 320 Éric Bernard   France Alexandre Vigneau   France
Toyota 321 Antanas Juknevičius   Lithuania Darius Vaičiulis   Lithuania
Renault 322 Emiliano Spataro   Argentina Santiago Hansen   Argentina
Toyota 323 Benediktas Vanagas   Lithuania Sebastian Rozwadowski   Poland
Toyota 324 Yong Zhou   China Stephane Prevot   Belgium
Toyota 326 Alejandro Miguel Yacopini   Argentina Marco Scopinaro   Argentina
Ford 327 Marco Bulacia   Bolivia Eugenio Arrieta   Argentina
Toyota 328 Christian Lavieille   France Jean-Pierre Garcin   France
Buggy 329 Patrick Sireyjol   France François Xavier Beguin   Belgium
Toyota 330 Jérôme Pelichet   France Eugénie Decré    Switzerland
Toyota 331 Sebastián Halpern   Argentina Edu Pulenta   Argentina
Mercedes-Benz 332 Juan Silva   Argentina Andres Young Olivari   Peru
Toyota 333 Maik Willems   Netherlands Robert van Pelt   Netherlands
Toyota 334 Peter van Merksteijn   Netherlands Maciej Marton   Poland
Ford 335 Eugenio Amos   Italy Sébastien Delaunay   France
Springbok MD 336 Isidre Esteve Pujol   Spain Txema Villalobos   Spain
Toyota 337 Akira Miura   Japan Laurent Lichtleuchter   France
Toyota 338 Xavier Foj   Spain Ignacio Santamaría   Argentina
Toyota 339 Sergei Shikhotarov   Russia Andrei Samarin   Russia
Ford 340 Tomáš Ourednicek   Czech Republic David Kripal   Czech Republic
Toyota 341 He Zhitao   China Kai Zhao   China
Buggy 342 Philippe Boutron   France Mayeul Barbet   France
Toyota 343 Jürgen Schröder   Germany Maximilian Schröder   Germany
Rastrojero 344 Jose Antonio Blangino   Argentina Fernando Matias Acosta   Argentina
Buggy 345 Roger Audas   France Reynald Prive   France
Toyota 346 André Villas-Boas   Portugal Ruben Faria   Portugal
Chevrolet 347 Tim Coronel   Netherlands Tom Coronel   Netherlands
Volvo 348 Ebert Dollevoet   Netherlands Arjan Arendse   Netherlands
Toyota 349 Vaidotas Žala   Lithuania Saulius Jurgelenas   Lithuania
Mitsubishi 350 Jorge Wagenführ   Brazil Idali Bosse Rodrigues da Silva Filho   Brazil
Mitsubishi 352 Francisco León   Peru Tomás Hirahoka   Peru
Volkswagen 353 Hennie de Klerk   South Africa Gerhard Schutte   South Africa
Mitsubishi 354 Cristina Gutiérrez Herrero   Spain Gabriel Moiset Ferrer   Spain
SsangYong 355 Oscar Fuertes Aldanondo   Spain Diego Vallejo   Spain
Chevrolet 357 Sebastián Guayasamín   Ecuador Mauro Esteban Lípez   Argentina
Volkswagen 358 Fernando Ferrand Malatesta   Peru Fernando Ferrand del Busto   Peru
BMW 360 Yves Tartarin   France Jérome Meunier   France
Toyota 363 Mauricio Salazar Velásquez   Colombia Mauricio Salazar Sierra   Colombia
Toyota 364 Miguel Angel Álvarez Pineda   Peru Ricardo Mendiola   Peru
Borgward 365 Erik Wevers   Netherlands Anton van Limpt   Netherlands
Mercedes-Benz 366 Martin Maldonado   Argentina Sebastian Scholz Vergnolle   Argentina
Opel 367 Balázs Szalay   Hungary László Bunkoczi   Hungary
Toyota 368 Rainer Wissmanns   Germany Cyril Jeanniard   France
Toyota 369 Eelco Bekker   Netherlands Sijbrand Booij   Netherlands
Toyota 371 Omar Eliseo Gandará   Argentina Leonardo Martínez   Argentina
Ford 372 Boris Vaculík   Czech Republic Martin Plechatý   Czech Republic
Toyota 373 Alicia Reina   Argentina Carlos Dante Pelayo   Argentina
Toyota 377 Pierre Tuheil   France Frédéric Tuheil   France
Springbok MD 379 Gerard Tramoni   France Dominque Totain   France
Buggy 380 Francis Balocchi   France Franck Maldonado   France
Toyota 381 Roberto Naivirt   Argentina Alejandro Julio Schilling   Argentina
Toyota 382 Igor Shikhotarov   Russia Oleg Uperenko   Latvia
Toyota 383 Juan Carlos Vallejo   Chile Leonardo Baronio   Peru
Nissan 384 Ignacio Villegas   France Jeff Sunderland   United States
QT Services 386 Markus Walcher   Germany Tobias Henschel   Germany
Desert Warrior 389 Henri Vansteenbergen   Netherlands Gert Bravenboer   Netherlands
Toyota 390 Stefano Marrini   Italy Maurizio Nassi   Italy
Jeep 391 Jesus Calleja   Spain Jaume Aregall   Spain
Toyota 392 Fernanda Kanno   Peru Alberto Silva   Peru
Volkswagen 393 Jorge Mansilla   Argentina Sebastian Cesana   Argentina
Nissan 394 Carlos Alberto Villegas Aguero   Argentina Maria del Huerto Mattar Smith   Argentina
Buggy 395 Jad Comair   Lebanon Antonie Iskandar   Lebanon
Isuzu 397 Roberto Recalde   Paraguay Juan Jose Sanchez   Paraguay
Nissan 398 Diego Weber   Peru Juan Jose Ponce Aylwin   Ecuador
Toyota 399 Luciano Pérez Gacha   Bolivia Álvaro Jesus Valdivia Scott   Bolivia
Toyota 400 Philippe Raud   France Patrice Saint Marc   France
Toyota 401 Ricardo Neme Neme   Argentina Ramiro Corvalan   Argentina
Toyota 404 Ramon Nunez   Argentina Sergio David Casas   Argentina
Toyota 405 Rilver Vasquez   Bolivia Juan Pablo Vargas   Bolivia
Toyota 406 Nicolas Falloux   France Florian Gonzalez   France
Toyota 407 Marco Piana   France David Giovannetti   Italy
Toyota 410 Emmanuel Baltes-Mougeot   France Thierry Richard   France


Entry list — Trucks
Brand No. Driver Co-driver Mechanic
Kamaz 500 Eduard Nikolaev   Russia Evgeny Yakovlev   Russia Vladimir Rybakov   Russia
Iveco 501 Federico Villagra   Argentina Adrián Arturo Yacopini   Argentina Ricardo Adrian Torlaschi   Argentina
Kamaz 502 Dmitry Sotnikov   Russia Ruslan Akhmadeev   Russia Ilnur Mustafin   Russia
MAZ 503 Aleksandr Vasilevski   Belarus Dzmitry Vikhrenka   Belarus Anton Zaparoshchanka   Belarus
TATRA 504 Aleš Loprais   Czech Republic Lukáš Janda   Czech Republic Ferran Marco Alcayna   Spain
TATRA 505 Martin Kolomý   Czech Republic Jiří Stross   Czech Republic Rostislav Plný   Czech Republic
Renault Trucks 506 Martín van den Brink   Netherlands Wouter Rosegaar   Netherlands Daniel Kozlowsky   Czech Republic
Kamaz 507 Ayrat Mardeev   Russia Dmitriy Svistunov   Russia Aydar Belyaev   Russia
Iveco 508 Artur Ardavichus   Kazakhstan Serge Bruynkens   Belgium Michel Huisman   Netherlands
Iveco 509 Ton van Genugten   Netherlands Bernard Der Kinderen   Netherlands Peter Willemsen   Belgium
LIAZ 510 Martin Macík   Czech Republic František Tomášek   Czech Republic Michal Mrkva   Czech Republic
HINO 511 Teruhito Sugawara   Japan Mitsugu Takahashi   Japan
MAZ 512 Siarhei Viazovich   Belarus Pavel Haranin   Belarus Andrei Zhyhulin   Belarus
MAN SE 514 Steven Rotsaert   Belgium Charly Gotlib   Belgium Jan van der Vaet   Belgium
Kamaz 515 Anton Shibalov   Russia Dmitrii Nikitin   Russia Ivan Romanov   Russia
Scania AB 516 Maurik van den Heuvel   Netherlands Wilko Van Oort   Netherlands Martijn van Rooij   Netherlands
Renault Trucks 517 Gert Huznik   Netherlands Rob Buursen   Netherlands Martin Roesink   Netherlands
MAZ 518 Aliaksei Vishneuski   Belarus Maksim Novikau   Belarus Andrei Neviarovich   Belarus
MAN SE 519 Jordi Juvanteny   Spain Jose Luis Criado   Spain Francisco Javier Tamayo Calvo   Spain
DAF 520 Michel Boucou   France Jean-Jacques Martínez   France Jose Martins   Portugal
HINO 521 Yoshimasa Sugawara   Japan Katsumi Hamura   Japan
Mercedes-Benz 522 Rafael Tibau Roura   Spain Pep Sabaté   Spain Philipp Beier   Germany
MAN SE 523 Dave Ingels   Belgium Michał Wrzos   Poland Kurt Keysers   Belgium
MAN SE 524 Gerrit Zuurmond   Netherlands Jasper Riezebos   Netherlands Klaas Kwakkel   Netherlands
DAF 525 Richard de Groot   Netherlands Gerardus Beelen   Netherlands Jan Hulsebosch   Netherlands
GINAF 526 Ed Wigman   Netherlands Hendrik Elisabert Schatorie   Netherlands Joel Ebbers   Netherlands
DAF 527 Marc Leeuw   Netherlands Maurice Geraards   Netherlands Lambertus Gloudemans   Netherlands
DAF 528 Aviv Kadshai   Israel Izhar Armony   United States Maoz Vilder   Israel
DAF 529 Richard Gonzalez   France Jean-Pierre Normand Courivaud   France Jean-Philippe Salviat   France
MAN SE 530 Matthias Behringer   Germany Stefan Henken   Germany Marco Moreiras   Portugal
Renault Trucks 531 Janus Van Kasteren   Netherlands Wouter de Graaff   Netherlands Rijk Mouw   Netherlands
TATRA 532 Martin Šoltys   Czech Republic Josef Kalina   Czech Republic Tomáš Šikola   Czech Republic
Unimog 533 Antonio Cabini   Italy Raffaella Cabini   Italy Giulio Verzeletti   Italy
Unimog 534 Paolo Calabria   Italy Giuseppe Fortuna   Italy
Mercedes-Benz 535 Nicola Montecchio   Italy Loris Calubini   Italy Carlo Cabini   Italy
MAN SE 536 Michel Saumet   France Xavier Tancogne   France Laurent Claude Wermeister   France
Mercedes-Benz 537 Sylvain Besnard   France Sylvain Laliche   France Dave Berghmans   Belgium
MAN SE 539 Ramzi Osmani   Oman Samir Benbekhti   Oman Ahmed Benbekhti   Oman
MAN SE 540 Robert Randýsek   Czech Republic Petr Pokora   Czech Republic David Schovánek   Czech Republic
TATRA 541 Pavel Vrňák   Czech Republic Petr Lesák   Czech Republic Filip Škrobánek   Czech Republic
MAN SE 542 John Cockburn   United Kingdom Pierre Calmon   France Fabien Catherine   France
MAN SE 543 Serge Lacourt   France Pascal Bonnaire   France Thierry Pacquelet   France
MAN SE 544 Jordi Ginesta   Andorra Christophe Allot   France Marc Dardaillon   France
Mercedes-Benz 545 Alberto Herrero   Spain Jordi Celma Obiols   Spain Paulo Fiuza   Portugal


Entry list — UTVs
Brand No. Driver Co-driver
Yamaha 351 Camelia Liparoti   Italy Angelo Montico   Italy
Can-Am 356 Reinaldo Varela   Brazil Gustavo Gugelmin   Brazil
Can-Am 359 Juan Carlos Uribe Ramos   Peru Javier Eduardo Uribe Godoy   Peru
Polaris 361 Patrice Garrouste   France Steven Griener    Switzerland
Can-Am 362 Leo Larrauri   Argentina Fernando Imperatrice   Argentina
Yamaha 370 Pedro de Mello Breyner   Portugal Pedro Velosa   Portugal
Yamaha 375 José Nicolás González   Spain Ariel Jatón   Argentina
Polaris 378 José Jorge de Barros Sawaya   Brazil Marcelo Duarte Haseyama   Brazil
Polaris 387 Claude Fournier   France Szymon Gospodarczyk   Poland
Polaris 388 Anibal Aliaga   Peru Juan Pedro Cilloniz Duclos   Peru
Polaris 396 José Luis Peña Campo   Spain Rafael Tornabell Cordoba   Spain


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