2018 CAF Confederation Cup knockout stage

The 2018 CAF Confederation Cup knockout stage was played from 16 September to 2 December 2018.[1] A total of eight teams competed in the knockout stage to decide the champions of the 2018 CAF Confederation Cup.[2]

Qualified teamsEdit

The winners and runners-up of each of the four groups in the group stage advanced to the quarter-finals.

Group Winners Runners-up
A   Raja Casablanca   AS Vita Club
B   RS Berkane   Al-Masry
C   Enyimba   CARA Brazzaville
D   USM Alger   Rayon Sports


In the knockout stage, the eight teams played a single-elimination tournament. Each tie was played on a home-and-away two-legged basis. If the aggregate score was tied after the second leg, the away goals rule would be applied, and if still tied, extra time would not be played, and the penalty shoot-out would be used to determine the winner (Regulations III. 26 & 27).[2]


The schedule of each round was as follows (matches scheduled in midweek in italics).[1] Effective from the Confederation Cup group stage, weekend matches were played on Sundays while midweek matches were played on Wednesdays, with some exceptions. Kick-off times were also fixed at 13:00, 16:00 and 19:00 GMT.[3]

Round First leg Second leg
Quarter-finals 16 September 2018 23 September 2018
Semi-finals 3 October 2018 24 October 2018
Final 25 November 2018 2 December 2018


The bracket of the knockout stage was determined as follows:[2]

Round Matchups
Quarter-finals (Group winners host second leg, matchups decided by draw, teams from same group cannot play each other)
  • QF1
  • QF2
  • QF3
  • QF4
Semi-finals (Matchups and order of legs decided by draw, between winners QF1, QF2, QF3, QF4)
  • SF1
  • SF2
Final (Winners SF1 host first leg, Winners SF2 host second leg)
  • Winner SF1 vs. Winner SF2

The bracket was decided after the draw for the knockout stage (quarter-finals and semi-finals), which was held on 3 September 2018, 19:00 EET (UTC+2), at the CAF headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.[4][5][6]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  Rayon Sports 0 1 1
  Enyimba 0 5 5
  Enyimba 0 1 1
  Raja Casablanca 1 2 3
  CARA Brazzaville 1 0 1
  Raja Casablanca 2 1 3
  Raja Casablanca 3 1 4
  AS Vita Club 0 3 3
  Al-Masry 1 1 2
  USM Alger 0 0 0
  Al-Masry 0 0 0
  AS Vita Club 0 4 4
  AS Vita Club 3 1 4
  RS Berkane 1 1 2


In the quarter-finals, the winners of one group played the runners-up of another group (teams from same group could not play each other), with the group winners hosting the second leg, and the matchups decided by draw.[4]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Rayon Sports   1–5   Enyimba 0–0 1–5
CARA Brazzaville   1–3   Raja Casablanca 1–2 0–1
Al-Masry   2–0   USM Alger 1–0 1–0
AS Vita Club   4–2   RS Berkane 3–1 1–1
Rayon Sports  0–0  Enyimba
Enyimba  5–1  Rayon Sports

Enyimba won 5–1 on aggregate.

CARA Brazzaville  1–2  Raja Casablanca
Raja Casablanca  1–0  CARA Brazzaville

Raja Casablanca won 3–1 on aggregate.

Al-Masry  1–0  USM Alger
USM Alger  0–1  Al-Masry

Al-Masry won 2–0 on aggregate.

AS Vita Club  3–1  RS Berkane
RS Berkane  1–1  AS Vita Club

AS Vita Club won 4–2 on aggregate.


In the semi-finals, the four quarter-final winners played in two ties, with the matchups and order of legs decided by draw.[4]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Enyimba   1–3   Raja Casablanca 0–1 1–2
Al-Masry   0–4   AS Vita Club 0–0 0–4
Enyimba  0–1  Raja Casablanca
Raja Casablanca  2–1  Enyimba

Raja Casablanca won 3–1 on aggregate.

Al-Masry  0–0  AS Vita Club
AS Vita Club  4–0  Al-Masry

AS Vita Club won 4–0 on aggregate.


In the final, the two semi-final winners played each other, with the order of legs determined by the semi-final draw.[4]

Raja CA  3–0  AS Vita Club
AS Vita Club  3–1  Raja CA

Raja Casablanca won 4–3 on aggregate.


  1. ^ USM Alger played their home match against Al-Masry at Stade 8 Mai 1945, Sétif, instead of their regular stadium July 5, 1962 Stadium, Algiers, due to renovation.[7]


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