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The 2018 Brăila attack occurred on November 11, 2018, where ten people were injured after a man stole a car before stabbing the owner and driving into people off the road and into a shopping mall in Brăila, Romania.[1]

2018 Brăila attack
2018 Brăila attack is located in Romania
LocationBrăila and Cazasu, Romania
Coordinates45°13′49″N 27°56′16″E / 45.2302°N 27.9377°E / 45.2302; 27.9377Coordinates: 45°13′49″N 27°56′16″E / 45.2302°N 27.9377°E / 45.2302; 27.9377
Date11 November 2018
~1pm (UTC+2)
Attack type
Stabbing, vehicular attack
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorValentin Marius Parfenie

The attackEdit

The attacker stole the car in the village of Cazasu, stabbed the owner, made some victims going onto the road then headed towards the Brăila Mall. The attacker entered the main door wounding more people, one witness recalled that the attacker constantly cried out "There must be blood flowing in the country!"[2]


The perpetrator was Valentin Marius Parfenie, a 20-year-old from Brăila. He had obtained his driving license in February 2018. He had problems with the law in the past; he and his father had assaulted a man. He was 17 when he committed these criminal acts, according to local police. Valentin's father was sentenced to two years imprisonment and Valentin received his oversight for six months. Valentin was incoherent, drunk and under the influence of drugs at the time of the attack.


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