2017 Suncorp Super Netball season

The 2017 Suncorp Super Netball season was the inaugural season of the premier netball league in Australia, following the disbanding of the ANZ Championship in 2016. The regular season began on 18 February 2017 and concluded with the Grand Final on 17 June 2017.[1]

2017 Suncorp Super Netball season
LeagueSuncorp Super Netball
Duration18 February – 17 June 2017
Number of teams8
TV partner(s)Nine Network
Regular season
Minor premiersMelbourne Vixens
Season MVPGeva Mentor
Top scorerCaitlin Thwaites (COL: 594 goals)
ChampionsSunshine Coast Lightning
  Runners-upGiants Netball

Expansion team Sunshine Coast Lightning won the Grand Final, comfortably defeating Giants Netball at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.[2][3]


The season was played over 14 rounds, allowing every team to play each other twice, once at home and once away. The top 4 teams on the standings at the conclusion of the regular season qualified for the finals series. In the first week of the finals series, the 1st ranked team hosted the 2nd ranked team in the major semi-final (with the winner of that match to qualify for the Grand Final) and the 3rd ranked team hosted the 4th ranked team in the minor semi-final (with the loser of that match eliminated). The loser of the major semi-final then hosted the winner of the minor semi-final in the preliminary final. The winner of the major semi-final then hosted the winner of the preliminary final in the Grand Final.[1][4]


# Suncorp Super Netball Ladder
Team W D L GF GA % PTS
1 Melbourne Vixens 11 1 2 874 774 118 23
2 Sunshine Coast Lightning 11 1 2 808 726 111 23
3 Giants Netball 10 0 4 773 728 106 20
4 Collingwood Magpies 9 0 5 770 730 106 18
5 Queensland Firebirds 7 1 6 778 756 103 15
6 NSW Swifts 3 1 10 726 792 92 7
7 West Coast Fever 2 0 12 670 779 86 4
8 Adelaide Thunderbirds 1 0 13 648 792 82 2

Regular seasonEdit

  • All times are local; a full list of season results and match statistics can be found here

Round 1Edit

Round 2Edit

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Finals seriesEdit

Major semi-finalEdit

3 June 2017
4:00 pm
Melbourne Vixens 5556 Sunshine Coast Lightning    Margaret Court Arena
Attendance: 3,763
Scoring by quarter: 13–13, 13–12, 16–15, 13–16
Kumwenda   33/38 (87%)
Philip   22/26 (85%)
Bassett   44/47 (94%)
Wood   12/14 (86%)

Minor semi-finalEdit

3 June 2017
7:00 pm
Giants Netball 5251 Collingwood Magpies    Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre
Attendance: 5,000
Scoring by quarter: 13–12, 13–12, 11–15, 15–12
Brice   29/33 (88%)
Harten   23/25 (92%)
Thwaites   37/45 (82%)
Brown   14/16 (88%)

Preliminary finalEdit

10 June 2017
7:00 pm
Melbourne Vixens 5765 Giants Netball    Hisense Arena
Scoring by quarter: 12–15, 12–17, 14–19, 19–14
Kumwenda   37/44 (84%)
Philip   20/26 (77%)
Brice   42/44 (95%)
Harten   23/25 (92%)

Grand FinalEdit

17 June 2017
7:00 pm
Sunshine Coast Lightning 6548 Giants Netball    Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Attendance: 8,999[2]
Scoring by quarter: 13–15, 19–12, 16–11, 17–10
Bassett   49/51 (96%)
Wood   16/20 (80%)
Brice   24/29 (83%)
Harten   20/25 (80%)


Team of the Week AwardEdit

Round GS GA WA C WD GD GK Ref.
Round 1
Round 2 S. Wallace (NSW) T. Philip (MEL) K. Green (GIA) L. Langman (SCL) A. McCulloch (NSW) R. Bulley (GIA) S. Layton (COL) Ref.
Round 3 C. Bassett (SCL) G. Tippett (QLD) L. Watson (MEL) E. Burger (QLD) G. Simpson (QLD) F. Themann (ADE) S. Poolman (GIA) Ref.
Round 4 C. Thwaites (COL) G. Tippett (QLD) K. Green (GIA) L. Watson (MEL) K. Mostert (SCL) E. Mikaere (SCL) S. Layton (COL) Ref.
Round 5 C. Thwaites (COL) T. Philip (MEL) E. Bell (ADE) L. Scherian (SCL) G. Simpson (QLD) R. Bulley (GIA) C. Bruce (WCF) Ref.
Round 6 C. Bassett (SCL) T. Philip (MEL) M. Robinson (COL) C. Nevins (QLD) R. Ingles (ADE) R. Bulley (GIA) S. Klau (NSW) Ref.
Round 7 M. Kumwenda (MEL) T. Philip (MEL) L. Watson (MEL) S. Guthrie (GIA) L. Langman (SCL) K. Shimmin (QLD) G. Mentor (SCL) Ref.
Round 8 C. Thwaites (COL) T. Philip (MEL) L. Watson (MEL) S. Guthrie (GIA) A. McCulloch (NSW) K. Mostert (SCL) S. Layton (COL) Ref.
Round 9 C. Thwaites (COL) S. Pettitt (GIA) M. Robinson (COL) K. Maloney (MEL) A. Brazill (COL) R. Bulley (GIA) A. Agbeze (ADE) Ref.
Round 10 M. Kumwenda (MEL) S. Wood (SCL) L. Watson (MEL) M. Proud (NSW) G. Simpson (QLD) R. Bulley (GIA) E. Mannix (MEL) Ref.
Round 11 M. Kumwenda (MEL) S. Wood (SCL) L. Watson (MEL) S. Guthrie (GIA) R. Ingles (ADE) J. Weston (MEL) G. Mentor (SCL) Ref.
Round 12 C. Thwaites (COL) J. Harten (GIA) M. Robinson (COL) K. Ravaillion (COL) A. Brazill (COL) R. Bulley (GIA) S. Poolman (GIA) Ref.
Round 13 C. Thwaites (COL) G. Tippett (QLD) L. Watson (MEL) L. Langman (SCL) G. Simpson (QLD) F. Themann (ADE) E. Mannix (MEL) Ref.
Round 14 C. Bassett (SCL) G. Tippett (QLD) K. Browne (SCL) S. Guthrie (GIA) R. Ingles (ADE) J. Weston (MEL) C. Bruce (WCF) Ref.

Postseason AwardsEdit

Award Winner Position Team Ref.
Player of the Year Award Geva Mentor GK Sunshine Coast Lightning Ref.
Grand Final Most Valuable Player Award Karla Mostert GD Sunshine Coast Lightning Ref.
Young Star Award Liz Watson WA Melbourne Vixens Ref.
Coach of the Year Award Simone McKinnis Coach Melbourne Vixens Ref.
Leading Goalscorer Caitlin Thwaites GS Collingwood Magpies Ref.
Team of the Year Mwai Kumwenda GS Melbourne Vixens Ref.
Tegan Philip GA Melbourne Vixens Ref.
Liz Watson WA Melbourne Vixens Ref.
Laura Langman C Sunshine Coast Lightning Ref.
Gabi Simpson WD Queensland Firebirds Ref.
Jo Weston GD Melbourne Vixens Ref.
Geva Mentor GK Sunshine Coast Lightning Ref.

Reserves in the Team of the Year: Caitlin Thwaites (Attack Reserve), Serena Guthrie (Mid Court Reserve) and Rebecca Bulley (Defender Reserve)[6]

Team captains and coachesEdit

Team Captain Coach Ref.
Adelaide Thunderbirds Erin Bell Dan Ryan Ref.
Collingwood Magpies Madison Robinson Kristy Keppich-Birrell Ref.
Giants Netball Kimberlee Green Julie Fitzgerald Ref.
Melbourne Vixens Kate Moloney Simone McKinnis Ref.
NSW Swifts Abbey McCulloch Rob Wright Ref.
Queensland Firebirds Gabi Simpson Roselee Jencke Ref.
Sunshine Coast Lightning Geva Mentor Noeline Taurua Ref.
West Coast Fever Natalie Medhurst Stacey Marinkovich Ref.


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