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The following lists events that happened during 2016 in Iraq.

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  • The Islamic State attacked and briefly seized an Iraqi army base in Al Tarah using suicide car bombers and fighters wearing explosive belts on 1 January. The Iraqi army retook the base with the help of coalition airstrikes on the same day.[1]
  • Camp Speicher, an Iraqi military base, was attacked by multiple ISIL suicide and car bombers on 3 January. At least 15 Iraqi military and police personnel were killed.[2]
  • On 12 January, two Islamic State militants set off a bomb outside Al-Jawhara mall in Baghdad, threw hand grenades at passersby, shot at people, and one then killed himself in a suicide bomb attack, killing nine people and injuring 13. Police shot and killed the other militant. In another attack that same day, the Islamic State killed 20 people in a café in Muqdadiya with an IED and a suicide bomb attack.[3]
  • After months of protests Saturday April 30, 2016 Protesters who are supporters of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr breached the Green Zone in Baghdad and stormed the Iraqi Parliament.[4]
  • On 11 May, at least 62 people died in a truck bombing in Bagdad.[5]
  • July 3Several suicide car bombings are carried out in a local shopping district in Karrada, Baghdad, Iraq, killing at least 281 and injuring more than 200.[6]


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