2016 Nebraska Democratic presidential caucuses and primary

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The 2016 Nebraska Democratic presidential caucuses took place on March 5 in the U.S. state of Nebraska as one of the Democratic Party's primaries ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

2016 Nebraska Democratic presidential caucuses

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  Bernie Sanders September 2015 cropped.jpg Hillary Clinton by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg
Candidate Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton
Home state Vermont New York
Delegate count 15 10
Popular vote 19,120 14,340
Percentage 57.14% 42.86%

Nebraska Democratic Presidential Caucuses Election Results by County, 2016.svg
Election results by county.
  Bernie Sanders
  Hillary Clinton

On the same day, Democratic primaries were held in Kansas and in Louisiana, while the Republican Party held primaries in four states. The Republican Party and Libertarian Party Nebraska primaries were held on May 10.


Democratic presidential caucuses

Nebraska Democratic caucuses, March 5, 2016
Candidate Popular vote Estimated delegates
Count Percentage Pledged Unpledged Total
Bernie Sanders 19,120 57.14% 15 1 16
Hillary Clinton 14,340 42.86% 10 3 13
Uncommitted N/A 0 1 1
Total 33,460 100% 25 5 30
Source: The Green Papers

Democratic presidential primary (non-binding)
The Nebraska Democratic primary was held on May 10, 2016. The primary does not bind delegates. Delegates were bound by the caucuses on March 5, 2016.

Nebraska Democratic primary, May 10, 2016
Candidate Popular vote Estimated delegates
Count Percentage Pledged Unpledged Total
Hillary Clinton 42,692 53.08% N/A
Bernie Sanders 37,744 46.92% N/A
Total 80,436 100% N/A
Source: Nebraska Secretary of State Election - Official Primary Results


Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton by a wide margin in Nebraska (as Barack Obama had done in the state eight years earlier). The victory showcased his strength in Great Plains states and in the farm belt, as well as in states that held caucus contests. Sanders won victories in the two biggest cities: Omaha and Lincoln, winning a commanding victory in populous Douglas County.[1] He also swept most of the rural, mostly white and deeply conservative counties of the state, including those in the Nebraska Panhandle and the Rainwater basin which are among the most radically conservative areas of the nation.


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