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On 10 September 2016, a man armed with a knife attacked another man walking his dog in Minto, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. As he stabbed the victim the accused allegedly shouted "someone is going to die today."[1] The perpetrator subsequently sought to attack police, but was arrested a short time later.[2]



The alleged perpetrator, Ihsas Khan, repeatedly stabbed his neighbour Wayne Greenhalgh who was walking his dog. Police were already aware that Khan had, "strong extremists beliefs inspired by ISIS."[3] However, he was not on any active watch lists and authorities described his past behaviour as more "odd" than threatening.[4]

Investigators believe that Khan lay in wait for Greenhalgh to walk his dog, whereupon Khan chased and attacked Greenhalgh, who fled into the home and attached hairdresser's shop of Duyen Phan. Khan tried to enter the property by smashing through a glass door while shouting “You killed my brothers and sisters in Iraq,’’ and "Allahu Akbar".[5]

Another neighbour, Sivei Ah Chong, repeatedly shouted at Khan to drop the knife, but eventually was forced to smash a piece of wood onto Khan's head. Khan then fled down the street, yelling "Call the police, call the police, I want them to come and shoot me, I want to die today" and attempted to attack a responding police officer before being subdued with tasers and arrested.[5]


Khan's neighbours described him as a man who kept to himself, but was seen walking in the middle of the road on multiple ocassions prior to the attack and seen talking to himself. He told investigators that the perpetrator of the 2015 Parramatta shooting was his "role model."[5]


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull noted that the attack took place on the eve of the September 11 attacks. Deputy Police Commissioner Cath Burn, noting that the attack came a week after ISIS had called on supporters in Australia to undertake lone wolf terror attacks, described this attack as “The new face of terrorism."[4]


Greenhalgh, aged 57, suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital in a critical condition.[6][3] He sustained stab wounds to the abdomen, chest and neck, and lost several fingers, but survived.[1]

Legal proceedingsEdit

Ihsas Khan, 22, was born in 1993 shortly after his parents migrated from Bangladesh.[7] He was charged with attempted murder and with committing a terrorist act, the case was adjourned until March 2017.[4][8] Investigators "recorded interview with the accused where he makes extensive admissions."[8] Mr Khan defended his actions on the basis that he was not guilty by reason of mental illness.

Mr Khan was initially prosecuted in May 2018, but the jury was discharged twice. The Crown Prosecutor in the inital proceedings was Peter Neil, SC, with Mr Khan represented by Senior Public Defender, now NSW Supremed Court justice, Mr Mark Ierace, SC. Mr Khan faced a further hearing in January 2019. The Crown was represented by Ms Carolyn Dsvenport, SC and Mr Khan was presented by Public Defender, Mr Troy Anderson. Troy Anderson is the author of the Federation Press published book, Commonwealth Criminal Law. This trial ended with a hung jury. Mr Khan was tried for a third time in March 2019, with the Crown replacing Ms Davenport in favour of Mr Paul McGuire, SC. The third trial resulted in Mr Khan's conviction and sentence of 36 years imprisonment, with a non parole period of 27 years.[9]


The Minto stabbing was one of the incidents alleged by United States President Donald Trump to have been terror attacks which had gone "unreported", despite it having received significant media coverage both in Australia and internationally.[10][11]

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