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The 2016 Auckland local elections took place between September and October 2016 by postal vote. The elections were the third since the merger of seven councils into the Auckland Council, which is composed of the mayor and 20 councillors, and 149 members of 21 local boards. Twenty-one district health board members and 41 licensing trust members were also elected.

2016 Auckland local elections

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All 20 seats of the Governing body of the Auckland Council
  First party Second party
Party Labour Communities & Residents
Last election 2 seats, 9.54% 3 seats, 10.59%
Seats won 3 2
Seat change Increase1 Decrease1
Popular vote 63,258 44,250
Percentage 10.75% 7.52%
Swing Increase1.21% Decrease3.07

  Third party Fourth party
Party Auckland Future City Vision
Last election (new) 1 seat, 5.92%
Seats won 1 1
Seat change Increase1 Steady0
Popular vote 76,342 26,725
Percentage 12.97% 4.96%
Swing Increase12.97% Decrease0.96%


Mayoral electionEdit

Incumbent Len Brown, the only Mayor of Auckland since the position was created, did not contest the mayoralty.[1]

New Zealand Labour Party MP for Mount Roskill Phil Goff was elected mayor of Auckland.[2]

Governing body electionsEdit

20 members were elected to the Auckland Council, across thirteen wards. There were 74 nominations and only one of the 13 wards was uncontested.

Rodney (1)Edit

The incumbent was Penny Webster. She was defeated by Greg Sayers.

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Independent Greg Sayers 9,252
Independent Penny Webster 6,073
Independent Steven Garner 1,898
none Holly Southernwood 1,342
Informal/blank 1,083

Albany (2)Edit

The incumbents Wayne Walker and John Watson were both elected to council for another term.

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Putting People First John Watson 19,324
Putting People First Wayne Walker 17,938
Auckland Future Lisa Whyte 15,926
Auckland Future Graham Lowe 15,549
Independent John Bensch 5,126
Independent Alezix Heneti 1,538
Informal/blank 3,926

North Shore (2)Edit

The incumbents were Chris Darby and George Wood. Wood did not contest the ward in 2016.[3] Darby was reelected as councillor. The second councillor elected was Richard Hills, although as preliminary results were extremely close between himself and next rival Grant Gillon, he was not confirmed until after the final results were announced.

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Taking the Shore Forward Chris Darby 19,396
A Positive Voice for the Shore Richard Hills 12,651
Shore Action Grant Gillon 12,523
Auckland Future Danielle Grant 6,415
Shore Action Anne-Elise Smithson 5,967
Auckland Future Fay Freeman 5,308
Independent Mary-Anne Benson-Cooper 2,706
Independent John Hill 2,363
Independent Lesley Kahn 2,133
United Future Damian Light 1,437
Independent Michael Buttle 940
Independent Tate Robertson 739
Informal/blank 2,728

Waitakere (2)Edit

The incumbents deputy mayor Penny Hulse and Linda Cooper were both re-elected.

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Independent/West at Heart Penny Hulse 19,935
Independent Linda Cooper 12,442
Labour/Future West Greg Presland 11,744
Independent Peter Chan 7,427
WestWards Ken Turner 5,129
Independent David Rankin 4,520
Independent John Riddell 3,230
Independent Rochelle Gormly 2,588
United Future JB Woolston 1,779
Informal/blank 1,871

Waitemata and Gulf (1)Edit

The incumbent Mike Lee was re-elected ahead of media personality Bill Ralston.

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
none Mike Lee 9,424
Independent Bill Ralston 8,341
Independent Rob Thomas 4,475
Informal/blank 2,271

Whau (1)Edit

The incumbent Ross Clow was reelected.

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Labour Ross Clow 6,895
Community First Duncan MacDonald 3,563
Auckland Future Mark Brickell 2,929
Independent Anne Degia-Pala 2,106
Shadbolt's Independent Wayne Davis 1,195
United Future John Hubscher 619
Informal/blank 1,795

Albert-Eden-Roskill (2)Edit

The incumbents Christine Fletcher and Cathy Casey were both reelected.

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
City Vision Cathy Casey 19,256
Communities and Residents Christine Fletcher 16,925
Auckland Future Rob Harris 10,000
City Vision Peter Haynes 9,935
Communities and Residents Benjamin Lee 9,070
Independent Greg McKeown 8,472
Independent Boris Sokratov 2,879
none Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor 1,177
Informal/blank 3,945

Maungakiekie-Tamaki (1)Edit

The incumbent Denise Krum was re-elected after switching from Communities and Residents to Auckland Future; at the same time, she reverted to her maiden name Denise Lee. Auckland Future mistakenly entered two candidates to contest the ward.[4][5] While they could not remove Tiseli from the ballot, Auckland Future were able to remove their affiliation from his candidacy.

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Auckland Future Denise Lee 9,361
Labour Patrick Cummuskey 4,920
none Viliami Teli Tiseli 1,748
Informal/blank 1,345

Manukau (2)Edit

The incumbents were Alf Filipaina and Arthur Anae. Anae did not contest the ward in 2016. Filipaina was reelected and joined by new councillor Efeso Collins.[3]

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Labour Alf Filipaina 17,327
Labour Efeso Collins 16,500
Respect Our Community Campaign Brendan Corbett 7,738
Auckland Future Sooalo Setu Mua 5,550
Auckland Future Ika Tameifuna 5,304
Informal/blank 2,388

Manurewa-Papakura (2)Edit

The incumbents were John Walker and Calum Penrose. Walker was reelected however Penrose was ousted by Daniel Newman, the only candidate not already a councillor.

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Manurewa-Papakura Action Team Daniel Newman 15,423
Independent John Walker 14,794
Independent Calum Penrose 13,790
Informal/blank 1,431

Franklin (1)Edit

The incumbent, Bill Cashmore, was the only candidate and so was declared elected unopposed.[6]

Affiliation (if any) Name
Team Franklin Bill Cashmore

Orākei (1)Edit

The incumbent, Cameron Brewer, was elected unopposed in 2013 but did not contest the ward in 2016. Desley Simpson was comfortably elected.[3]

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Communities and Residents Desley Simpson 18,255
Green Party Richard Leckinger 4,313
Community Voice Mike Padfield 3,414
none Ian Wilson 996
Informal/blank 3,269

Howick (2)Edit

The incumbents, Dick Quax and Sharon Stewart, were elected unopposed in 2013. Despite eight other candidates contesting the ward in 2016, both were reelected.

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Independent Sharon Stewart 17,923
Independent Dick Quax 15,516
Independent Paul Young 7,046
Independent David Hay 5,757
Green Party Julie Zhu 5,732
none Matthew Cross 5,034
none Olivia Montgomery 4,409
Labour Gyanandra Kumar 3,129
Labour Tofik Mamedov 2,743
none Ian Colin Ireland 1,120
Informal/blank 2,042

Licensing Trust electionsEdit

35 Members were elected to 5 licensing trusts across Auckland.[7]

Birkenhead Licensing Trust (6)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Shore Action Paula Gillon 5,012
Kaipātiki Voice Scott Espie 4,523
Independent Bill Plunkett 4,184
Independent Marilyn Nicholls 4,088
Shane Prince 3,824
Stuart Wier 3,357
Kevin OGrady 2,963
Independent Gareth Teahan 2,026

Mt Wellington Licensing Trust (6)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Labour Mark Gosche 3,959
Labour Alan Verrall 3,733
Labour Nerissa Henry 3,718
Labour Maureen Benson-Rea 3,553
Labour Jean Dolheguy 3,208
Independent Leanne Cross 2,973
Independent Leon Matthews 2,623
Independent Bryan Mockridge 2,358
Independent Patrick O'Meara 2,195

Portage Licensing TrustEdit

Ward No 1 – Auckland City (3)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
City Vision Catherine Farmer 5484
Community First Paul Davie 4787
City Vision Margi Watson 4714
Community First Kathryn Davie 4704
City Vision Jaclyn Bonnici 4615
Community First Alan Thompson 3741

Ward No 2 – New Lynn (2)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Labour Leanne Taylor 1685
Labour Clera Matafai 1229
Independent Sandy Taylor 1205
Shadbolt's Independent Davis Wayne 981
United Future John Hubscher 656
Community First Tam Canter-Visscher 555

Ward No 3 – Glen Eden (2)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Future West Neil Henderson 1834
Independent Janet Clews 1834
Independent Stefanie O'Brien 1109
Alan Mcardle 676

Ward No 4 – Titirangi / Green Bay (2)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Future West Sandra Coney 4496
Independent Ross Clow 3786
Independent Ngarimu Blair 2045
JB Woolston 1963

Ward No 5 – Kelston West (1)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Labour Ami Chand Elected Unopposed

Waitakere Licensing TrustEdit

Ward No 1 – Te Atatu (2)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Independent – West at Heart Penny Hulse 5140
Labour Shane Henderson 3705
Independent Jack Burton 2690
Green Party Francisco Hernandez 1862

Ward No 2 –Lincoln (3)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Independent Linda Cooper 7744
Independent Warren William Flaunty 5906
Independent John Riddell 4245
Independent Deborah Dougherty 3972
Independent John Carrodus 3783
Independent Mahendra Sharma 1787

Ward No 3 – Waitakere (1)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Future West Steve Tollestrup 2091
Independent Judy Lawley 1481
Independent Tracy Kirkley 1213
Regulate Cannabis Like Alcohol Chris Fowlie 732

Ward No 4 – Henderson (1)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Independent Lynette Adams 2862
Independent Mike Jolley 2468

Wiri Licensing Trust (6)Edit

Affiliation (if any) Name Votes
Manurewa Action Team Grant Dalton 7702
Manurewa Action Team Alan Johnson 7249
Manurewa Action Team Rangi Mclean 7053
Manurewa Action Team Stella Cattle 7030
Manurewa Action Team Duncan White 6430
Manurewa Action Team Denis Kim 6163
Independent John Hall 5096
It's Worth It Manurewa Tanya Kaihe 4816


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