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2015 World's Strongest Man

The 2015 World's Strongest Man was the 38th edition of the World's Strongest Man competition. The event was held in Malaysia,[2] for the first time since 2002. The competition was held in spring for the second year in a row. The qualifying heats were held from April 19-22 and the finals on April 25 & 26. Unlike previous years placings for the final event in the heats, the atlas stones were awarded double points. The top two from each heat qualified.

2015 World's Strongest Man
Host city Malaysia Putrajaya, Malaysia
Winner United States Brian Shaw[1]
Nations participating 14
Athletes participating 30


Name Nationality Pts
Brian Shaw[2] United States 36.5
Jean-François Caron Canada 33
Martin Forsmark Sweden 26.5
Robert Oberst United States 20.5
Adam Bishop United Kingdom 16
Mateusz Baron Poland 10.5 (Inj)

Heat 1 started with a surprise in the Loading Race, as JF Caron won with a time of 38.77, beating two-time champion Brian Shaw's score of 43.19 seconds. Mateusz Baron took third place. In the Deadlift, Caron was impressive again, managing 7 reps, but Shaw edged him out by lifting the 370 kg car 8 times for the victory. The Circus Barbell Press was next, and Adam Bishop almost injured himself by dropping the bar on his knees. He was fine, but Mateusz Baron was not, a stress fracture in his foot ending his contest. Shaw tied with compatriot Robert Oberst for the win in that event, with 4 reps each. At this point, Shaw led the group with 16.5 points, followed by Caron with 14 and Forsmark with 9 and a half.

The Kettlebell Throw saw an impressive performance by rookie Adam Bishop, who cleared the bar 4 times in 28.41 seconds to open the scoring. Oberst, taking his time between each throw, managed to clear the fifth bell in 52.55 to take the lead. Caron was up next, and he only got 4 in 28.43, heartbreakingly close to Bishop. However, Brian Shaw was the man again, getting all 7 bells over the bar in 42.07 for an easy victory. In the Bus Pull, Oberst failed to impress, completing only 18.38 metres. Martin Forsmark was solid, almost completing the course but settling for a distance of 24.22 metres. JF Caron tried to beat that, but fell just short: 23.64 metres for him. Brian Shaw went last, and was yet again the only man to complete the event, pulling the bus 25 metres in a time of 46.48 seconds. After five of six events, the man from Colorado had 28.5 points, Caron was on 21, while Forsmark and Oberst were tied on 16 and a half points.

Heading into the Atlas Stones, Brian Shaw only had to get a stone up to qualify for the final, but Caron had to guarantee a top-three finish in the event to make it through. While Shaw only lifted three stones to save energy, Forsmark tried hard and got 4 stones in 36.72 seconds. The pressure was now on the French-Canadian as the rain started to fall, but Caron delivered, lifting 4 stones in 30.99 while Oberst struggled and only got two up.

Name Nationality Pts
Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Iceland 38
Dimitar Savatinov Bulgaria 31
Rafal Kobylarz Poland 26
Josh Thigpen United States 19
Akos Nagy Hungary 17
Graham Hicks United Kingdom 8(Inj)
Name Nationality Pts
Žydrūnas Savickas Lithuania 40
Mikhail Shivlyakov Russia 28
Nick Best United States 24
David Nystrom Sweden 19
Benedikt Magnússon Iceland 9 (Inj)
Laurence Shahlaei United Kingdom 8 (Inj)
Name Nationality Pts
Mark Felix United Kingdom 31
Jerry Pritchett United States 27.5
Dainis Zageris Latvia 25.5
Krzysztof Radzikowski Poland 25
Alexander Lysenko Russia 21
Gerhard Van Staden South Africa 15
Name Nationality Pts
Mike Burke United States 37
Eddie Hall United Kingdom 34
Matjaž Belšak Slovenia 27.5
Grzegorz Szymanski Poland 26
Mike Caruso United States 12.5
Ole Martin Hanson Norway 9


Name Nationality Pts
Brian Shaw United States 53
Žydrūnas Savickas Lithuania 49.5
Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Iceland 49
Eddie Hall United Kingdom 45.5
Mike Burke United States 34.5
Jean-François Caron Canada 31
Dimitar Savatinov Bulgaria 22
Mark Felix United Kingdom 17.5
Mikhail Shivlyakov Russia 13
Jerry Pritchett United States 11