2015 Tunis barracks shooting

On 25 May 2015, a mass murder took place at the Bouchoucha military base in Tunis. A Tunisian soldier, later identified as Corporal Mehdi Jemaii, who was forbidden from carrying weapons,[why?] stabbed a soldier, then took his weapon. He then opened fire on soldiers during a flag-raising ceremony, killing seven and wounding ten, including one seriously injured who died on May 31, before he was killed during an exchange of gunfire.[2]

Tunis barracks shooting
Bouchoucha military base
Bouchoucha military base
2015 Tunis barracks shooting (Tunisia)
Tunisian soldiers were killed
LocationTunis, Tunisia
Coordinates36°48′25″N 10°9′2″E / 36.80694°N 10.15056°E / 36.80694; 10.15056
Date25 May 2015
Attack type
Mass murder, mass shooting
Deaths9 (including the perpetrator)
PerpetratorMehdi Jemaii
MotiveUnknown, purportedly personal issues

The army claimed Mehdi Jemaii had "family and psychological problems," and brushed off assertions the attack was terror-related, calling it an "isolated incident".[2][3] The shooting happened two months after the Bardo National Museum attack.

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