2015 Sudirman Cup

The 2015 Sudirman Cup was the fourteenth tournament of the Sudirman Cup. It was held in Dongguan, China.[2]

2015 Sudirman Cup
2015 Sudirman Cup logo.png
Tournament details
Dates10–17 May 2015[1]
VenueDongfeng Nissan Sports Center
LocationDongguan, China
2013 Kuala Lumpur 2017 Gold Coast

Host city selectionEdit

Dongguan is the only city to submit a bid for 2015 Sudirman Cup. Badminton World Federation awarded the event to Dongguan during BWF Council Meeting in Athens, Greece. [3]


The seedings for teams competing in the tournament were released on March 5, 2015. It was based on aggregated points from the best players in the world ranking. The tournament was divided into four groups, with twelve teams in the elite group competing for the title. Eight teams were seeded into second and third groups and seven teams were seeded into fourth group. The draw was held on March 16, 2015.[4]

Nations to compete at the 2015 Sudirman Cup

Group 1Edit

Group 2Edit

Group 3Edit

Group 4Edit


Group 1Edit

Group stageEdit

Qualified for quarterfinals

Knockout stageEdit

The draw for the quarterfinals was held after the completion of the final matches in the group stage on May 13, 2015.


14 May
16 May
15 May
17 May
  Chinese Taipei1
14 May
  South Korea3
16 May
  South Korea2
15 May




 2015 Sudirman Cup Champion 
10th title


Group 2Edit

13th to 20th place classificationEdit

Date Place Score
15 May 13/14   Netherlands 1–3   Hong Kong
14 May 15/16   Singapore 2–3   France
17/18   Spain 3–1   United States
19/20   Canada 3–1   Brazil

Group 3Edit

21st to 28th place classificationEdit

Date Place Score
15 May 21/22   Czech Republic 0–3   Vietnam
23/24   Austria 2–3   Australia
25/26   Turkey 3–1   Switzerland
27/28   South Africa 3–1   Italy

Group 4Edit

29th to 35th place classificationEdit

Date Place Score
15 May 29/30   Philippines 3–0   Sri Lanka
31/32   Iceland 3–1   Israel
33/34   Nigeria 3–2   Kazakhstan
35   Seychelles

Final standingsEdit


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