2014 in South Korean music

The following is a list of notable events and releases that happened in 2014 in music in South Korea.

List of years in South Korean music

Notable events and achievements edit

  • January 16 – Exo and Psy win the Album and Digital Daesangs, respectively, at the Golden Disc Awards.
  • January 23 – The 23rd Seoul Music Awards take place. Exo wins the grand prize.
  • February 28 – Sunwoo Jung-a, Cho Yong-pil and Yoon Young-bae win the grand prizes at the annual Korean Music Awards.
  • March 11 – With the release of Tree, TVXQ becomes the first foreign band in Japan to have three consecutive studio albums with first-week sales of over 200,000 copies, breaking Bon Jovi's thirteen-year record.[1]
  • March 15 – 2NE1's Crush becomes the first album by a Korean artist to chart within the top 100 on the Billboard 200, entering at number 61. It also marked the first time two K-pop artists appeared on the chart at the same time, along with Girls' Generation's Mr.Mr.[2]
  • May 7 – Exo's Overdose records nearly 660,000 pre-orders, breaking the record at the time for most pre-orders for a single album in K-pop.[3]
  • June 12 – Taeyang's Rise becomes the highest charting album on the Billboard 200 at the time by a K-pop solo artist, peaking at number 112.[4]
  • June 23 – TVXQ become the first international artist in Japan to bring in the largest number of concertgoers in the previous three years, reaching over 2 million total attendees during the timeframe.[5]
  • July 14 – Through three concert tours in Japan since 2011, Girls' Generation attracted a cumulative total of 550,000 spectators, setting a record for a K-pop girl group.[6]
  • September 21 – Super Junior become the first Korean artist to perform a total of 100 concerts worldwide.[7]
  • September 30 – SM Entertainment announces Jessica's departure from Girls' Generation.[8]
  • October 11 – "I Am the Best" by 2NE1 becomes the first song by a K-pop group to top the World Digital Song Sales chart, following its usage in Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 advertisement campaign in the US.[9]
  • November 13 – IU, g.o.d, and Taeyang win the grand prizes at the 2014 Melon Music Awards.[10]
  • November 17 – The 5th Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards take place. Myeong Kook-hwan is awarded with the Bogwan (Precious Crown) Order of Cultural Merit; Kim Kwang-seok, I Yu-sin, Hong Seung-seong and Yoo Young-jin are awarded with the Presidential Commendation; and Jin Mi-ryeong receives the Prime Minister's Commendation.[11]
  • December 1 – Psy's "Gangnam Style" surpasses 2.15 billion views, forcing YouTube to upgrade to a 64-bit integer counter.[12]
  • December 3 – Exo and Taeyang receive the grand prizes at the 2014 MAMA.[13]
  • December 22 – Crush becomes the first K-pop album to appear on the year-end Billboard World Albums listing since the chart began in 1995.[14]

Award shows and festivals edit

Award ceremonies edit

2014 music award ceremonies in South Korea
Date Event Host
January 16, 2014 28th Golden Disc Awards Ilgan Sports and JTBC Plus
January 23, 2014 23rd Seoul Music Awards Sports Seoul
February 12, 2014 3rd Gaon Chart Music Awards Korea Music Content Association
February 28, 2014 10th Korean Music Awards Korean Popular Music Awards Committee
November 13, 2014 6th Melon Music Awards Kakao M
November 17, 2014 5th Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards Korea Creative Content Agency
December 3, 2014 16th Mnet Asian Music Awards CJ E&M (Mnet)

Festivals edit

2014 televised music festivals in South Korea
Date Event Host
December 21, 2014 SBS Gayo Daejeon Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)
December 26, 2014 KBS Song Festival Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)
December 31, 2014 MBC Gayo Daejejeon Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)

Debuting and disbanded in 2014 edit

Debuting groups edit

Solo debuts edit

Disbanded groups edit

Releases in 2014 edit

First quarter edit

January edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
02 Unveiling MC the Max Ballad, Rock
Rain Effect Rain Electronica, R&B
03 Girl's Day Everyday 3 Girl's Day Pop, R&B
06 Tense TVXQ Pop, R&B
07 Beyond the Ocean K-Much Dance
08 B.B.B Dal Shabet Dance, Electropop
13 I Am Rumble Fish Rumble Fish Rock
Listen & Repeat BMK Ballad, R&B
Who Am I B1A4 Dance, Ballad
After the 11th Zia Ballad
15 Mr. Gae Gary Hip-hop
16 Miniskirt AOA Dance, R&B
Arario Topp Dogg Hip-hop
20 RB Blaxx Rainbow Blaxx Dance, Ballad
Got It? Got7 Hip-hop, Trap
WWW Removing My Makeup Jaejoong Ballad
29 Such a Woman Zia Ballad

February edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
03 First Sensibility B.A.P Dance, Hip-hop
06 M+10 Lee Minwoo Dance
Truth Or Dare Gain Dance, Ballad
07 Rain Effect Special Edition Rain Electronica, R&B
12 Skool Luv Affair BTS Hip-hop, R&B
Marionette Stellar Dance, Pop
13 Breath SM the Ballad Ballad
14 Between Calm And Passion Bebop Rock
16 Beep Beep BTOB Dance, Hip-hop
Full Moon Sunmi Ballad, Electronica
19 Speed Circus Speed Dance
20 Fantasy Trilogy Boys Republic Dance
24 Can't Stop CNBLUE Rock
Mr.Mr. Girls' Generation Electropop, R&B
Arario Special Album Topp Dogg Dance, Hip-hop
25 Attention AlphaBAT Dance
27 Crush 2NE1 Electronica, Hip-hop
Spellbound TVXQ Pop, R&B
Newton's Apple Nell Rock

March edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
10 Special Man Lunafly Rock
12 Catallena Orange Caramel Synthpop, Disco
17 Bang The Bush 100% Dance
4Minute World 4Minute Dance, Electropop
18 Follow My Voice Monni Rock
21 Swing Super Junior-M Pop, R&B
24 Broken MBLAQ Dance, Ballad
31 Pink Blossom A Pink Dance
The Maginot Line M.I.B Dance, Hip-hop

Second quarter edit

April edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
1 Yashishi NS Yoon-G Dance
Uh-ee Crayon Pop Dance, House
2 Sometimes Crush R&B
3 Look At Me Now Speed Dance
4 Fierce Mad Clown Hip-hop
7 Play Akdong Musician Folk-pop
9 Scent of NC.A NC.A Dance
11 The Manual Eddy Kim Ballad
17 Jackpot Block B Dance, Hip-hop

May edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
7 Overdose Exo-K R&B, Electronic
12 Top Secret Hyoseong Dance, R&B
The Best Man Wheesung R&B
13 1998 4Men Ballad
14 Skool Luv Affair Special Addition BTS Hip-hop, R&B
15 Rumour M.Pire Dance
May Bay.B Dance
16 A Flower Bookmark IU Ballad
20 Continuum Fly to the Sky Ballad
Never Ever Park Ji-yeon Dance, Electropop
21 Season 2 Infinite Dance, R&B
Phantom Power Phantom Ballad, Hip-hop
22 Love Letter Berry Good Dance, Ballad
26 Sugar 15& R&B, Pop
27 Eternity VIXX Dance, Electronic
29 Emotion Jung Key Ballad

June edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
2 First Homme ZE:A Dance
Mono Scandal U-KISS Dance, Ballad
3 Rise Taeyang R&B
B.A.P Unplugged 2014 B.A.P Ballad, Hip-hop
That's What They Say Rosemary Rock
5 Crush on You Crush R&B, hip hop
9 Amadeus Topp Dogg Dance, Hip-hop
Obsession Boyfriend Dance, Ballad
Pop Beyond N-Sonic Dance
I Loved Have No Regrets Gummy Ballad, R&B
10 No Way Bob Girls Dance
12 Oppa You're Mine Tahiti Dance
16 Good Luck Beast Dance, R&B
18 Hello Mamamoo R&B, Retro
19 Short Hair AOA Dance, Electropop
23 Got Love GOT7 Dance, Hip-hop
Desire History Dance
First Flow Bigflo Dance
26 38°C HALO Dance
30 Make Up Hyomin Dance, Electropop

Third quarter edit

July edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
7 Sun Kiss 100% Dance
Red Light f(x) Electropop
8 Chapter 8 g.o.d R&B, Hip-hop
Let's Love C-Clown Dance
9 Re:Birth NU'EST Dance, Ballad
11 Timing Kim Hyun Joong Dance
14 Solo Day B1A4 Dance
Fantastic Henry Pop
Everyday 4 Girl's Day Pop
18 Shine J-Min Rock, Acoustic
21 Touch & Move Sistar Dance, Electropop
22 Be Back Infinite Dance, R&B
Cube Daybreak Rock
23 Pour Les Femmes Homme R&B
24 H.E.R Block B Dance, Hip-hop
28 A Talk Hyuna Electronic, Pop
Hot Baby BESTie Dance
29 Just Us JYJ R&B, Pop
31 Me? Ha:tfelt R&B, Pop

August edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
11 Secret Summer Secret Dance
12 2014 S/S Winner Pop, Ballad
18 Day & Night Kara Dance, R&B
My Copycat Orange Caramel Pop
Ace Taemin Dance, Ballad
20 Dark & Wild BTS Hip-hop, R&B
21 Sunny Blues Part A Sunny Hill Dance
JJCC 1st Mini Album JJCC Dance
Upgrade Lip Service Dance
22 Answer AlphaBat Dance
26 Sweet & Sour Sistar Pop
27 Hi High High4 Dance
28 Petit Macaron Laboum Dance
29 Mamacita Super Junior R&B, Pop
I Need You Bestie Dance

September edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
1 Evolution Jay Park Hip-hop
11 And & End T-ARA Electronic
15 Go Crazy 2PM Electronic, R&B
Éxito Teen Top Pop
Hello Boy N*White Dance
16 Holler Girls' Generation-TTS R&B, Pop
17 Bargaining For Love F.Cuz Dance
25 Magazine Ailee R&B, Pop
26 Small Album Kidoh Dance
29 Move BTOB Dance
I Think I'm In Love Juniel Rock
Electric Dream Beat Burger Electronica
30 Making a New Ending for this Story Han Dong-geun Ballad

Fourth quarter edit

October edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
1 Walking With Kim Dong-ryool Ballad
6 Mad Town Madtown Dance, Hip-hop
Falling in Fall Zia Ballad
The End Lee Ye Joon Ballad
7 She Gavy NJ Ballad
Pure Aurora Trot
8 Home Roy Kim Folk
Reset Raina Ballad
Begin Jung Dong Ha Ballad
9 Song for You Lee Min-ho Ballad
10 Time Toxic Rock
13 Witch Boyfriend Dance
I'm... Bernard Park Ballad
14 Error VIXX Dance
25 Song Ji-eun Dance, Ballad
15 Rilla Go! The Boss Dance
The 1st Mini Album Strawberry Milk Dance, Ballad
I Miss You Girl's Day Ballad
16 Redingray Gaeko Hip-hop
20 Quiet Night Seo Taiji Rock
Time Beast R&B, Ballad
21 Composing of Love Almeng R&B
Shoebox Epik High Hip-hop
23 This Is Love Super Junior R&B, Pop
27 Autumm Breeze S Ballad
30 Let's Talk 2AM Ballad
Out of My Mind The Legend Dance
31 Rewind Zhou Mi Dance, Ballad
Pianoforte Yoon Hyun-sang Ballad
Ouch A.cian Dance

November edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
3 Petit Macaron: Data Pack Laboum Dance
Miss Me or Diss Me MC Mong Hip-hop
5 Life Note Hong Jin-young Trot
10 20’s Love Two Éxito Teen Top Dance
11 Like a Cat AOA Dance
12 Real Talk Boys Republic Dance
04 Urban Zakapa Ballad
Turning Point Ali Ballad
13 At Gwanghwamun Kyuhyun Ballad
Babomba Badkiz Dance
Sora Sora Pritz Dance
14 Self-Hypnosis Maboos Hip-hop
Wa Atomic Kiz Dance
17 Girls' Invasion Lovelyz Dance, R&B
18 From My Heart 5urprise Dance
Identify Got7 Dance, Hip hop
Da Capo You Hee-yeol Ballad
19 3.0 10cm Rock
rejoyce Ulala Session Ballad
First Romance Nicole Jung Dance
20 Hello Halo HALO Dance
21 Exhale Lee Joon-gi Ballad
Him Kim Bum-soo Dance, Ballad
Good Boy GD X Taeyang Electrohop, Hip hop
24 Pink Luv Apink Dance, Ballad
Happy Together Park Hyo-shin Ballad
My All Zest Dance
25 Showtime Wassup Dance, Hip-hop
Winter MBLAQ Ballad
26 Second Flow Bigflo Dance
Memorize Buzz Rock
Genuine 2BiC Ballad
27 2nd Mini 白 Baek Chung-kang Ballad
28 Locomotive Loco Hip-hop

December edit

Date Title Artist Genre(s)
1 Blue Infinite F Pop
5 She Monni Rock
Kiss Me Standing Egg Indie folk
The Duets (part 1) Yoon Sang Pop, Electronica
9 Winter Wonderland Sung Si-kyung Ballad, Christmas
15 White Letter DSP Friends Pop, Christmas
22 The Winter's Tale BtoB Ballad, Christmas
23 Genuine 2BiC Ballad
24 Special Day Bepop Rock
29 Deja Vu Sonamoo Dance

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References edit

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