2014 World Short Track Speed Skating Championships

The 2014 World Short Track Speed Skating Championships took place from 14 to 17 March 2014 at the Maurice-Richard Arena in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They were the 39th World Short Track Speed Skating Championships, the fifth to be held in Canada and the third to be held in Montreal.

2014 World Short Track Speed Skating Championships
VenueMaurice-Richard Arena
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Dates14–17 March
 from 31 nations


The Overall World Champion is determined by adding the points received by the athletes taking part in the final of each event; points are not awarded for any races other than the event finals.

For each final race: 34 points are awarded for first place, 21 points for second place, 13 points for third place, 8 points for fourth place, 5 points for fifth place, 3 points for sixth place, 2 points for seventh place, and 1 point is awarded for eighth place. In the 3000 m super-final, an additional 5 points are awarded to the athlete who is leading the race after the first 1000 m. The relay events do not count towards the overall classification.

The athlete with the second most points wins the overall silver medal, and the next highest point scorer wins overall bronze.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Overall[1] Victor An
63 pts J. R. Celski
  United States
55 pts Charles Hamelin
48 pts
500 m[2] Wu Dajing
40.526 J. R. Celski
  United States
40.582 Charles Hamelin
1000 m[3] Victor An
1:25.446 Sjinkie Knegt
1:25.626 Park Se-yeong
  South Korea
1500 m[4] Charles Hamelin
2:15.049 Han Tianyu
2:15.138 Park Se-yeong
  South Korea
5000 m relay[5]   Netherlands
Daan Breeuwsma
Niels Kerstholt
Sjinkie Knegt
Freek van der Wart
6:52.618   South Korea
Kim Yun-jae
Lee Han-bin
Park Se-yeong
Sin Da-woon
Lee Ho-suk
6:52.651   Great Britain
Jon Eley
Richard Shoebridge
Paul Stanley
Jack Whelbourne


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Overall[6] Shim Suk-hee
  South Korea
102 pts Park Seung-hi
  South Korea
73 pts Valérie Maltais
39 pts
500 m[7] Park Seung-hi
  South Korea
42.792 Elise Christie
  Great Britain
42.870 Fan Kexin
1000 m[8] Shim Suk-hee
  South Korea
1:30.488 Park Seung-hi
  South Korea
1:30.597 Valérie Maltais
1500 m[9] Shim Suk-hee
  South Korea
2:34.423 Kim A-lang
  South Korea
2:34.717 Park Seung-hi
  South Korea
3000 m relay[10]   China
Fan Kexin
Han Yutong
Kong Xue
Liu Qiuhong
4:10.062   Canada
Marianne St-Gelais
Jessica Gregg
Jessica Hewitt
Valérie Maltais
Marie-Ève Drolet
4:11.568   Italy
Arianna Fontana
Cecilia Maffei
Lucia Peretti
Elena Viviani

Medal tableEdit

  *   Host nation (Canada)

1  South Korea (KOR)44311
2  China (CHN)2114
3  Russia (RUS)2002
4  Canada (CAN)*1146
5  Netherlands (NED)1102
6  United States (USA)0202
7  Great Britain (GBR)0112
8  Italy (ITA)0011
Totals (8 nations)10101030


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