2014 World Nomad Games

The 2014 World Nomad Games, officially known as the 1st World Nomad Games, was the inaugural edition held in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan from 9–14 September 2014 with 19 sports featured in the games. While organising the first edition of the Games, the Kyrgyz government spent more than 3 million dollars.[1] More than 400 athletes from 20 countries took part in the event.[2]

1st World Nomad Games
Host cityCholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan
Nations participating19
Athletes participating400
Events10 sports
Opening ceremony9 September 2014
Closing ceremony14 September 2014
Officially opened byAlmazbek Atambaev
President of Kyrgyzstan
2016 →

A cultural programEdit

The Games are surrounded by a cultural and ethnical program. During the first edition of the Games, a yurt village was installed, and cultural events not linked with the Games' disciplines occurred, as well as other entertaining activities.

Competitive sportsEdit

Ten sports played competitively at the games, which were:[3]

Demonstration sportsEdit

The games also featured demonstration performances of other sports:[3][5]

  • Zorhana (a form of wrestling from Azerbaijan and Iran[6])
  • Cirit (from Turkey);
  • Traditional Turkish wrestling;
  • Taekkyon (from the Republic of Korea);
  • Salbuurun, eagle hunting;
  • Tyin Enmei, picking up a coin while upon a galloping horse;
  • Kyz Kuumai, ("girl chasing"), featuring a woman and a man on horseback, the man initially chasing the woman, but if too slow then being chased and whipped by the woman.[7][2]

Medal tableEdit

The Kyrgyz team won the most medals, with the Kazakh team coming second and Turkmenistan third.[3][5][4]

1  Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)16201955
2  Kazakhstan (KAZ)109928
3  Turkmenistan (TKM)3036
4  Tajikistan (TJK)1034
5  Mongolia (MNG)0167
6  Russia (RUS)0055
7  Uzbekistan (UZB)0044
Totals (7 nations)303049109

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