2014 Macedonian government building attack

On the night of 28 October 2014 at around 22:00, the Macedonian government building was attacked with two projectiles, damaging the walls and roof of the building.[1][2][3] No casualties were reported. Speculations have occurred that the event was linked to the then recent proclamation of the so-called Republic of Ilirida.[4] The government building was also attacked by RPG rounds in 2007.[3] A movement calling itself the National Liberation Army (NLA), a militant organization that fought against the Macedonian government during the 2001 insurgency in Macedonia, claimed responsibly for the attack.[1] In a press release published by Alsat, and signed by Commander Kushtrim, the organization claimed that the Hasan Prishtina elite force hit the government building in a coordinated action.[1] The organization claims it is "discontented" with the 2001 Ohrid Agreement peace plan.[1]

About half a year later, on 21 April 2015, a group of 40 armed men with NLA patches attacked the border police station at Gošince. The group tied the policemen and beat them, then stole the arms and communication devices; they filmed the event and before they left for Kosovo, they issued this message through an interpreter:

We are from the National Liberation Army. Tell them that neither Ali Ahmeti nor Nikola Gruevski can save you. We do not want any framework agreement and if we see you here again, we will kill you. We want our own state.[5][6][7]

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