2014 Kosovan parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Kosovo on 8 June 2014, after incumbent Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi announced his intention to hold elections.[1]

2014 Kosovan parliamentary election
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Party Leader % Seats +/–
PDK Hashim Thaçi 30.38 37 +3
LDK Isa Mustafa 25.24 30 +3
Vetëvendosje Albin Kurti 13.59 16 +2
AAK Ramush Haradinaj 9.54 11 −1
Serb List Aleksandar Jablanović 5.22 9 New
NISMA Fatmir Limaj 5.15 6 New
KDTP Mahir Yağcılar 1.02 2 −1
KV Džezair Murati 0.89 2 0
PDS Nenad Rašić 0.82 1 New
PDAK Danush Ademi 0.46 1 0
NDS Emilija Redžepi 0.39 1 0
PLE Isuf Berisha 0.27 1 New
PAI Etem Arifi 0.22 1 0
KzG Adem Hodža 0.16 1 New
KNRP Jollxhi Shala 0.09 1 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Results by each municipality;
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Hashim Thaçi
Isa Mustafa

On 7 May, the Assembly was dissolved and President Atifete Jahjaga confirmed the Election date as 8 June 2014.[2]

Results edit

Democratic League of Kosovo184,59625.2430+3
Alliance for the Future of Kosovo69,7939.5411–1
Serb List38,1995.229New
Civic Initiative for Kosovo37,6815.156New
New Kosovo Alliance34,1704.670–8
Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo7,4241.022–1
Vakat Coalition6,4760.8920
Progressive Democratic Party5,9730.821New
Democratic Ashkali Party of Kosovo3,3350.4610
New Democratic Party2,8370.3910
Turkish Justice Party of Kosovo2,3490.320New
Egyptian Liberal Party1,9600.271New
Movement for Democratic Prosperity1,7870.240New
Ashkali Party for Integration1,5830.2210
New Democratic Initiative of Kosovo1,4560.200–1
Centre Democratic Union1,2980.180New
Coalition for Gora1,1930.161New
Partia e Fortë1,1420.160New
Party of Democratic Action1,0960.1500
Bosniak United List8600.120New
Hasan Gashi (independent candidate)7750.110New
Movement for Gora7540.100New
Bosniak Party of Democratic Action of Kosovo7020.100–1
Kosovar New Romani Party6450.091+1
United Roma Party of Kosovo6420.090–1
Independent Liberal Party3790.050–8
Social Democracy3250.040New
Movement Traditional Albanian Grouping2430.030New
Valid votes731,25195.36
Invalid/blank votes35,5664.64
Total votes766,817100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,799,02342.62
Source: Central Election Commission CEC

Aftermath edit

Foreign media viewed the election results as "inconclusive".[3][4] According to the Constitution, "If no one challenges the election results within 24 hours, parliament will have 30 days to convene. The prime minister-designate will then have 15 days to form a government that has the backing of a majority of deputies."[5] Incumbent Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and the PDK were expected to be the first to form government, having won a plurality of the seats in the election. However, an opposition coalition of the LDK, AAK, and NISMA sought to form a governing coalition, arguing that together they could form a majority of the seats in parliament.[5]

When parliament resumed in July, the opposition coalition attempted to elect LDK leader Isa Mustafa as Speaker of Parliament, but only after a member of Thaci's party had walked out of the vote.[6]

This constitutional crisis dragged on for several months, until the PDK formed a governing coalition with the LDK. Under the agreement, LDK leader Isa Mustafa would become Prime Minister, while Thaci would be Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.[4]

Parliamentary struggles continued for Kosovo after the government was formed. Vetëvendosje, an opposition party staunchly opposed to the 2013 Brussels Agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, vowed that "no session will be held until the government renounces a deal with Serbia that gives greater rights to Serbs living in northern Kosovo."[7] Opposition members of parliament set off nine smoke bombs in the parliamentary chambers over a period of six months.[8]

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