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The 2013–14 Verbandspokal, (English: 2013–14 Association Cup) consisting of twenty one regional cup competitions, the Verbandspokale, was the qualifying competition for the 2014–15 DFB-Pokal, the German Cup.

2013–14 Verbandspokal
Country Germany
Champions21 regional winners

All clubs from the 3. Liga and below could enter the regional Verbandspokale, subject to the rules and regulations of each region. Clubs from the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga could not enter but were instead directly qualified for the first round of the DFB-Pokal.

All twenty one winners and three additional clubs from the three largest regional football associations, Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Westphalia, were qualified for the first round of the German Cup in the following season. The three additional clubs were the runners-up of the Lower Saxony Cup and the Westphalia Cup while, in Bavaria, the best-placed Regionalliga Bayern non-reserve team qualified as reserve teams are banned from the DFB-Pokal. The Württemberg Cup winner 1. FC Heidenheim was already qualified for the DFB-Pokal through its 3. Liga place and runners-up Stuttgarter Kickers received their spot instead. Of those twenty three clubs qualified through the Verbandspokale seventeen were knocked out in the first round while Chemnitzer FC, MSV Duisburg, Würzburger Kickers, Arminia Bielefeld and 1. FC Magdeburg were knocked out in the second round. Kickers Offenbach, the Hesse Cup winner and 1970 DFB-Pokal champions, was the only one of the twenty three clubs to advance to the third round, where they lost to Borussia Mönchengladbach.[1]



The 2013–14 Verbandspokal finals with the winners qualified for the 2014–15 DFB-Pokal:.[2]

Verbandspokal Date Location Winner Finalist Result Attendance Report
Bavarian Cup
(2013–14 season)
14 May 2014 Passau Würzburger Kickers SV Schalding-Heining 2-2 (4-2 pen) 2,070 Report
Berlin Cup 4 June 2014 Berlin FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin SV Tasmania Berlin 2-1 3,468 Report
Brandenburg Cup 28 May 2014 Rathenow FSV Optik Rathenow SV Babelsberg 03 3-1 1,695 Report
Bremen Cup 25 May 2014 Bremen Bremer SV Blumenthaler SV 1-0 Report
Hamburg Cup 29 May 2014 Hamburg USC Paloma Condor Hamburg 0–0 aet (3-2 pen) 4,317 Report
Hesse Cup 19 June 2014 Offenbach Kickers Offenbach SV Darmstadt 98 1–1 (3-1 pen) 4,590 Report
Lower Rhine Cup 15 May 2014 Duisburg MSV Duisburg TV Jahn Hiesfeld 5-2 24,002 Report
Lower Saxony Cup 23 July 2014 Braunschweig BSV Schwarz-Weiß Rehden FT Braunschweig 2-1 Report
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Cup 30 April 2014 Malchow 1. FC Neubrandenburg Sievershäger SV 4-0 1,500 Report
Middle Rhine Cup 28 May 2014 Bonn FC Viktoria Köln FC Wegberg-Beeck 2-1 1,100 Report
North Baden Cup 20 May 2014 Waghäusel FC Astoria Walldorf FC Nöttingen 1–0 Report
Rhineland Cup 28 May 2014 Trier Eintracht Trier SG Altenkirchen 3-0 1,490 Report
Saarland Cup 7 May 2014 Völklingen FC 08 Homburg SV Elversberg 2-0 Report
Saxony Cup 7 May 2014 Neugersdorf Chemnitzer FC FC Oberlausitz Neugersdorf 3-2 aet 3,219 Report
Saxony-Anhalt Cup 14 May 2014 Halle 1. FC Magdeburg Hallescher FC 3-0 aet 11,987 Report
Schleswig-Holstein Cup 16 May 2014 Kiel Holstein Kiel ETSV Weiche Flensburg 1–1 aet (12-11 pen) 5,790 Report
South Baden Cup 14 May 2014 Freiburg SV Waldkirch FC Bötzingen 4–0 3,050 Report
South West Cup 14 May 2014 Mehlingen Alemannia Waldalgesheim SVN Zweibrücken 1-0 1,005 Report
Thuringia Cup 14 May 2014 Jena FC Carl Zeiss Jena Rot-Weiß Erfurt 5-0 10,000 Report
Westphalia Cup 15 July 2014 Siegen Preußen Münster Sportfreunde Siegen 3-1 Report
Württemberg Cup 7 May 2014 Aspach 1. FC Heidenheim Stuttgarter Kickers 4–2 2,500 Report
  • The three largest regional associations were allowed to send an additional team. In Westphalia and Lower Saxony this was the losing finalist of the cup. In Bavaria this place went to the best non-reserve team of the Regionalliga Bayern, the FV Illertissen.
  • The Württemberg Cup champion 1. FC Heidenheim was already qualified for the DFB-Pokal through its 3. Liga place, runners-up Stuttgarter Kickers qualified instead.

Clubs by leagueEdit

The 2013–14 winners and DFB-Pokal qualified runners-up by league:

League Level Clubs
3. Liga 3 Stuttgarter Kickers, MSV Duisburg, Chemnitzer FC, Preußen Münster, Holstein Kiel
Regionalliga Bayern 4 Würzburger Kickers
Regionalliga Nord BSV Schwarz-Weiß Rehden
Regionalliga Nordost 1. FC Magdeburg, FC Carl Zeiss Jena, BFC Viktoria 1889, FSV Optik Rathenow
Regionalliga West FC Viktoria Köln, Sportfreunde Siegen
Regionalliga Südwest Kickers Offenbach, Eintracht Trier, FC 08 Homburg
Bremen-Liga 5 Bremer SV
NOFV-Oberliga Nord 1. FC Neubrandenburg
Niedersachsenliga FT Braunschweig
Oberliga Baden-Württemberg FC Astoria Walldorf
Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar SV Alemannia Waldalgesheim
Landesliga Hamburg-Hammonia 6 USC Paloma
Verbandsliga Südbaden SV Waldkirch
  • Clubs who qualified as runners-up in italics


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