2012 UCI Track Cycling World Championships – Women's scratch

The Women's scratch at the 2012 UCI Track Cycling World Championships was held on April 6. 17 athletes participated in the contest. The competition consisted of 40 laps, making a total of 10 km.[1]


Gold   Katarzyna Pawlowska (POL)
Silver   Melissa Hoskins (AUS)
Bronze   Kelly Druyts (BEL)


The race was held at 19:25.[2]

Rank Name Nation Laps Down
  Katarzyna Pawlowska   Poland
  Melissa Hoskins   Australia
  Kelly Druyts   Belgium
4 Danielle King   Great Britain
5 Cari Higgins   United States
6 Sofía Arreola   Mexico
7 Helena Casas   Spain
8 Jarmila Machačová   Czech Republic
9 Maki Tabata   Japan
10 Elena Cecchini   Italy
11 Diao Xiao Juan   Hong Kong
12 Shannon McCurley   Ireland
13 Charlotte Becker   Germany
14 Gemma Dudley   New Zealand
15 Vera Koedooder   Netherlands
16 Lesya Kalytovska   Ukraine
Yumari González   Cuba REL