2012 Summer Olympics Parade of Nations

During the Parade of Nations portion of the London 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony, athletes and officials from each participating country paraded in the Olympic Stadium preceded by their flag. Each flag bearer had been chosen either by the nation's National Olympic Committee or by the athletes themselves. The teams walked to the sound of iconic British modern music.

Parade orderEdit

Greece was entered first, as the nation of the ancient and first modern Olympic Games. The host nation Great Britain (as the United Kingdom is known at the Games) marched last. Other countries entered in alphabetical order in the language of the host country (English), according with tradition and IOC guidelines.[1]

Whilst most countries entered under their short names, a few entered under more formal or alternative names, sometimes due to political or naming disputes. Macedonia entered as "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia'" because of the naming dispute with Greece. The Republic of China (commonly known as Taiwan) entered with the compromised name and flag of "Chinese Taipei" under T so that they did not enter together with conflicting People's Republic of China (commonly known as China), which entered as the "People's Republic of China" under C. The Republic of the Congo entered as just "Congo" while the Democratic Republic of the Congo entered with its full name. Similarly South Korea entered as "Republic of Korea" under K while North Korea entered as "Democratic People's Republic of Korea". The British Virgin Islands entered under B while the United States Virgin Islands entered as simply the "Virgin Islands", under V. Iran, Micronesia, Moldova, Laos, Brunei and the United States all entered under their formal names, respectively "Islamic Republic of Iran", "Federated States of Micronesia", "Republic of Moldova", "Lao People's Democratic Republic", "Brunei Darussalam" and "United States of America". For the first time in many years, Libyan athletes marched as "Libya", and not "Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" as Libya was known during the reign of Muammar Gaddafi.


The Nations entering the Olympic Stadium
Great Britain entering the Olympic Stadium as the host country

Each team was led by a flagbearer (listed below), accompanied by a child volunteer carrying a copper petal (camera-left) and a young lady carrying a sign with the country's English name (camera-right). The copper petal was engraved with the name of the nation and would later be used to build the cauldron for the Olympic flame.[2] The volunteer carrying the sign wore a dress made entirely from fabric printed with photos of Olympic volunteers, including those who had not been chosen.[3] Each nation's flag was planted as it arrived at the model of Glastonbury Tor.

Netherlands Antilles was not eligible to participate separately in the parade, as its National Olympic Committee was no longer recognized by the IOC due to the 2010 dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles. However, Dutch Antilleans paraded independently under the Olympic flag,[4] together with a South Sudanese runner whose newly independent country did not yet have an Olympic committee.[5]

Notable were the first ever female Olympic athletes from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei.[6]

The Indian team entered the stadium jointly led by a woman dressed in a red top and blue trousers, who was not part of its team. In India this incident received media attention, but London officials downplayed concerns saying that she was Madhura Nagendra, a volunteer who had been security screened.[7] Some media outlets later identified her as Madhura Honey, a graduate of Communications and Media Studies from Christ College in Bangalore.[8][9][10] The Indian team's acting chef-de-mission Muralidharan Raja filed a protest with organisers.[10]

Announcers in the stadium read off the names of the marching nations in French and English, (the official languages of the Olympics) with music accompanying the athletes as they marched into the stadium. English is also the host nation's official language.

Countries and flagbearersEdit

Below is a list of parading countries and their announced flag bearer, in the same order as the parade. This is sortable by country name, flag bearer's name, or flag bearer's sport. Names are given in the form officially designated by the IOC.

Order Country Flag bearer Sport
1   Greece (GRE) Alexandros Nikolaidis[11] Taekwondo
2   Afghanistan (AFG) Nesar Ahmad Bahave[12] Taekwondo
3   Albania (ALB) Romela Begaj[13] Weightlifting
4   Algeria (ALG) Abdelhafid Benchabla[14] Boxing
5   American Samoa (ASA) Ching Maou Wei[15] Swimming
6   Andorra (AND) Joan Tomàs Roca[16] Shooting
7   Angola (ANG) Antonia Moreira[17] Judo
8   Antigua and Barbuda (ANT) Daniel Bailey[18] Athletics
9   Argentina (ARG) Luciana Aymar[19] Field hockey
10   Armenia (ARM) Arman Yeremyan[12] Taekwondo
11   Aruba (ARU) Jemal Le Grand[20] Swimming
12   Australia (AUS) Lauren Jackson[21] Basketball
13   Austria (AUT) Markus Rogan[22] Swimming
14   Azerbaijan (AZE) Elnur Mammadli[23] Judo
15   Bahamas (BAH) Chris Brown[24] Athletics
16   Bahrain (BRN) Azza Al Qasmi[25] Shooting
17   Bangladesh (BAN) Mahfizur Rahman Sagor[26] Swimming
18   Barbados (BAR) Ryan Brathwaite[27] Athletics
19   Belarus (BLR) Max Mirnyi[28] Tennis
20   Belgium (BEL) Tia Hellebaut[29] Athletics
21   Belize (BIZ) Kenneth Medwood[12] Athletics
22   Benin (BEN) Jacob Gnahoui[30] Judo
23   Bermuda (BER) Zander Kirkland[31] Sailing
24   Bhutan (BHU) Sherab Zam[12] Archery
25   Bolivia (BOL) Karen Torrez[32] Swimming
26   Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) Amel Mekić[33] Judo
27   Botswana (BOT) Amantle Montsho[34] Athletics
28   Brazil (BRA) Rodrigo Pessoa[35] Equestrian
29   British Virgin Islands (IVB) Tahesia Harrigan[36] Athletics
30   Brunei (BRU) Maziah Mahusin[37] Athletics
31   Bulgaria (BUL) Yordan Yovchev[38] Gymnastics
32   Burkina Faso (BUR) Severine Nebie[12] Judo
33   Burundi (BDI) Diane Nukuri[39] Athletics
34   Cambodia (CAM) Sorn Davin[40] Taekwondo
35   Cameroon (CMR) Annabelle Ali[41] Wrestling
36   Canada (CAN) Simon Whitfield[42] Triathlon
37   Cape Verde (CPV) Adysângela Moniz[12] Judo
38   Cayman Islands (CAY) Brett Fraser[43] Swimming
39   Central African Republic (CAF) David Boui[12] Taekwondo
40   Chad (CHA) Carine Ngarlemdana[44] Judo
41   Chile (CHI) Denisse van Lamoen[45] Archery
42   China (CHN) Yi Jianlian[46] Basketball
43   Colombia (COL) Mariana Pajón[47] Cycling
44   Comoros (COM) Ahamada Feta[12] Athletics
45   Republic of the Congo (CGO) Lorene Bazolo[12] Athletics
46   Cook Islands (COK) Helema Williams[48] Sailing
47   Costa Rica (CRC) Gabriela Traña[49] Athletics
48   Ivory Coast (CIV) Ben Youssef Meite [12] Athletics
49   Croatia (CRO) Venio Losert[50] Handball
50   Cuba (CUB) Mijaín López[51] Wrestling
51   Cyprus (CYP) Marcos Baghdatis[52] Tennis
52   Czech Republic (CZE) Petr Koukal[53] Badminton
53   North Korea (PRK) Pak Song-Chol[12] Athletics
54   Democratic Republic of the Congo (COD) Ilunga Mande Zatara[54] Athletics
55   Denmark (DEN) Kim Wraae Knudsen[55] Canoeing
56   Djibouti (DJI) Zourah Ali[12] Athletics
57   Dominica (DMA) Erison Hurtault[56] Athletics
58   Dominican Republic (DOM) Gabriel Mercedes[57] Taekwondo
59   Ecuador (ECU) César de Cesare[58] Canoeing
60   Egypt (EGY) Hesham Mesbah[59] Judo
61   El Salvador (ESA) Evelyn García[60] Cycling
62   Equatorial Guinea (GEQ) Bibiana Olama[12] Athletics
63   Eritrea (ERI) Weynay Ghebresilasie[12] Athletics
64   Estonia (EST) Aleksander Tammert[61] Athletics
65   Ethiopia (ETH) Yanet Seyoum[12] Swimming
66   Fiji (FIJ) Josateki Naulu[62] Judo
67   Finland (FIN) Hanna-Maria Seppälä[63] Swimming
68   Macedonia (MKD) Marko Blaževski[64] Swimming
69   France (FRA) Laura Flessel-Colovic[65] Fencing
70   Gabon (GAB) Ruddy Zang Milama[66] Athletics
71   The Gambia (GAM) Suwaibou Sanneh[12] Athletics
72   Georgia (GEO) Nino Salukvadze[67] Shooting
73   Germany (GER) Natascha Keller[68] Field hockey
74   Ghana (GHA) Maxwell Amponsah[69] Boxing
75   Grenada (GRN) Kirani James[12] Athletics
76   Guam (GUM) Maria Dunn[12] Wrestling
77   Guatemala (GUA) Juan Ignacio Maegli[70] Sailing
78   Guinea (GUI) Facinet Keita[12] Judo
79   Guinea-Bissau (GBS) Augusto Midana[12] Wrestling
80   Guyana (GUY) Winston George[71] Athletics
81   Haiti (HAI) Linouse Desravine[72] Judo
82   Honduras (HON) Ronald Bennett[73] Athletics
83   Hong Kong (HKG) Lee Wai Sze[74] Cycling
84   Hungary (HUN) Péter Biros[75] Water polo
85   Iceland (ISL) Ásdís Hjálmsdóttir[76] Athletics
86   Independent Olympic Athletes (IOA)[n 1] Brooklyn Kerlin[12] LOCOG/Games Maker
87   India (IND)[n 2] Sushil Kumar[78] Wrestling
88   Indonesia (INA) I Gede Siman Sudartawa[79] Swimming
89   Iran (IRI) Ali Mazaheri[80] Boxing
90   Iraq (IRQ) Dana Hussain[81] Athletics
91   Ireland (IRL) Katie Taylor[82] Boxing
92   Israel (ISR) Shahar Tzuberi[83] Sailing
93   Italy (ITA) Valentina Vezzali[84] Fencing
94   Jamaica (JAM) Usain Bolt[85] Athletics
95   Japan (JPN) Saori Yoshida[86] Wrestling
96   Jordan (JOR) Nadin Dawani[12] Taekwondo
97   Kazakhstan (KAZ) Nurmakhan Tinaliyev[87] Wrestling
98   Kenya (KEN) Jason Dunford[88] Swimming
99   Kiribati (KIR) David Katoatau[12] Weightlifting
100   South Korea (KOR) Yoon Kyung-Shin[89] Handball
101   Kuwait (KUW) Fehaid Al-Deehani[12] Shooting
102   Kyrgyzstan (KGZ) Chingiz Mamedov[12] Judo
103   Laos (LAO) Kilakone Siphonexay[12] Athletics
104   Latvia (LAT) Mārtiņš Pļaviņš[90] Beach volleyball
105   Lebanon (LIB) Andrea Paoli[12] Taekwondo
106   Lesotho (LES) Mamorallo Tjoka[12] Athletics
107   Liberia (LBR) Phobay Kutu-Akoi[91] Athletics
108   Libya (LBA) Sofyan El Gadi[20] Swimming
109   Liechtenstein (LIE) Stephanie Vogt[92] Tennis
110   Lithuania (LTU) Virgilijus Alekna[93] Athletics
111   Luxembourg (LUX) Marie Muller[94] Judo
112   Madagascar (MAD) Fetra Ratsimiziva[95] Judo
113   Malawi (MAW) Mike Tebulo[12] Athletics
114   Malaysia (MAS) Pandelela Rinong[96] Diving
115   Maldives (MDV) Mohamed Ajfan Rasheed[12] Badminton
116   Mali (MLI) Rahamatou Drame[97] Athletics
117   Malta (MLT) William Chetcuti[98] Shooting
118   Marshall Islands (MHL) Haley Nemra[12] Athletics
119   Mauritania (MTN) Jidou El Moctar[12] Athletics
120   Mauritius (MRI) Natacha Rigobert[99] Beach volleyball
121   Mexico (MEX) María Espinoza[100] Taekwondo
122   Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Manuel Minginfel[12] Weightlifting
123   Moldova (MDA) Dan Olaru[101] Archery
124   Monaco (MON) Angelique Trinquier[102] Swimming
125   Mongolia (MGL) Ser-Od Bat-Ochir[103] Athletics
126   Montenegro (MNE) Srđan Mrvaljević[104] Judo
127   Morocco (MAR) Wiam Dislam[105] Taekwondo
128   Mozambique (MOZ) Kurt Couto[106] Athletics
129   Myanmar (MYA) Zaw Win Thet[12] Athletics
130   Namibia (NAM) Gaby Ahrens[107] Shooting
131   Nauru (NRU) Itte Detenamo[12] Weightlifting
132   Nepal (NEP) Prasiddha Jung Shah[108] Swimming
133   Netherlands (NED) Dorian van Rijsselberghe[109] Sailing
134   New Zealand (NZL) Nick Willis[110] Athletics
135   Nicaragua (NCA) Osmar Bravo[12] Boxing
136   Niger (NIG) Moustapha Hima[12] Boxing
137   Nigeria (NGR) Sinivie Boltic[111] Wrestling
138   Norway (NOR) Mira Verås Larsen[112] Canoeing
139   Oman (OMA) Ahmed Al-Hatmi[113] Shooting
140   Pakistan (PAK) Sohail Abbas[114] Field hockey
141   Palau (PLW) Rodman Teltull[115] Athletics
142   Palestine (PLE) Maher Abu Remeleh[12] Judo
143   Panama (PAN) Irving Saladino[116] Athletics
144   Papua New Guinea (PNG) Toea Wisil[117] Athletics
145   Paraguay (PAR) Ben Hockin[118] Swimming
146   Peru (PER) Gladys Tejeda[119] Athletics
147   Philippines (PHI) Hidilyn Diaz[120] Weightlifting
148   Poland (POL) Agnieszka Radwańska[121] Tennis
149   Portugal (POR) Telma Monteiro[122] Judo
150   Puerto Rico (PUR) Javier Culson[123] Athletics
151   Qatar (QAT) Bahiya Al-Hamad[124] Shooting
152   Romania (ROU) Horia Tecău[125] Tennis
153   Russia (RUS) Maria Sharapova[126] Tennis
154   Rwanda (RWA) Adrien Niyonshuti[127] Cycling
155   Saint Kitts and Nevis (SKN) Kim Collins[12] Athletics
156   Saint Lucia (LCA) Levern Spencer[12] Athletics
157   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VIN) Kineke Alexander[39] Athletics
158   Samoa (SAM) Ele Opeloge[128] Weightlifting
159   San Marino (SMR) Alessandra Perilli[129] Shooting
160   São Tomé and Príncipe (STP) Lecabela Quaresma[12] Athletics
161   Saudi Arabia (KSA) Sultan Mubarak Al-Dawoodi[12] Athletics
162   Senegal (SEN) Hortense Diédhiou[130] Judo
163   Serbia (SRB) Novak Djokovic[131] Tennis
164   Seychelles (SEY) Dominic Dugasse[132] Judo
165   Sierra Leone (SLE) Ola Sesay[12] Athletics
166   Singapore (SIN) Feng Tianwei[133] Table tennis
167   Slovakia (SVK) Jozef Gönci[134] Shooting
168   Slovenia (SLO) Peter Kauzer[135] Canoeing
169   Solomon Islands (SOL) Jenly Tegu Wini[136] Weightlifting
170   Somalia (SOM) Zamzam Mohamed Farah[12] Athletics
171   South Africa (RSA) Caster Semenya[137] Athletics
172   Spain (ESP) Pau Gasol[n 3][139] Basketball
173   Sri Lanka (SRI) Niluka Karunaratne[140] Badminton
174   Sudan (SUD) Ismail Ahmed Ismail[12] Athletics
175   Suriname (SUR) Chinyere Pigot[141] Swimming
176   Swaziland (SWZ) Luke Hall[12] Swimming
177   Sweden (SWE) Rolf-Göran Bengtsson[142] Equestrian
178   Switzerland (SUI) Stanislas Wawrinka[n 4][144] Tennis
179   Syria (SYR) Majd Eddin Ghazal[145] Athletics
180   Chinese Taipei (TPE) Chen Shih-chieh[12] Weightlifting
181   Tajikistan (TJK) Mavzuna Chorieva[146] Boxing
182   Tanzania (TAN) Zakia Mrisho Mohamed[12] Athletics
183   Thailand (THA) Nuttapong Ketin[12] Swimming
184   East Timor (TLS) Augusto Ramos Soares[12] Athletics
185   Togo (TOG) Benjamin Boukpeti[147] Canoeing
186   Tonga (TGA) Amini Fonua[148] Swimming
187   Trinidad and Tobago (TRI) Marc Burns[149] Athletics
188   Tunisia (TUN) Heykel Megannem[150] Handball
189   Turkey (TUR) Neslihan Demir Darnel[151] Volleyball
190   Turkmenistan (TKM) Serdar Hudayberdiyev[39] Boxing
191   Tuvalu (TUV) Asenate Manoa[152] Athletics
192   Uganda (UGA) Ganzi Mugula[153] Swimming
193   Ukraine (UKR) Roman Gontiuk[154] Judo
194   United Arab Emirates (UAE) Saeed Al Maktoum[155] Shooting
195   United States (USA) Mariel Zagunis[156] Fencing
196   Uruguay (URU) Rodolfo Collazo[157] Rowing
197   Uzbekistan (UZB) Elshod Rasulov[158] Boxing
198   Vanuatu (VAN) Anolyn Lulu[159] Table tennis
199   Venezuela (VEN) Fabiola Ramos[160] Table tennis
200   Vietnam (VIE) Nguyễn Tiến Nhật[161] Fencing
201   Virgin Islands (ISV) Tabarie Henry[162] Athletics
202   Yemen (YEM) Tameem Al-Kubati[12] Taekwondo
203   Zambia (ZAM) Prince Mumba[163] Athletics
204   Zimbabwe (ZIM) Kirsty Coventry[164] Swimming
205   Great Britain (GBR) Chris Hoy[165] Cycling
  1. ^ Athletes from the now-defunct Netherlands Antilles competed under the Olympic flag, as did an athlete from South Sudan, which had not at the time formed an Olympic committee.
  2. ^ As discussed above, the team was accompanied by a 'mystery' woman dressed in red.[77]
  3. ^ Rafael Nadal was originally chosen, but had to withdraw reportedly due to injury.[138]
  4. ^ Roger Federer was originally chosen, but passed the opportunity to his partner in the doubles.[143]


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