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2012 Nozhay-Yurtovsky District clashes

The 2012 Nozhay-Yurtovsky District clashes involving Russian Interior Ministry special forces supported by heavy weapons and military aircraft[2] and Islamist militants occurred between February 13[3] and 17, 2012, reportedly leaving at least 24 people dead on both sides.[1] The Nozhay-Yurtovsky District is a part of the Russian republic of Chechnya bordering Dagestan. According to the Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov, mountains were being cleared of rebels because of a planned construction of a tourist complex in the area.[4]

2012 Nozhay-Yurtovsky District clashes
Part of the Insurgency in the North Caucasus
Location Of Nozhay-Yurtovsky District (Chechnya, 2009).svg
Location of Nozhay-Yurtovsky District on the map of the Chechen Republic
DateFebruary 13–17, 2012
Result Unclear
Russia Russia Flag of Caucasian Emirate.svg Caucasus Emirate
Commanders and leaders
Ramzan Kadyrov[citation needed] Magarbi Timiraliyev
Casualties and losses
17 killed and 24 wounded (government claim)[1] 7 killed (government claim)[1]


Initially, Kadyrov claimed that a group of 20 fighters led by Magarbi Timiraliyev ("Abudar") have been destroyed in a special operation, including 13 killed "earlier", and that 13 government troops were killed and 20 injured.[4] However, in an official report for Russian president Dmitry Medvedev (as cited by the state agency ITAR-TASS), Russia's interior minister Rashid Nurgaliyev said that 17 troops have been killed and 24 wounded, and there are only seven confirmed killed members of an armed group; Nurgaliyev also said that the government forces had been ambushed.[1][5]

According to unofficial Russian sources, at least 21 special policemen were killed and 36 injured while "completely" destroying Timiraliyev's armed group of an unreported size (presumably around seven members).[2] There is also actually no information about the fate of Timiraliyev himself.[4] Kavkazcenter confirmed five rebel deaths, citing the number of bodies shown on TV.[6]


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