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The 2011 Arab Games is the 12th quadrennial Pan Arab Games and took place in Doha, Qatar from December 6 to 23, 2011.[1] This was the first time that the country had hosted the multi-sport event. Khalifa International Stadium was the main venue for the competition.

2011 Arab Games
Arab Games 2011-logo.jpg
Host cityQatar Doha
Nations participating21
Athletes participating8,000 (est.)
Opening ceremony9 December
Closing ceremony23 December
Officially opened byHamad bin Khalifa Al Thani
Main venueKhalifa International Stadium
2007 Cairo
A map of Qatar with Doha marked in the east of the country.
A map of Qatar with Doha marked in the east of the country.
Location of Doha in Qatar.



Host selectionEdit

Qatar was awarded rights to organise the games beating Lebanon in the bidding process.[2][3][4] Arab Federation for Sports secretary general Othman al-Saad said that Qatar's hosting of the Pan-Arab Games would give the event "more momentum and significance in light of the huge capabilities and world-class sports facilities which Qatar owns."[5]

Khalifa International Stadium was chosen to be the focal point of the games, hosting the opening ceremonies,while the closing ceremonies was held on Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium.


Wathnan was designed as the mascot for the Games. It's a white horse, which is very important in Arabian culture.



Initially, all twenty-two nations of the Union of Arab National Olympic Committees were scheduled to compete at the games.[6] However, Syria withdrew its team in November 2011 in protest of the Arab League's suspension of the country's membership.[7]

Medal tableEdit

  *   Host nation (Qatar)

1  Egypt (EGY)907667233
2  Tunisia (TUN)544539138
3  Morocco (MAR)352454113
4  Qatar (QAT)*323840110
5  Algeria (ALG)16314188
6  Saudi Arabia (KSA)15121845
7  Kuwait (KUW)14183163
8  Bahrain (BHR)12101537
9  Jordan (JOR)11142348
10  Iraq (IRQ)11133458
11  United Arab Emirates (UAE)1091635
12  Lebanon (LIB)851629
13  Oman (OMA)471021
14  Yemen (YEM)2237
15  Palestine (PLE)1258
16  Libya (LBY)1179
17  Djibouti (DJI)1113
18  Sudan (SUD)07714
19  Comoros (COM)0000
  Mauritania (MTN)0000
  Somalia (SOM)0000
Totals (21 nations)3173154271059

Paralympic Medal StandingsEdit

  *   Host nation (Qatar)

1  Tunisia (TUN)98320
2  Algeria (ALG)46212
3  Egypt (EGY)4408
4  Iraq (IRQ)4318
5  Morocco (MAR)42511
6  Libya (LBY)1326
7  Palestine (PLE)1146
8  Saudi Arabia (KSA)1113
9  Jordan (JOR)1034
10  United Arab Emirates (UAE)0033
11  Qatar (QAT)*0022
Totals (11 nations)29282683


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