2011 African Badminton Championships

The 2011 African Badminton Championships is an continental badminton championships organized by the Badminton Confederation of Africa.[1] This championships were held in Marrakesh, Morocco between 4-12 May .[2][3]

2011 African Badminton Championships
Tournament details
Dates4-12 May 2011
LocationMarrakesh, Morocco
2010 2012


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles   Jinkam Ifraimu   Ola Fagbemi   Edwin Ekiring
  Willem Viljoen
Women's singles   Stacey Doubell   Kerry-Lee Harrington   Susan Ideh
  Grace Gabriel
Men's doubles   Dorian James
and Willem Viljoen
  Jinkam Ifraimu
and Ola Fagbemi
  Eneojo Abah
and Victor Makanju
  Abdelrahman Kashkal
and Ali El Khateeb
Women's doubles   Michelle Edwards
and Annari Viljoen
  Maria Braimah
and Susan Ideh
  Hadia Hosny
and Dina Nagy
  Karen Foo Kune
and Kate Foo Kune
Mixed doubles   Willem Viljoen
and Annari Viljoen
  Dorian James
and Michelle Edwards
  Eneojo Abah
and Grace Gabriel
  Adamu J
and Grace Daniel
South Africa
Dorian James, Jacob Maliekal, Willem Viljoen
Annari Viljoen, Kerry-Lee Harrington, Michelle Butler-Emmett, Michelle Edwards
Eneojo Abah, Ibrahim Adamu, Jinkam Ifraimu, Ola Fagbemi, Victor Makanju,
Fatima Azeez, Maria Braimah, Grace Daniel, Grace Gabriel, Susan Ideh
Abdelrahman Kashkal, Ahmed salah, Ali El Khateeb, Mahmoud El Sayaad
Alaa Youssef, Dina Nagy, Hadia Hosny
Christopher Paul, Denneshsing Baboolall, Daveen Pachee, Yoni Louison
Karen Foo Kune, Kate Foo Kune, Shama Aboobakar, Yeldy Louison


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